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10th International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis
Editor(s): Eduardo Romero; Natasha Lepore
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Volume Number: 9287
Date Published: 30 January 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9287
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A note on the stability and discriminability of graph-based features for classification problems in digital pathology
Author(s): Angel Cruz-Roa; Jun Xu; Anant Madabhushi
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Discovering anatomical patterns with pathological meaning by clustering of visual primitives in structural brain MRI
Author(s): Juan Leon; Andrea Pulido; Eduardo Romero
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Morphometry-based comparison of relevant brain regions for Alzheimer's disease detection
Author(s): Diana L. Giraldo; Juan D. Garcia-Arteaga; Eduardo Romero
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Multivariate analysis of eigenvalues and eigenvectors in tensor based morphometry
Author(s): Vidya Rajagopalan; Armin Schwartzman; Xue Hua; Alex Leow; Paul Thompson; Natasha Lepore
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Sparse Bayesian framework applied to 3D super-resolution reconstruction in fetal brain MRI
Author(s): Laura C. Becerra; Nelson Velasco Toledo; Eduardo Romero Castro
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Automatic detection of wheezes by evaluation of multiple acoustic feature extraction methods and C-weighted SVM
Author(s): Germán D. Sosa; Angel Cruz-Roa; Fabio A. González
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Effectiveness of morphological and spectral heartbeat characterization on arrhythmia clustering for Holter recordings
Author(s): Cristian Castro-Hoyos; Diego Hernán Peluffo-Ordóñez; Jose Luis Rodríguez-Sotelo; Germán Castellanos-Domínguez
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Extracting stationary segments from non-stationary synthetic and cardiac signals
Author(s): María G. Rodríguez; Carlos A. Ledezma; Gilberto Perpiñán; Sara Wong; Miguel Altuve
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A comparison of multiparametric MRI modalities to discriminate prostate cancer tumours
Author(s): R. E. Gutiérrez-Carvajal; A. Fargeas; K. Gnep; Y. Rolland; O. Acosta; R. de Crevoisier
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An automatic multi-atlas prostate segmentation in MRI using a multiscale representation and a label fusion strategy
Author(s): Charlens Álvarez; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Experimental assessment of an automatic breast density classification algorithm based on principal component analysis applied to histogram data
Author(s): Antonio Angulo; Jose Ferrer; Joseph Pinto; Roberto Lavarello; Jorge Guerrero; Benjamín Castaneda
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Segmentation of prostate from CT scans using a combined voxel random forests classification with spherical harmonics regularization
Author(s): F. Commandeur; O. Acosta; A. Simon; J. D. Ospina Arango; J. L. Dillenseger; R. Mathieu; P. Haigron; R. de Crevoisier
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A comparative evaluation of supervised and unsupervised representation learning approaches for anaplastic medulloblastoma differentiation
Author(s): Angel Cruz-Roa; John Arevalo; Ajay Basavanhally; Anant Madabhushi; Fabio González
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A statistical model for characterization of histopathology images
Author(s): Pablo Álvarez; Guatizalema Castro; Germán Corredor; Eduardo Romero
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Digital image analysis of striated skeletal muscle tissue injury during reperfusion after induced ischemia
Author(s): Doris Haydee Rosero Salazar; Liliana Salazar Monsalve
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Image superresolution of cytology images using wavelet based patch search
Author(s): Carlos Vargas; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Eduardo Romero
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A level set approach for left ventricle detection in CT images using shape segmentation and optical flow
Author(s): Jorge Brieva; Ernesto Moya-Albor; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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A stethoscope with wavelet separation of cardiac and respiratory sounds for real time telemedicine implemented on field-programmable gate array
Author(s): Víctor Manuel Castro; Nestor Andrés Muñoz; Antonio José Salazar
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Segment clustering methodology for unsupervised Holter recordings analysis
Author(s): Jose Luis Rodríguez-Sotelo; Diego Peluffo-Ordoñez; German Castellanos Dominguez
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SVM-based classification of LV wall motion in cardiac MRI with the assessment of STE
Author(s): Juan Mantilla; Mireille Garreau; Jean-Jacques Bellanger; José Luis Paredes
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A T1 and DTI fused 3D corpus callosum analysis in pre- vs. post-season contact sports players
Author(s): Yi Lao; Meng Law; Jie Shi; Niharika Gajawelli; Lauren Haas; Yalin Wang; Natasha Leporé
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Dynamic functional network connectivity using distance correlation
Author(s): Jorge Rudas; Javier Guaje; Athena Demertzi; Lizette Heine; Luaba Tshibanda; Andrea Soddu; Steven Laureys; Francisco Gómez
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Influence of the segmentation on the characterization of cerebral networks of structural damage for patients with disorders of consciousness
