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Quantitative Phase Imaging
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Volume Number: 9336
Date Published: 14 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9336
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Path-length stabilized low-coherent reflection-type quantitative phase microscope for nanometer-resolution profiling of plasma membrane
Author(s): Toyohiko Yamauchi; Hidenao Iwai; Kentaro Goto; Shu Honma; Yutaka Yamashita
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Differential fluorescence holography
Author(s): David C. Clark; Myung K. Kim
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Quantitative phase recovery from asymmetric illumination on an LED array microscope
Author(s): Lei Tian; Laura Waller
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Multiplexed off-axis interferometric phase microscopy for dynamic cell measurements
Author(s): Natan T. Shaked; Pinhas Girshovitz; Irena Frenklach
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Using electrochemistry - total internal refection imaging ellipsometry to monitor biochemical oxygen demand on the surface tethered polyelectrolyte modified electrode
Author(s): Wei Liu; Meng Li; Bei'er Lv; YanYan Chen; Hongwei Ma; Gang Jin
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Towards an incoherent off-axis digital holographic microscope
Author(s): Z. Monemhaghdoust; Philippe Degol; F. Montfort; Y. Emery; Christian D. Depeursinge; C. Moser
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Fast control of temporal and spatial coherence properties of microscope illumination using DLP projector
Author(s): José A. Rodrigo ; Tatiana Alieva
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Experimental setup combining digital holographic microscopy (DHM) and fluorescence imaging to study gold nanoparticle mediated laser manipulation
Author(s): Georgios Christian Antonopoulos; Mirko Sebastian Rakoski; Benjamin Steltner; Stefan Kalies; Tammo Ripken; Heiko Meyer
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Coherence-controlled holographic microscopy for live-cell quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Tomáš Slabý; Aneta Křížová; Martin Lošt'ák; Jana Čolláková; Veronika Jůzová; Pavel Veselý; Radim Chmelík
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Halo-free quantitative phase imaging with partially coherent light
Author(s): Tan H. Nguyen; Hassaan Majeed; Christopher A. Edwards; Minh N. Do; Lynford L. Goddard; Gabriel Popescu
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Partially coherent phase imaging with source shapes estimation
Author(s): Jingshan Zhong; Lei Tian; Justin Dauwels; Laura Waller
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Quantitative phase-shifting DIC using programmable spatial light modulators
Author(s): Tan H. Nguyen; Chris Edwards; Lynford L. Goddard; Gabriel Popescu
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CINCH (confocal incoherent correlation holography) super resolution fluorescence microscopy based upon FINCH (Fresnel incoherent correlation holography)
Author(s): Nisan Siegel; Brian Storrie; Marc Bruce; Gary Brooker
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Quantitative phase imaging through scattering media
Author(s): Vera Kollárová; Jana Colláková; Zbynek Dostál; Tomas Slabý; Pavel Veselý M.D.; Radim Chmelík
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Fast processing of quantitative phase profiles from off-axis interferograms for real-time applications
Author(s): Pinhas Girshovitz; Natan T. Shaked
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C++ software integration for a high-throughput phase imaging platform
Author(s): Mikhail E. Kandel; Zelun Luo; Kevin Han; Gabriel Popescu
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Phase correction in low coherence diffraction phase microscopy using the optical transfer function
Author(s): Chris Edwards; Gabriel Popescu; Lynford L. Goddard
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Holographic quantitative imaging of sample hidden by turbid medium or occluding objects
Author(s): V. Bianco; L. Miccio; F. Merola; P. Memmolo; O. Gennari; Melania Paturzo; P. A. Netti; P. Ferraro
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Differentiating neutrophils using the optical coulter counter
Author(s): E. Schonbrun; G. Di Caprio
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Bright-field quantitative phase microscopy (BFQPM) for accurate phase imaging using conventional microscopy hardware
Author(s): Micah Jenkins; Thomas K. Gaylord
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Multimodal label-free growth and morphology characterization of different cell types in a single culture with quantitative digital holographic phase microscopy
Author(s): Björn Kemper; Jana Wibbeling; Lena Kastl; Jürgen Schnekenburger; Steffi Ketelhut
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Prostate cancer diagnosis using quantitative phase imaging and machine learning algorithms
Author(s): Tan H. Nguyen; Shamira Sridharan; Virgilia Macias; Andre K. Balla; Minh N. Do; Gabriel Popescu
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Quantitative phase imaging with programmable illumination
Author(s): Taewoo Kim; Chris Edwards; Lynford L. Goddard; Gabriel Popescu
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Semiconductor defect metrology using laser-based quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Renjie Zhou; Chris Edwards; Gabriel Popescu; Lynford Goddard
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In-situ measurements of nanoscale phenomena using diffraction phase microscopy
Author(s): Chris Edwards; Steven J. McKeown; Suk-Won Hwang; Paul J. Froeter; Xiuling Li; John A. Rogers; Gabriel Popescu; Lynford L. Goddard
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Label-free measurements of membrane tether thickness using optical tweezers combined with SLIM
Author(s): Mohammad Sarshar; Winson T. Wong; Bahman Anvari
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Nuclear dynamics in metastatic cells studied by quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Silvia Ceballos; Mikhail Kandel; Shamira Sridharan; Freddy Monroy; Gabriel Popescu
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Diagnosis of breast cancer biopsies using quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Hassaan Majeed; Mikhail E. Kandel; Kevin Han; Zelun Luo; Virgilia Macias; Krishnarao Tangella; Andre Balla; Gabriel Popescu
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QPI for prostate cancer diagnosis: quantitative separation of Gleason grades 3 and 4
Author(s): Shamira Sridharan; Virgilia Macias; Krishnarao Tangella; Andre Kajdacsy-Balla; Gabriel Popescu
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3D quantitative phase imaging of neural networks using WDT
Author(s): Taewoo Kim; S. Chris Liu; Raj Iyer; Martha U. Gillette; Gabriel Popescu
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Using digital inline holographic microscopy and quantitative phase contrast imaging to assess viability of cultured mammalian cells
Author(s): Sergey Missan; Olga Hrytsenko
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High throughput imaging of blood smears using white light diffraction phase microscopy
Author(s): Hassaan Majeed; Mikhail E. Kandel; Basanta Bhaduri; Kevin Han; Zelun Luo; Krishnarao Tangella; Gabriel Popescu
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Lab on chip optical imaging of biological sample by quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): P. Memmolo; L. Miccio; F. Merola; O. Gennari; M. Mugnano; P. A. Netti; P. Ferraro
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Common-path diffraction optical tomography with a low-coherence illumination for reducing speckle noise
Author(s): Seungwoo Shin; Youngchan Kim; KyeoReh Lee; Kyoohyun Kim; Young-Jin Kim; HyunJoo Park; YongKeun Park
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Method for observing phase objects without halos and directional shadows
Author(s): Yoshimasa Suzuki; Kazuo Kajitani; Hisashi Ohde
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Quantitative phase imaging of cellular and subcellular structures for non-invasive screening diagnostics of socially significant diseases
Author(s): Irina Vasilenko; Vladislav Metelin; Marat Nasyrov; Vladimir Belyakov; Alexander B. Kuznetsov; Evgeniy Sukhenko
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Multi-mode microscopy in real-time with LED array illumination
Author(s): Ziji Liu; Lei Tian; Laura Waller
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White-light interferometric microscopy for wafer defect inspection
Author(s): Renjie Zhou; Christopher Edwards; Casey Bryniarski; Marjorie F. Dallmann; Gabriel Popescu; Lynford L. Goddard
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