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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications XIII
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker
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Volume Number: 9348
Date Published: 23 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9348
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A 40kW fiber-coupled diode laser for material processing and pumping applications
Author(s): Joerg Malchus; Volker Krause; Georg Rehmann; Michael Leers; Arnd Koesters; David G. Matthews
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High-brightness diodes and fiber-coupled modules
Author(s): M. Kanskar; L. Bao; Z. Chen; M. Hemenway; D. Dawson; M. DeVito; W. Dong; M. Grimshaw; X. Guan; K. Kennedy; R. Martinsen; W. Urbanek; S. Zhang
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Narrow-line fiber-coupled modules for DPAL pumping
Author(s): Tobias Koenning; Dan McCormick; David Irvin; Dean Stapleton; Tina Guiney; Steve Patterson
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Low-NA fiber laser pumps powered by high-brightness single emitters
Author(s): Dan Yanson; Moshe Levy; Ophir Peleg; Noam Rappaport; Moshe Shamay; Nir Dahan; Genady Klumel; Yuri Berk; Ilya Baskin
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Packaging of high-power bars for optical pumping and direct applications
Author(s): Stefan Heinemann; Haiyan An; Tobias Barnowski; John Jiang; Viorel Negoita; Robert Roff; Thilo Vethake; Konstantin M. Boucke; Georg Treusch
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Power scaling of kW-diode lasers optimized for material processing applications
Author(s): Stephan Schneider; Ihab Kardosh; Michael Voß; Sebastian Liebl; Jens Meinschien
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Tailored bar concepts for 10mm-mrad fiber coupled modules scalable to kW-class direct diode lasers
Author(s): Andreas Unger; Ross Uthoff; Michael Stoiber; Thomas Brand; Heiko Kissel; Bernd Köhler; Jens Biesenbach
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Highly modular high-brightness diode laser system design for a wide application range
Author(s): Haro Fritsche; Bastian Kruschke; Ralf Koch; Fabio Ferrario; Holger Kern; Ullrich Pahl; Einar Ehm; Silke Pflueger; Andreas Grohe; Wolfgang Gries
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Brightness and average power as driver for advancements in diode lasers and their applications
Author(s): Stefan Hengesbach; Reinhart Poprawe; Dieter Hoffmann; Martin Traub; Thomas Schwarz; Carlo Holly; Florian Eibl; Andreas Weisheit; Sabrina Vogt; Simon Britten; Michael Ungers; Ulrich Thombansen; Christoph Engelmann; Viktor Mamuschkin; Philipp Lott
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High reliability demonstrated on high-power and high-brightness diode lasers
Author(s): L. Bao; M. Kanskar; Mark DeVito; M. Hemenway; W. Urbanek; M. Grimshaw; Z. Chen; W. Dong; X. Guan; S. Zhang; D. Dawson; R. Martinsen
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Development of high-power diode lasers with beam parameter product below 2 mm×mrad within the BRIDLE project
Author(s): P. Crump; Jonathan Decker; Martin Winterfeldt; J. Fricke; A. Maaßdorf; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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Heading to 1 kW levels with laser bars of high-efficiency and emission wavelength around 880 nm and 940 nm
Author(s): A. Pietrzak; M. Woelz; Ralf Huelsewede; Martin Zorn; Olaf Hirsekorn; J. Meusel; A. Kindsvater; Matthias Schroeder; V. Bluemel; J. Sebastian
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915nm high-power broad area laser diodes with ultra-small optical confinement based on Asymmetric Decoupled Confinement Heterostructure (ADCH)
Author(s): Yuji Yamagata; Yumi Yamada; Masanori Muto; Syunta Sato; Ryozaburo Nogawa; Akira Sakamoto; Masayuki Yamaguchi
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29.5W continuous wave output from 100um wide laser diode
Author(s): Abdullah Demir; Matthew Peters; Richard Duesterberg; Victor Rossin; Erik Zucker
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High-power operation of AlGaInP red laser diode for display applications
Author(s): K. Kuramoto; T. Nishida; S. Abe; M. Miyashita; K. Mori; T. Yagi
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Advancements in high-power high-brightness laser bars and single emitters for pumping and direct diode application
Author(s): Haiyan An; Ching-Long John Jiang; Yihan Xiong; Qiang Zhang; Aloysius Inyang; Jason Felder; Alexander Lewin; Robert Roff; Stefan Heinemann; Berthold Schmidt; Georg Treusch
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Reliability study of high-brightness multiple single emitter diode lasers
Author(s): Jing Zhu; Thomas Yang; Cuipeng Zhang; Chao Lang; Xiaochen Jiang; Rui Liu; Yanyan Gao; Weirong Guo; Yuhua Jiang; Yang Liu; Luyan Zhang; Louisa Chen
