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Energy-based Treatment of Tissue and Assessment VIII
Editor(s): Thomas P. Ryan
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Volume Number: 9326
Date Published: 13 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9326
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Practical pathology for thermal tissue applications
Author(s): Colleen J. Beatty; Sharon L. Thomsen; Jeffrey Vos; James Coad
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Coupling of physical characteristics of non-ionizing irradiation to specific mechanisms of cell death: are we there yet?
Author(s): Sharon Thomsen
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Utility and translatability of mathematical modeling, cell culture and small and large animal models in magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia cancer treatment research
Author(s): P. Jack Hoopes; Alicia A. Petryk; Adwiteeya Misra; Elliot J. Kastner; John A. Pearce; Thomas P. Ryan
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Developing an open platform for evidence-based microwave ablation treatment planning and validation
Author(s): Garron Deshazer; Damian E. Dupuy; Edward Walsh; Punit Prakash; Dillon Fairchild; David Glidden; Scott A. Collins; Madeleine L. Cook; Thomas P. Ryan; Derek Merck
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Antimicrobial outcomes in plasma medicine
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan; Kenneth R. Stalder; Jean Woloszko M.D.
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The differing behavior of electrosurgical devices made of various electrode materials operating under plasma conditions
Author(s): K. R. Stalder; T. P. Ryan; J. Gaspredes; J. Woloszko
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Introduction of argon beam coagulation functionality to robotic procedures using the ABC D-Flex probe: equivalency to an existing laparoscopic instrument
Author(s): Renée A. Merchel; Kelli S. Barnes; Kenneth D. Taylor
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Characterization and literature review of bowel perforation injuring using argon beam coagulation
Author(s): Kelli S. Barnes; Renee A. Merchel; Kenneth D. Taylor
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Numerical model study of radio frequency vessel sealing thermodynamics
Author(s): John Pearce
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The role of glycosaminoglycans in tissue adhesion during energy-based vessel sealing
Author(s): Eric A. Kramer; Nicholas S. Anderson; Kenneth D. Taylor; Virginia L. Ferguson; Mark E. Rentschler
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A novel parameter for predicting arterial fusion and ablation in finite element models
Author(s): Douglas Fankell; Eric Kramer; Kenneth Taylor; Virginia Ferguson; Mark E. Rentschler
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A simplified, low power system for effective vessel sealing
Author(s): Allison B. Lyle; Jenifer S. Kennedy; Dale F. Schmaltz; Aaron S. Kennedy
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Tissue healing response following hyperthermic vapor ablation in the porcine longissimus muscle
Author(s): John T. Grantham; Brian T. Grisez; Justin Famoso M.D.; Michael Hoey; Chris Dixon M.D.; James E. Coad M.D.
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Development of an endoluminal high-intensity ultrasound applicator for image-guided thermal therapy of pancreatic tumors
Author(s): Matthew S. Adams; Serena J. Scott; Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Peter D. Jones; Juan C. Plata-Camargo; Graham Sommer M.D.; Chris J. Diederich
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Circumferential targeted renal sympathetic nerve denervation with preservation of the renal arterial wall using intra-luminal ultrasound
Author(s): Austin Roth; Leslie Coleman; Kenichi Sakakura; Elena Ladich; Renu Virmani
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Catheter-based high-intensity ultrasound for epicardial ablation of the left ventricle: device design and in vivo feasiblity
Author(s): Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Babak Nazer; Peter D. Jones; Yasuaki Tanaka M.D.; Alastair Martin; Bennett Ng; Srikant Duggirala M.D.; Chris J. Diederich; Edward P, Gerstenfeld M.D.