Author(s): Darwin Martínez; Jamuna J. Mahalingam; Andrea Soddu; Hugo Franco; Natasha Lepore; Steven Laureys; Francisco Gómez
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Thalamic volume as a biomarker for disorders of consciousness
Author(s): Mathieu Rubeaux; Jamuna Jayashri Mahalingam; Francisco Gomez; Marvin Nelson; Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse; Marie-Aurélie Bruno; Olivia Gosseries; Steven Laureys; Andrea Soddu; Natasha Lepore
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An overview of alignment issues for in-vivo image guided proton therapy
Author(s): Benoit Macq; Jonathan Orban de Xivry
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Non-rigid image registration under non-deterministic deformation bounds
Author(s): Qian Ge; Namita Lokare; Edgar Lobaton
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Registration of cardiac magnetic resonance images using SURF points and matching
Author(s): Braian Moreno; Angélica Atehortúa; Germán Corredor; Eduardo Romero
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Simultaneous registration of structural and diffusion weighed images using the full DTI information
Author(s): Hélène Nadeau; Yaqiong Chai; Paul Thompson; Natasha Leporé
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An open access thyroid ultrasound image database
Author(s): Lina Pedraza; Carlos Vargas; Fabián Narváez; Oscar Durán; Emma Muñoz; Eduardo Romero
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Pulse oximeter for cyclists in smartphone
Author(s): L. Martins; O. Gaidos; I. dos Santos
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Towards incorporating affective computing to virtual rehabilitation; surrogating attributed attention from posture for boosting therapy adaptation
Author(s): Jesús J. Rivas; Patrick Heyer; Felipe Orihuela-Espina; Luis Enrique Sucar
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Towards ontology personalization to enrich social conversations on AAC systems
Author(s): Daniela Mancilla V.; Sebastian Sastoque H.; Marcela Iregui G.
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A Matlab user interface for the statistically assisted fluid registration algorithm and tensor-based morphometry
Author(s): Fernando Yepes-Calderon; Caroline Brun; Nishita Sant; Paul Thompson; Natasha Lepore
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Low-cost uncalibrated video-based tool for tridimensional reconstruction oriented to assessment of chronic wounds
Author(s): Leslie Casas; Sylvie Treuillet; Braulio Valencia; Alejandro Llanos; Benjamín Castañeda Jr.
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SemVisM: semantic visualizer for medical image
Author(s): Luis Landaeta; Alexandra La Cruz; Alexander Baranya; María-Esther Vidal
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TractRender: a new generalized 3D medical image visualization and output platform
Author(s): Darryl H. Hwang; Sinchai Tsao; Niharika Gajawelli; Meng Law; Natasha Lepore
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Improved edge detection for object segmentation in ultrasound images using Active Shape Models
Author(s): F. Arámbula Cosío; Hèctor G. Acosta; Edgar Conde
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Segmentation of humeral head from axial proton density weighted shoulder MR images
Author(s): Aysun Sezer; Hasan Basri Sezer; Songul Albayrak
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Stent segmentation in IOCT-TD images using gradient combination and mathematical morphology
Author(s): Diego Armando Cardona Cardenas; Matheus Cardoso Moraes; Sérgio Shiguemi Furuie
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Watermarked cardiac CT image segmentation using deformable models and the Hermite transform
Author(s): Sandra L. Gomez-Coronel; Ernesto Moya-Albor; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Jorge Brieva
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A 3D endoscopy reconstruction as a saliency map for analysis of polyp shapes
Author(s): Josue Ruano; Fabio Martínez; Martín Gómez; Eduardo Romero
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Automatic characterization of the Parkinson disease by classifying the ipsilateral coordination and spatiotemporal gait patterns
Author(s): Fernanda Sarmiento; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Characterizing the eye trajectory during the gait towards Parkinson stage identification
Author(s): David Trujillo; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Simulation of Parkinsonian gait by fusing trunk learned patterns and a lower limb first order model
Author(s): Luisa Cárdenas; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Fast high resolution reconstruction in multi-slice and multi-view cMRI
Author(s): Nelson Velasco Toledo; Eduardo Romero Castro
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Improving the blind restoration of retinal images by means of point-spread-function estimation assessment
Author(s): Andrés G. Marrugo; María S. Millán; Michal Šorel; Jan Kotera; Filip Šroubek
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Programmable diffractive optical elements for extending the depth of focus in ophthalmic optics
Author(s): Lenny A. Romero; María S. Millán; Zbigniew Jaroszewicz; Andrzej Kołodziejczyk
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Speckle reduction in echocardiography by temporal compounding and anisotropic diffusion filtering
Author(s): Jader Giraldo-Guzmán; Oscar Porto-Solano; Alberto Cadena-Bonfanti; Sonia H. Contreras-Ortiz
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