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Progress in reliable single emitters and laser bars for efficient CW-operation in the near-infrared emission range
Author(s): Martin Zorn; Ralf Huelsewede; Agnieszka Pietrzak; Jens Meusel; Jürgen Sebastian
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Degradation mechanisms in high-power multi-mode InGaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well lasers for high-reliability applications
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Nathan Presser; Miles Brodie; Zachary Lingley; Brendan Foran; Steven C. Moss
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High-power diode lasers under external optical feedback
Author(s): Britta Leonhäuser; Heiko Kissel; Jens W. Tomm; Martin Hempel; Andreas Unger; Jens Biesenbach
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Analysis of 980nm emitting single-spatial mode diode lasers at high power levels by complementary imaging techniques
Author(s): Martin Hempel; Jens W. Tomm; Thomas Elsaesser; David Venables; Victor Rossin; Erik Zucker
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Mechanisms driving the catastrophic optical damage in high-power laser diodes
Author(s): J. Souto; J. L. Pura; M. Rodríguez; J. Anaya; Alfredo Torres; J. Jimenéz
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Separate phase-locking and coherent combining of two laser diodes in a Michelson cavity
Author(s): G. Schimmel; Ioana Doyen; S. Janicot; L. P. Ramirez; M. Hanna; P. Georges; G. Lucas-Leclin; V. Vilokkinen; P. Melanen; P. Uusimaa; Jonathan Decker; P. Crump; G. Erbert; Stephen Bull; S. Kaunga-Nyirenda; E. C. Larkins
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Wavelength stabilized multi-kW diode laser systems
Author(s): Bernd Köhler; Andreas Unger; Tobias Kindervater; Simon Drovs; Paul Wolf; Ralf Hubrich; Anna Beczkowiak; Stefan Auch; Holger Müntz; Jens Biesenbach
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High-power external cavity CW red laser diode
Author(s): Hong Joo Song; Jun Ho Lee; Jiyeon Park; Jong Hwan Park; Hong Man Na; Jung Ho Park
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High-power laser diodes using a large active core combined with mode control for high beam quality
Author(s): David M. Pai
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Progress in high-energy-class diode laser pump sources
Author(s): P. Crump; C. Frevert; Frank Bugge; S. Knigge; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle; A. Pietrzak; R. Hüslewede; Martin Zorn; Jürgen Sebastian; J. Lotz; W. Fassbender; Joerg Neukum; Joerg Körner; J. Hein; T. Töpfer
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High-brightness 9xxnm fiber coupled diode lasers
Author(s): Rui Liu; Xiaochen Jiang; Thomas Yang; Xiaoguang He; Yanyan Gao; Jing Zhu; Tujia Zhang; Weirong Guo; Baohua Wang; Zhijie Guo; Luyan Zhang; Louisa Chen
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High-power VCSEL systems and applications
Author(s): Holger Moench; Ralf Conrads; Carsten Deppe; Guenther Derra; Stephan Gronenborn; Xi Gu; Gero Heusler; Johanna Kolb; Michael Miller; Pavel Pekarski; Jens Pollmann-Retsch; Armand Pruijmboom; Ulrich Weichmann
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Watt-level continuous-wave diode lasers at 1180 nm with high spectral brightness
Author(s): K. Paschke; G. Blume; O. Brox; Frank Bugge; J. Fricke; D. Feise; Julian Hofmann; H. Wenzel; G. Erbert
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Copper-based micro-channel cooler reliably operated using solutions of distilled-water and ethanol as a coolant
Author(s): A. K. Chin; A. Nelson; R. H. Chin; R. Bertaska; J. H. Jacob
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Coupling of a high-power tapered diode laser beam into a single-mode-fiber within a compact module
Author(s): D. Jedrzejczyk; A. Sahm; Christian Carstens; Gerald A. Urban; M. Pulka; B. Eppich; F. Scholz; K. Paschke
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Maximizing coupling-efficiency of high-power diode lasers utilizing hybrid assembly technology
Author(s): D. Zontar; M. Dogan; S. Fulghum; T. Müller; S. Haag; C. Brecher
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Assessment of high-power kW-class single-diode bars for use in highly efficient pulsed solid state laser systems
Author(s): Antonio Lucianetti; Jan Pilar; Alina Pranovich; Martin Divoky; Tomas Mocek; K. Ertel; Helena Jelinkova; P. Crump; C. Frevert; R. Staske; Götz Erbert; Günther Traenkle
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In-volume heating using high-power laser diodes
Author(s): Valentin S. Denisenkov; Vadim V. Kiyko; Gleb V. Vdovin
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Tapered laser diode with linearly effective-refractive-index variation waveguide
Author(s): Duchang Heo; Yun-Seok Kwak; Tae-kyung Kim; Young-Wook Choi
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