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Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XVII
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Volume Number: 9343
Date Published: 16 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9343
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Asymmetric response function of the transduction spectrum for a microsphere pendulum
Author(s): Jonathan M. Ward; Ramgopal Madugani; Yong Yang; Síle Nic Chormaic
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Dynamical characteristics of AlGaInAs/InP microdisk lasers subject to optical injection
Author(s): Yong-Zhen Huang; Ling-Xiu Zou; Bo-Wen Liu; Yue-De Yang; Heng Long; Jin-Long Xiao; Yun Du
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Connecting microwave and optical frequencies with a vibrational degree of freedom
Author(s): R. W. Andrews; R. W. Peterson; T. P. Purdy; K. Cicak; R. W. Simmonds; C. A. Regal; K. W. Lehnert
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Terabit/s communications using chip-scale frequency comb sources
Author(s): Christian Koos; Tobias J. Kippenberg; Liam P. Barry; Larry Dalton; Wolfgang Freude; Juerg Leuthold; Joerg Pfeifle; Claudius Weimann; Matthias Lauermann; Juned N. Kemal; Robert Palmer; Sebastian Koeber; Philipp C. Schindler; Tobias Herr; Victor Brasch; Regan T. Watts; Delwin Elder
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Towards efficient octave-spanning comb with micro-structured crystalline resonator
Author(s): Ivan S. Grudinin; Nan Yu
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Advances in Kerr optical frequency comb generation
Author(s): Guoping Lin; Khaldoun Saleh; Souleymane Diallo; Romain Martinenghi; Yanne K. Chembo
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Hydrogen gas sensing using palladium-coated microdisk microresonators
Author(s): Mustafa Eryurek; Yasin Karadag; Nevin Taşaltın; Necmettin Kilinç; Alper Kiraz
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Non-linear fluorescence excitation of Rhodamine 6G and TRITC labeled IgG in whispering gallery mode microresonators
Author(s): Carme Pastells; M. Pilar Marco; David Merino-Arranz; Pablo Loza-Alvarez; Laura Pasquardini; Cecilia Pederzolli; Daniele Farnesi; Simone Berneschi; Giancarlo C. Righini; Gualtiero Nunzi Conti; Silvia Soria Huguet
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Optically active silica and polymeric materials for microcavity lasers and sensors
Author(s): A. M Armani; N. Deka; S. Mehrabani; C. Shi; A. Maker; M. Lee; A. Kovach; E. Gungor; Kelvin Kuo; V. Diep
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High frequency ultrasound detection with ultra-high-Q silica microspheres
Author(s): Maria V. Chistiakova; Andrea M. Armani
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Generation of shape-invariant flat-top laser beams
Author(s): Kamel Ait-Ameur; Darryl Naidoo; Sandile Ngcobo; Michael Fromager; Igor Litvin; Abdelkrim Hasnaoui; Ali Harfouche; Andrew Forbes
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Optical trapping with superfocused high-M2 laser diode beam
Author(s): G. S. Sokolovskii; V. V. Dudelev; Vasileia Melissinaki; S. N. Losev; Ksenya K. Soboleva; A. G. Deryagin; V. I. Kuchinskii; M. Farsari; W. Sibbett; E. U Rafailov
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Formation of the desired light intensity distribution on the target with bimorph deformable mirror
Author(s): Julia Sheldakova; Alexis Kudryashov; Ann Lylova
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Transverse intensity transformation by laser amplifiers
Author(s): Igor A. Litvin; Gary King; Oliver J. P. Collett; Hencharl J. Strauss
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Optical alignment influenced aberrations in laser beam delivery systems and their correction
Author(s): Michael Scaggs; Gil Haas
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Beam uniformity of flat top lasers
Author(s): Chao Chang; Larry Cramer; Don Danielson; James Norby
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Minimal-effort planning of active alignment processes for beam-shaping optics
Author(s): Sebastian Haag; Matthias Schranner; Tobias Müller; Daniel Zontar; Christian Schlette; Daniel Losch; Christian Brecher; Jürgen Roßmann
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FPGA-accelerated adaptive optics wavefront control part II
Author(s): S. Mauch; A. Barth; J. Reger; C. Reinlein; M. Appelfelder; E. Beckert
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New concepts of electro-optical light deflection: EO-slab and phased EO-array
Author(s): Volker Wirth; Alexei Krasnaberski; Mikhail M. Ivanenko
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Femtosecond laser direct writing of high-Q microresonators in glass and crystals
Author(s): Jintian Lin; Yingxin Xu; Jiangxin Song; Jialei Tang; Zhiwei Fang; Min Wang; Wei Fang; Ya Cheng
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Hybrid silicon unidirectional-emission microspiral disk lasers for optical interconnect applications
Author(s): Andrew W. Poon; Yu Zhang; Lei Zhang
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PDMS quasi-droplet microbubble resonator
Author(s): Jonathan M. Ward; Yong Yang; Síle Nic Chormaic
