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Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XV
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Volume Number: 9329
Date Published: 14 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9329
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multiphoton microscopy in brain imaging
Author(s): A. L. Allegra Mascaro; L. Silvestri; I. Costantini; L. Sacconi; B. Maco; G. W. Knott; F. S. Pavone
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Observing conformations of single FoF1-ATP synthases in a fast anti-Brownian electrokinetic trap
Author(s): Bertram Su; Monika G. Düser; Nawid Zarrabi; Thomas Heitkamp; Ilka Starke; Michael Börsch
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Imaging of oxygenation in 3D tissue models with multi-modal phosphorescent probes
Author(s): Dmitri B. Papkovsky; Ruslan I. Dmitriev; Sergei Borisov
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Cell metabolism, FLIM and PLIM and applications
Author(s): S. Kalinina; D. Bisinger; J. Breymayer; A. Ruck
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Flavin fluorescence lifetime imaging of living peripheral blood mononuclear cells on micro and nano-structured surfaces
Author(s): Tibor Teplicky; J. Horilova; J. Bruncko; C. Gladine; I. Lajdova; A. Mateasik; D. Chorvat Jr.; A. Marcek Chorvatova
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Characterization of porcine eyes based on autofluorescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Ana Batista; Hans Georg Breunig; Aisada Uchugonova; António Miguel Morgado; Karsten König
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Development of confocal immunofluorescence FRET microscopy to Investigate eNOS and GSNOR localization and interaction in pulmonary endothelial cells
Author(s): Shagufta Rehman; Kathleen Brown-Steinke; Lisa Palmer; Ammasi Periasamy
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Time-resolved spectral imaging: better photon economy, higher accuracy
Author(s): Farzad Fereidouni; Keimpe Reitsma; Gerhard A. Blab; Hans C. Gerritsen
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Two-photon excited fluorescence microendoscopic imaging using a GRIN lens
Author(s): Wei Yan; Xiao Peng; Danying Lin; Qi Wang; Jian Gao; Jie Zhou; Tong Ye; Junle Qu; Hanben Niu
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Two-photon excited fluorescence emission from hemoglobin
Author(s): Qiqi Sun; Yan Zeng; Wei Zhang; Wei Zheng; Yi Luo; Jianan Y. Qu
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In vivo pump-probe microscopy of melanoma: characterizing shifts in excited state photodynamics with respect to invasiveness
Author(s): Jesse W. Wilson; Simone Degan; Christina S. Gainey; Sanghamitra Deb; Christopher P. Dall; Yasmine Tameze-Rivas; Jennifer Zhang; Warren S. Warren
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Multiphoton tomography of astronauts
Author(s): Karsten König; Martin Weinigel; Anna Pietruszka; Rainer Bückle; Nicole Gerlach; Ulrike Heinrich
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Study of acetowhitening mechanisms in live mammalian cells with label-free subcellular-level multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy
Author(s): Jian Lin; Sengkhoon Teh; Wei Zheng; Zi Wang; Zhiwei Huang
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Optical reprogramming with ultrashort femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Aisada Uchugonova; Hans Georg Breunig; Ana Batista; Karsten König
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Compact fixed wavelength femtosecond oscillators for multi-photon imaging
Author(s): T. Hakulinen; J. Klein; Ruben Zadoyan; T. Baldacchini; T. Franke
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Multiphoton light-sheet microscopy using wavelength mixing: fast multicolor imaging of the beating Zebrafish heart with low photobleaching
Author(s): Pierre Mahou; Julien Vermot; Emmanuel Beaurepaire; Willy Supatto
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Four-wave mixing microscopy: a high potential nonlinear imaging method
Author(s): Tobias Ehmke; Andreas Knebl; Alexander Heisterkamp
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Non-linear imaging and characterization of atherosclerotic arterial tissue using combined SHG and FLIM microscopy
Author(s): Riccardo Cicchi; Christian Matthäus; Tobias Meyer; Annika Lattermann; Benjamin Dietzek; Bernhard R. Brehm; Jürgen Popp; Francesco S. Pavone
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Second harmonic generation imaging in tissue engineering and cartilage pathologies
Author(s): Magnus Lilledahl; Magnus Olderøy; Andreas Finnøy; Kristin Olstad; Jan E. Brinchman
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Monitoring lipid accumulation in the green microalga botryococcus braunii with frequency-modulated stimulated Raman scattering
Author(s): Chun-Chin Wang; Dayananda Chandrappa; Nicholas Smirnoff; Julian Moger
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Histology in vivo: chemical contrast combined with clinical multimodal multiphoton tomography
Author(s): Martin Weinigel; Hans Georg Breunig; Karsten Koenig
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Simultaneous quadruple modal nonlinear optical imaging for gastric diseases diagnosis and characterization
Author(s): Zi Wang; Wei Zheng; Jian Lin; Zhiwei Huang
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Fast spectrum extraction from SRS spectral images by independent component analysis with image compression and post sampling
Author(s): Yasuyuki Ozeki
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Towards low-noise fiber sources for coherent Raman microscopy
Author(s): Erin S. Lamb; Hanzhang Pei; Frank W. Wise
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Detecting polymeric nanoparticles with coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy in tissues exhibiting fixative-induced autofluorescence