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Design and analysis of a conformal patch antenna for a wearable breast hyperthermia treatment system
Author(s): Sergio Curto; Manoshika Ramasamy; Minyoung Suh; Punit Prakash
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Similarities and differences in ablative and non-ablative iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia cancer treatment
Author(s): Alicia A. Petryk; Adwiteeya Misra; Elliot J. Kastner; Courtney M. Mazur; James D. Petryk; P. Jack Hoopes
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Magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia cancer treatment efficacy dependence on cellular and tissue level particle concentration and particle heating properties
Author(s): Alicia A. Petryk; Adwiteeya Misra; Courtney M. Mazur; James D. Petryk; P. Jack Hoopes
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Alternating magnetic field optimization for IONP hyperthermia cancer treatment
Author(s): Elliot J. Kastner; Russell Reeves; William Bennett; Adwiteeya Misra; Jim D. Petryk; Alicia A. Petryk; P. Jack Hoopes D.V.M.
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Macroscopic and microscopic biodistribution of intravenously administered iron oxide nanoparticles
Author(s): Adwiteeya Misra; Alicia A. Petryk; Rendall R. Strawbridge; P. Jack Hoopes D.V.M.
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Effect of radiation energy and intracellular iron dose on iron oxide nanoparticle enhancement of radiation cytotoxicity
Author(s): Courtney M. Mazur; Rendall R. Strawbridge; Ella S. Thompson; Alicia A. Petryk; David J. Gladstone; P. Jack Hoopes D.V.M.
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SWIFT-MRI imaging and quantitative assessment of IONPs in murine tumors following intra-tumor and systemic delivery
Author(s): Russell Reeves; Alicia A. Petryk; Elliot J. Kastner; Jinjin Zhang; Hattie Ring; Michael Garwood; P. Jack Hoopes
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Evaluation of high intensity focused ultrasound ablation of prostate tumor with hyperpolarized 13C imaging biomarkers
Author(s): Jessie E. Lee; Chris J. Diederich; Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Robert Bok; Andrew G. Taylor; John Kurhanewicz
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Characterization of nanosecond pulse electrical field shock waves using imaging techniques
Author(s): L. Chris Mimun; Bennett L. Ibey; Caleb C. Roth; Ronald A. Barnes; Dhiraj K. Sardar; Hope T. Beier
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Nonlinear imaging of lipid membrane alterations elicited by nanosecond pulsed electric fields
Author(s): Erick K. Moen; Hope T. Beier; Gary L. Thompson; Andrea M. Armani; Bennett L. Ibey
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Multiple-antenna microwave ablation: analysis of non-parallel antenna implants
Author(s): Souvick Mukherjee; Sergio Curto; Nathan Albin; Bala Natarajan; Punit Prakash
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Three-dimensional finite-element analyses of multiple electrode bipolar RF global endometrial ablation
Author(s): Tao Hu; Tang Panhao; Jiahua Xiao
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Finite element method (FEM) model of the mechanical stress on phospholipid membranes from shock waves produced in nanosecond electric pulses (nsEP)
Author(s): Ronald Barnes; Caleb C. Roth; Mehdi Shadaram; Hope Beier; Bennett L. Ibey
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Development of a fast 3D treatment planning platform for clinical interstitial microwave hyperthermia within free-hand obliquely implanted HDR catheters
Author(s): Serena J. Scott; Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Punit Prakash; Sergio Curto; I-Chow Hsu M.D.; Chris J. Diederich
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A methodology to analyze treatment zone geometry and variability of percutaneous thermal ablation
Author(s): Krishna N. Keshava; Benjamin B. Kimia; Madeleine Cook; Damian E. Dupuy M.D.; Scott A. Collins; Derek Merck
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External stimulation by nanosecond pulsed electric fields to enhance cellular uptake of nanoparticles
Author(s): Samantha Franklin; Hope T. Beier; Bennett L. Ibey; Kelly Nash
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The role of PIP2 and the IP3/DAG pathway in intracellular calcium release and cell survival during nanosecond electric pulse exposures
Author(s): Zachary A. Steelman; Gleb P. Tolstykh; Larry E. Estlack; Caleb C. Roth; Bennett L. Ibey
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Cells exposed to nanosecond electrical pulses exhibit biomarkers of mechanical stress
Author(s): Caleb C. Roth; Ronald A. Barnes Jr.; Bennett L. Ibey; Hope T. Beier; Erick K. Moen; Randolph D. Glickman
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