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Optimal coupling to high-Q whispering gallery modes with a sub-wavelength metallic grating coupler
Author(s): Y. Zhou; Bobo Gu; X. Yu; F. Luan
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Strong localization of whispering gallery modes in an optical fiber via asymmetric perturbation of the translation symmetry
Author(s): L. A Kochkurov; M. Sumetsky
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Cladding modes fiber coupling to silica micro-resonators based on long period gratings
Author(s): Daniele Farnesi; F. Chiavaioli; F. Cosi; G. C. Righini; S. Soria; C. Trono; G. Nunzi Conti
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Uncovering the physical origin of self-phasing in coupled fiber lasers
Author(s): Hung-Sheng Chiang; James R. Leger
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Phase dynamics of high radiance fiber laser arrays with active phase control
Author(s): Erik Bochove; Brendan Neschke; Niketh Nair; Paul Delgado; Yehuda Braiman
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Resonator modes and mode dynamics for an external cavity-coupled laser array
Author(s): Niketh Nair; Erik J. Bochove; Alejandro B. Aceves; Mohammad R. Zunoubi; Yehuda Braiman
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Time-resolved deformation measurement of Yb:YAG thin disk using wavefront sensor
Author(s): Michal Chyla; Shiva S. Nagisetty; Patricie Severová; Taisuke Miura; Klaus Mann; Akira Endo; Tomas Mocek
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Single shot M2 measurement for near infrared high energy laser pulses
Author(s): Siva Sankar Nagisetty; Taisuke Miura; Martin Smrz; Vaclav Kubecek; Akira Endo; Tomáš Mocek
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Characterization of vorticity in fluids by a spatially shaped laser beam
Author(s): Anton Ryabtsev; Shahram Pouya; Manoochehr Koochesfahani; Marcos Dantus
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Analysis of thermal depolarization compensation using full vectorial beam propagation method in laser amplifiers
Author(s): Rainer Hartmann; Christoph Pflaum; Thomas Graupeter
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Red-emitting external cavity diode laser with high slope efficiency and narrow bandwidth
Author(s): Jiyeon Park; Hong Joo Song; Hong Man Na; Jun Ho Lee; Ilgu Yun
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Wavefront control in high average-power multi-slab laser system
Author(s): Jan Pilar; Stefano Bonora; Martin Divoky; Paul J. Phillips; Jodie Smith; Klaus Ertel; John Collier; Helena Jelinkova; Antonio Lucianetti; Tomáš Mocek
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Ultra stable carbon fiber high power CO2 laser with high quality laser beam and AOM implementation
Author(s): Markus Bohrer
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Selective higher order fiber mode excitation using a monolithic setup of a phase plate at a fiber facet
Author(s): Johannes Wilde; Christian Schulze; Robert Brüning; Michael Duparré; Siegmund Schröter
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Investigation of the impact of fiber Bragg grating bandwidth on the efficiency of a Raman resonator
Author(s): Leanne J. Henry; Michael Klopfer; Ravinder K. Jain
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Improving the intensity of a focused laser beam
Author(s): Sofiane Haddadi; Michael Fromager; Djelloul Louhibi; Abdelkrim Hasnaoui; Ali Harfouche; Emmanuel Cagniot; Kamel Äit-Ameur
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Laser beam shape converter using spatially variable waveplate made by nanogratings inscription in fused silica
Author(s): Titas Gertus; Andrejus Michailovas; K. Michailovas; V. Petrauskienė
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Role of geometry in optothermal response of toroidal ultra-high-Q cavities
Author(s): Soheil Soltani; Andrea M. Armani
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Whispering-gallery mode lasers for biosensing: a rationale for reducing the lasing threshold
Author(s): Alexandre François; Nicolas Riesen; Hong Ji; Shahraam Afshar Vahid; Tanya M. Monro
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High-speed transient sensing using dielectric micro-resonators
Author(s): Amir R. Ali; Volkan Otugen; Tindaro Ioppolo
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Short-and-long-term highly stable oscillation and amplification of linearly polarized passively mode-locked solitonic fiber laser resonators
Author(s): M. Brotons-Gisbert; G. E. Villanueva; J. Abreu-Afonso; G. Serafino; A. Bogoni; M. V. Andrés; P. Pérez-Millán
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Predicting the whispering gallery mode spectra of microresonators
Author(s): Jonathan M. M. Hall; Shahraam Afshar V.; Matthew R. Henderson; Alexandre François; Tess Reynolds; Nicolas Riesen; Tanya M. Monro
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Manufacture of refractive and diffractive beam-shaping elements in higher quantities using glass molding technology
Author(s): Michael Wolz; Ullrich Blöcher; Gerhard Dross; Jana Schmitt; Christian Bischoff; Udo Umhofer
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Wavelength-tunable laser based on electro-optic effect
Author(s): Pengfei Wu; Suning Tang
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