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Components and Packaging for Laser Systems
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Volume Number: 9346
Date Published: 17 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9346
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Beam vignetting effect in micro-optic collimation and transmission for high power diode laser arrays
Author(s): H. Forrer; H. Moser; M. Huber; D. Kura; M. Schmidlin; S. Mourad; M. Forrer
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High-brightness power delivery for fiber laser pumping: simulation and measurement of low-NA fiber guiding
Author(s): Dan Yanson; Moshe Levy; Ophir Peleg; Noam Rappaport; Moshe Shamay; Nir Dahan; Genady Klumel; Yuri Berk; Ilya Baskin
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High power diode laser stack development using gold-tin bonding technology
Author(s): Dong Hou; Jingwei Wang; Pu Zhang; Lei Cai; Ye Dai; Yingjie Li; Xingsheng Liu
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Advances in bonding technology for high power diode laser bars
Author(s): Jingwei Wang; Xiaoning Li; Dong Hou; Feifei Feng; Yalong Liu; Xingsheng Liu
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Innovative hybrid heat sink materials with high thermal conductivities and tailored CTE
Author(s): M. Kitzmantel; E. Neubauer
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Effect of interface layer on the performance of high power diode laser arrays
Author(s): Pu Zhang; Jingwei Wang; Lingling Xiong; Xiaoning Li; Dong Hou; Xingsheng Liu
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760nm: a new laser diode wavelength for hair removal modules
Author(s): Martin Wölz; Martin Zorn; Agnieszka Pietrzak; Alex Kindsvater; Jens Meusel; Ralf Hülsewede; Jürgen Sebastian
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Effects of packaging on the performances of high brightness 9xx nm CW mini-bar diode lasers
Author(s): Xiaoning Li; Jingwei Wang; Feifei Feng; Yalong Liu; Dongshan Yu; Pu Zhang; Xingsheng Liu
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Strategies for precision adhesive bonding of micro-optical systems
Author(s): Tobias Müller; Vyshak Kotnur Venu; Sebastian Haag; Daniel Zontar; Sebastian Sauer; Christian Wenzel; Christian Brecher
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Airborne molecular contamination: quality criterion for laser and optical components
Author(s): Michael Otto
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Space qualification of the optical filter assemblies for the ICESat-2/ATLAS instrument
Author(s): E. Troupaki; Z. H. Denny; S. Wu; H. N. Bradshaw; K. A. Smith; J. A. Hults; L. A. Ramos-Izquierdo; W. B. Cook
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Virtual commissioning of automated micro-optical assembly
Author(s): Christian Schlette; Daniel Losch; Sebastian Haag; Daniel Zontar; Jürgen Roßmann; Christian Brecher
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Review of polarization techniques for optimal performance of one and two color wavelength laser range finders and designators
Author(s): Marco A. Avila
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Adjustable mounting device for high-volume production of beam-shaping systems for high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Sebastian Haag; Henning Bernhardt; Olaf Rübenach; Tobias Haverkamp; Tobias Müller; Daniel Zontar; Christian Brecher
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Lithium niobate Q-switch to prevent pre-lasing of high gain lasers operating over a wide temperature range
Author(s): Dieter H. Jundt; Peter E. MacKay
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Rigorous modeling of laser light propagation through uniaxial and biaxial crystals
Author(s): Site Zhang; Daniel Asoubar; Frank Wyrowski
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Optical isolators for 2-micron fibre lasers
Author(s): Gary Stevens; Thomas H. Legg; Peter Shardlow
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Achromatic phase elements based on a combination of surface and volume diffractive gratings
Author(s): Ivan Divliansky; Evan Hale; Marc SeGall; Daniel Ott; Boris Y. Zeldovich; Bahaa E. A. Saleh; Leonid B. Glebov
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Refractive beam shapers for optical systems of lasers
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Vadim Laskin; Aleksei Ostrun
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Diamond optical components for high-power and high-energy laser applications
Author(s): Eugene Anoikin; Alexander Muhr; Andrew Bennett; Daniel Twitchen; Henk de Wit
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BBO sapphire compound for high-power frequency conversion
Author(s): Carolin Rothhardt; Jan Rothhardt; Arno Klenke; Thomas Peschel; Ramona Eberhardt; Jens Limpert; Andreas Tünnermann
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Solid-state laser source of narrowband ultraviolet B light for skin disease care with advanced performance
Author(s): Aleksandr A. Tarasov; Hong Chu; Kristian Buchwald
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Demonstration of >5kW emissions with good beam quality from two different 7:1 all-glass fiber coupler-types
Author(s): M. Plötner; T. Eschrich; O. de Vries; J. Kobelke; S. Unger; M. Jäger; T. Schreiber; H. Bartelt; R. Eberhardt; A. Tünnermann
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Photothermal studies of the radiation effects on weakly absorptive optical thin film coatings induced by high repetitive laser pulses
Author(s): Jingtao Dong; Jian Chen; Zhouling Wu; Huasong Liu; Yiqin Ji
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Kagome-type hollow-core photonic crystal fibers for beam delivery and pulse compression of high-power ultrafast lasers
Author(s): C. J. Saraceno; F. Emaury; A. Diebold; C. Schriber; B. Debord; F. Gérôme; T. Südmeyer; F. Benabid; U. Keller
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Adaptive optics for ultra short pulsed lasers in UHV environment
Author(s): Francois Deneuville; Laurent Ropert; Paul Sauvageot; Sébastien Theis
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Beam combining techniques for high-power high-brightness diode lasers
Author(s): Bastian Kruschke; Haro Fritsche; Holger Kern; Thomas Hagen; Ulrich Pahl; Ralf Koch; Andreas Grohe; Wolfgang Gries
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Building beam shaping optics for micromachining
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Valdemaras Juzumas; Aivaras Urniežius; Vadim Laskin; Gintas Šlekys; Aleksei Ostrun
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Modeling laser beam propagation through components with internal multiple reflections
Author(s): Zongzhao Wang; Site Zhang; Frank Wyrowski
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Integrated RGB laser light module for autostereoscopic outdoor displays
Author(s): Jörg Reitterer; Franz Fidler; Christian Hambeck; Ferdinand Saint Julien-Wallsee; Stephen Najda; Piotr Perlin; Szymon Stanczyk; Robert Czernecki; Stewart D. McDougall; Wyn Meredith; Garrie Vickers; Kennedy Landles; Ulrich Schmid
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Characterization of far field of diode laser by three dimensional measurement
Author(s): Hui Liu; Zhiyuan Yuan; Long Cui; Di Wu; Xingsheng Liu
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