Author(s): N. L. Garrett; Lisa Godfrey; A. Lalatsa; D. R. Serrano; I. F. Uchegbu; A. Schatzlein; J. Moger
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Parallel and flexible imaging using two-photon RESOLFT microscopy with spatial light modulator control
Author(s): Yi Xue; Christopher J. Rowlands; Peter T. C. So
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New insights and system designs for temporally focused multiphoton optogenetics
Author(s): Tom Mayblum; Adi Schejter; Hod Dana; Shy Shoham
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Effects of anesthesia on the cerebral capillary blood flow in young and old mice
Author(s): Mohammad Moeini; Maryam S. Tabatabaei; Samuel Bélanger; Pramod Avti; Alexandre Castonguay; Philippe Pouliot; Frédéric Lesage
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Determination of the spectral dependence of reduced scattering and quantitative second-harmonic generation imaging for detection of fibrillary changes in ovarian cancer
Author(s): Kirby R. Campbell; Karissa B. Tilbury; Paul J. Campagnola
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Ex vivo label-free microscopy of head and neck cancer patient tissues
Author(s): Amy T. Shah; Melissa C. Skala
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A modular two-photon microscope for simultaneous imaging of distant cortical areas in vivo
Author(s): Fabian F Voigt; Jerry L. Chen; Roland Krueppel; Fritjof Helmchen
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Improvement of the spatial resolution in multiphoton microscopy by saturated excitation of fluorescence
Author(s): Anh Dung Nguyen; François Duport; Frédérique Vanholsbeeck; Philippe Emplit; Serge Goldman; Simon-Pierre Gorza
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Imaging calcium carbonate distribution in human sweat pore in vivo using nonlinear microscopy
Author(s): Xueqin Chen; Alicja Gasecka; Florian Formanek; Jean-Baptiste Galey; Hervé Rigneault
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Statistical analysis on activation and photo-bleaching of step-wise multi-photon activation fluorescence of melanin
Author(s): Zetong Gu; Zhenhua Lai; Xi Zhang; Jihao Yin; Charles A. DiMarzio
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High-resolution nonlinear ellipse rotation measurements for 3D microscopy
Author(s): M. L. Miguez; E. C. Barbano; J. A. Coura; S. C. Zilio; L. Misoguti
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Second harmonic generation quantitative measurements on collagen fibrils through correlation to electron microscopy
Author(s): S. Bancelin; C. Aimé; Ivan Gusachenko; Laura Kowalczuk; G. Latour; T. Coradin; M.-C. Schanne-Klein
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2D simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing multiphoton microscopy for fast volume imaging with improved sectioning ability
Author(s): Qiyuan Song; Keisuke Isobe; Kenichi Hirosawa; Katsumi Midorikawa; Fumihiko Kannari
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Optimizing laser and probe molecules for multi-photon microscopy
Author(s): M. Potasek; K. Beeson; E. Parilov
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Motionless polarization-resolved second harmonic generation imaging of corneal collagen
Author(s): Hans Georg Breunig; Ana Batista; Aisada Uchugonova; Karsten König
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In vivo visualization of collagen fiber produced by cultured osteoblasts using sensitive second-harmonic-generation microscopy equipped with a 10-fs mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser
Author(s): Eiji Hase; Katsuya Sato; Takeshi Yasui
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Adaptation of commercial microscopes for advanced imaging applications
Author(s): Craig Brideau; Kelvin Poon; Peter Stys
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Laser scanning stereomicroscopy for fast volumetric imaging with two-photon excitation and scanned Bessel beams
Author(s): Yanlong Yang; Xing Zhou; Runze Li; Mark Van Horn; Tong Peng; Ming Lei; Di Wu; Xun Chen; Baoli Yao; Tong Ye
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Applied 3D printing for microscopy in health science research
Author(s): Craig Brideau; Kourosh Zareinia; Peter Stys
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Multiphoton tomography to detect chemo- and biohazards
Author(s): Karsten König
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Non-invasive discrimination between pancreatic islets and exocrine cells using multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Binlin Wu; Ge Li; Mingming Hao; Sushmita Mukherjee
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Imaging cardiomyocytes in intact tissue with a remote focusing microscope
Author(s): A. D. Corbett; R. A. B. Burton; G. Bub; T. Wilson
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Investigating cell membrane structure and dynamics with TCSPC-FLIM
Author(s): Alix Le Marois; Dylan M. Owen; Klaus Suhling
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Microsecond wide-field TCSPC microscopy based on an ultra-fast CMOS camera
Author(s): Liisa M. Hirvonen; Zdenek Petrasek; Andrew Beeby; Klaus Suhling
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Comprehensive quantitative evaluation of FLIM-FRET microscopy
Author(s): Horst Wallrabe; Yuangsheng Sun; Zdenek Svindrych; Ammasi Periasamy
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Single molecules, cells, and super-resolution optics (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Eric Betzig
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Detecting the collagen-based hydrogels degradation by multiphoton microscopy (MPM)
Author(s): Xuye Lang; Matthew J. Spousta; Julia G. Lyubovitsky
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