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Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic and Surgical Guidance Systems XIII
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Volume Number: 9313
Date Published: 16 March 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9313
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Imaging system design for surgical guidance with near-infrared autofluorescence
Author(s): Melanie McWade; Isaac J. Pence; Constantine Paras; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
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Performance comparison of different compact NIR fluorescent imaging systems with goggle display for intraoperative image-guidance
Author(s): Shengkui Gao; Suman Mondal; Nan Zhu; Rongguang Liang; Samuel Achilefu; Viktor Gruev
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High spatial frequency structured light imaging for intraoperative breast tumor margin assessment
Author(s): David M. McClatchy III; Venkataramanan Krishnaswamy; Stephen C. Kanick; Jonathan T. Elliott; Wendy A. Wells M.D.; Richard J. Barth M.D.; Keith D. Paulsen; Brian W. Pogue
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In-situ photopolymerization and monitoring device for controlled shaping of tissue fillers, replacements, or implants
Author(s): Andreas M. Schmocker; Azadeh Khoushabi; Pierre-Etienne Bourban; Constantin Schizas; Dominique Pioletti; Christophe Moser
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Tissue identification during Pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopy
Author(s): Yin Chang; Chi-Yang Tseng
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A novel broadband Raman endoscopy for in vivo diagnosis of intestinal metaplasia in the stomach
Author(s): Kan Lin; Mads Sylvest Bergholt; Jianfeng Wang; Wei Zheng; Hongzhi Xu; Jian-lin Ren; Khek Yu Ho; Ming Teh; Khay Guan Yeoh; Zhiwei Huang
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An advanced design of non-radioactive image capturing and management system for applications in non-invasive skin disorder diagnosis
Author(s): Carol Y. B. Liu; David C. K. Luk M.D.; Kany S. Y. Zhou; Bryan M. K. So; Derek C. H. Louie
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Multispectral fluorescence imaging of human ovarian and Fallopian tube tissue for early stage cancer detection
Author(s): Tyler Tate; Brenda Baggett; Photini Rice; Jennifer Watson; Gabe Orsinger; Ariel C. Nymeyer; Weston A. Welge; Molly Keenan; Kathylynn Saboda; Denise J. Roe; Kenneth Hatch M.D.; Setsuko Chambers; John Black; Urs Utzinger; Jennifer Barton
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging to differentiate bound from unbound ICG-cRGD both in vitro and in vivo
Author(s): Paulien L. Stegehuis; Martin C. Boonstra; Karien E. de Rooij; François E. Powolny; Riccardo Sinisi; Harald Homulle; Claudio Bruschini; Edoardo Charbon; Cornelis J. H. van de Velde; Boudewijn P. F. Lelieveldt M.D.; Alexander L. Vahrmeijer M.D.; Jouke Dijkstra; Martijn van de Giessen
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Real-time endoscopic optical properties imaging using Single Snapshot of Optical Properties (SSOP) imaging
Author(s): J. Angelo Jr.; Martjin van de Giessen; S. Gioux
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Analysis of feature stability for laser-based determination of tissue thickness
Author(s): Floris Ernst; Achim Schweikard; Patrick Stüber; Ralf Bruder; Benjamin Wagner; Tobias Wissel
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Label-free IgG/anti-IgG biosensing based on long period fiber gratings: a comprehensive feasibility study
Author(s): F. Chiavaioli; C. Trono; A. Giannetti; S. Tombelli; P. Biswas; S. Bandyopadhyay; Sunirmal Jana; S. Bera; A. Mallick; F. Baldini
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Development and verification of a novel device for dental intra-oral 3D scanning using chromatic confocal technology
Author(s): M. Zint; K. Stock; R. Graser; T. Ertl; Edgar Brauer; J. Heyninck; J. Vanbiervliet; Stefaan Dhondt; Pieter De Ceuninck; Raimund Hibst
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Optical heterogeneous bioassay for the detection of the inflammatory biomarker suPAR
Author(s): S. Tombelli; C. Trono; B. Adinolfi; F. Chiavaioli; A. Giannetti; J. Eugen-Olsen; R. Bernini; Immacolata A. Grimaldi; G. Persichetti; G. Testa; F. Baldini
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Direct ultrasound to video registration using photoacoustic markers from a single image pose
Author(s): Alexis Cheng; Xiaoyu Guo; Hyun Jae Kang; Michael A. Choti; Jin U. Kang; Russell H. Taylor; Emad M. Boctor
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Shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy using a dual-wavelength DBR diode laser at 785 nm
Author(s): M. Maiwald; B. Eppich; J. Fricke; A. Ginolas; F. Bugge; A. Klehr; B. Sumpf; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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Characterization of a hybrid diffuse correlation spectroscopy and time-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy system for real-time monitoring of cerebral blood flow and oxygenation
Author(s): K. Verdecchia; M. Diop; Albert Lee; K. St. Lawrence
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Non-contact continuous-wave diffuse optical tomographic system to capture vascular dynamics in the foot
Author(s): Jennifer W. Hoi; Hyun K. Kim; Michael A. Khalil; Christopher J. Fong; Alessandro Marone; Gautam Shrikhande M.D.; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Non-invasive submilligram level quantification of in vivo blood components with slitless high-sensitivity spectrometer and noncooled NIR detector
Author(s): Ryosuke Kuribayashi; Hiromitsu Furukawa
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In-vivo performance comparison study of wide-field oxygenation imaging methods
Author(s): Martijn Van de Giessen; Joseph Angelo; Christina Vargas M.D.; Sylvain Gioux
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Non-invasive diagnosis and continuous monitoring of thrombosis in clinics by near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Ting Li; Yunglong Sun; Xiao Chen; Yue Zhao; Rongrong Ren; Mushuang Liu
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Principal component analysis of indocyanine green fluorescence dynamics for diagnosis of vascular diseases
Author(s): Jihye Seo; Yuri An; Jungsul Lee; Chulhee Choi
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A study on the quantitative evaluation of skin barrier function
Author(s): Tomomi Maruyama M.D.; Yasuhiro Kabetani; Michiko Kido; Kenji Yamada; Hirotoshi Oikaze; Yohei Takechi; Tomotaka Furuta; Shoichi Ishii; Haruna Katayama; Hieyong Jeong; Yuko Ohno
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Optical characteristics of prostate tissues and the key chromophores and fluorophores within tissues related to carcinogenesis
Author(s): Kenneth J. Zhou; Jun Chen
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Gastrointestinal tract volume measurement method using a compound eye type endoscope
Author(s): Kayo Yoshimoto; Kenji Yamada; Kenji Watabe; Michiko Kido; Toshiaki Nagakura; Hideya Takahashi; Tsutomu Nishida; Hideki Iijima; Masahiko Tsujii; Tetsuo Takehara; Yuko Ohno
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