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7th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Micro- and Nano-Optical Devices and Systems
Editor(s): Tianchun Ye; A. G. Poleshchuk; Song Hu
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Volume Number: 9283
Date Published: 26 August 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9283
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Diffractive optical elements: fabrication and application
Author(s): A. G. Poleshchuk; V. P. Korolkov; R. K. Nasyrov
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Analysis and optimization of a novel laterally deformable optical NEMS grating transducer
Author(s): Chen Wang; Jian Bai; Guo-Guang Yang
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Experimental study on elliptical vibration cutting for optical microstructures
Author(s): Guo Li; Lin Che; Bo Wang; Fei Ding; Chen Feng Zhang
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A novel desktop device for lapping thin-walled micro groove
Author(s): Shilei Wang; Bo Wang; Lin Che; Fei Ding; Duo Li
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Space focusing mirror assembly with flexure hinges
Author(s): Quanfeng Guo; Wei Li; Ji-hong Dong; Yanchun Li; Kejun Wang
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Simulation of internally referenced resonance in a three-layer-coated microsphere resonator
Author(s): Yongchao Dong; Xueying Jin; Keyi Wang
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Micromachined fiber optic Fabry-Perot underwater acoustic probe
Author(s): Fuyin Wang; Zhengzheng Shao; Zhengliang Hu; Hong Luo; Jiehui Xie; Yongming Hu
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A method for compensating the polarization aberration of projection optics in immersion lithography
Author(s): Yue Jia; Yanqiu Li; Lihui Liu; Chunying Han; Xiaolin Liu
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Transmission characteristics analysis of a hybrid SNIMS plasmonic waveguide
Author(s): Man Zhang; Junxian Ma
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Vector simulation of pinhole diffraction behavior for high numerical aperture converging incident beam at deep ultraviolet wavelength
Author(s): Bo Liu; Ke Liu; Meng Zheng; Lisong Dong
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Methods on micro lens compact applied in zoom systems
Author(s): Hua Liu; Quanxin Ding; Liwei Zhou
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A novel measuring device for step gauge
Author(s): Shuanghua Sun; Xueping Shen; Lingding Zou; Hongtang Gao; Xiaoyou Ye
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3D micropositioning control based on stereo microscopic visual servoing system
Author(s): Xiaopeng Sha; Huiguang Li; Shuai Wang; Zhiquan Li; Guoyou Li
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Effect of elastic modulus of PMMA films on its machinability by AFM-based nanoscratching method
Author(s): Yongda Yan; Yun Zhuang; Yanquan Geng; Long Cheng; Jiran Li
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Multiple spectrum analysis and evaluation for optical constants of HfO2 thin films
Author(s): Dandan Liu; Huasong Liu; Chenghui Jiang; Yugang Jiang; Lishuan Wang; Zhihong Zhao; Yiqin Ji
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Study on the micro-milling of optical microstructure with the assist of the workpiece vibration
Author(s): Guo Li; Fei Ding; Bo Wang; Lin Che; Chen Feng Zhang
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Design and analysis of drum lathe for manufacturing large-scale optical microstructured surface and load characteristics of aerostatic spindle
Author(s): Dongxu Wu; Zheng Qiao; Bo Wang; Huiming Wang; Guo Li
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The dynamic analysis of drum roll lathe for machining of rollers
Author(s): Zheng Qiao; Dongxu Wu; Bo Wang; Guo Li; Huiming Wang; Fei Ding
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Intelligent control system based on ARM for lithography tool
Author(s): Changlong Chen; Xiaoping Tang; Song Hu; Nan Wang
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Design of a projection objective with high numeric aperture and large view field
Author(s): Junbo Liu; Song Hu; Hongtao Gao; Lixin Zhao; Xianchang Zhu
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Optical property simulation of liquid crystal on silicon based on finite-difference time-domain method
Author(s): Hao Li; Chuan Shen; Lei Ni; Kaifeng Liu; Sui Wei
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Design of a micro lapping system based on double-feedback control algorithm for manufacturing optical micro components
Author(s): Lin Che; Guo Li; Bo Wang; Fei Ding; Xing Mao; Wenxia Dong
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Experimental study on lapping of micro groove with controlled force
Author(s): Fei Ding; Bo Wang; Guo Li; Lin Che; Xing Mao
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The polarization maintaining and polarization-basis calibrating in the free-space quantum communication system
Author(s): Qing Zhang; Yongmei Huang; Jigang Ren
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ASCOM based research on the universal control protocol of telescope
Author(s): Peng Wu; Chuanxin Luo
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Fabrication of resonant subwavelength grating based on thiol-ene
Author(s): Man Zhang; Qiling Deng; Lifang Shi; Zhiwei Li; Hui Pang; Yukun Zhang; Jinqing Yu; Song Hu
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Design and preparation of film for microsphere based optical super-resolution imaging
Author(s): Hui Pang; Chunlei Du; Qi Qiu; Shaoyun Yin; Man Zhang; Qiling Deng
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Visible stealth materials based on photonic crystals
Author(s): Guozheng Yao; Ying Liu
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Design and performance of a wide-angle infrared plasmonic absorber
Author(s): Xianshun Ming; Qiaofeng Tan
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Nonlinear optical and optical limiting properties of graphene oxide dispersion in femtosecond regime
Author(s): Zebo Zheng; Liang Zhu; Fuli Zhao
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Broadband optical concentration technology based on grating side-coupling
Author(s): Luyun Lu; Kaiwei Wang
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Integral imaging system with a soft substrate
Author(s): Yukun Zhang; Jinglei Du; Hui Pang; Qiling Deng; Lifang Shi; Shaoyun Yin; Chunlei Du; Xiaochun Dong; Zhiyou Zhang; Man Zhang; Jinqing Yu
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Uncertainties evaluations in the ray-tracing algorithm based on Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Guojin Feng; Ping Li; Yingwei He; Yu Wang; Houping Wu
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A hybrid algorithm for the design of diffractive optical element for beam shaping
Author(s): Kewei Yin; Zhiqiang Huang; Wumei Lin; Tingwen Xing
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Optical trapping force and sensing detection research based on optical fiber shapes and transmission modes
Author(s): Hongmei Jiang; Yan Liang; Pengfei Cao; Qunfeng Shao; Qingqing Meng
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Double drive modes unimorph deformable mirror for femtosecond laser beam wavefront correction
Author(s): Ying Liu; Junjie Chen; Jianqiang Ma; Baoqing Li; Jiaru Chu
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Analysis and correction of drift-induced distortions on quantitative SPM surface roughness evaluations
Author(s): Tingting Luo; Yuhang Chen; Wenhao Huang; Sitian Gao
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Measuring the polarization aberration of hyper-NA lens from the vector aerial image
Author(s): Lisong Dong; Yanqiu Li; Xuebing Dai; Hao Liu; Ke Liu
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Research development of thermal aberration in 193nm lithography exposure system
Author(s): Yueqiang Wang; Yong Liu
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