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High-Power Lasers and Applications VII
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Volume Number: 9266
Date Published: 19 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9266
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Temporal pulse cleaning by a self-diffraction process for ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Na Xie; Kainan Zhou; Li Sun; Xiaodong Wang; Yi Guo; Qing Li; Jingqin Su
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An experimental method for pulse-width measurement in partial positions of an ultrashort-pulsed beam
Author(s): Chao Tan; Xiquan Fu
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Analysis of temporal contrast degradation due to wave front deviation in large aperture ultra-short pulse focusing system
Author(s): Ping Zhu; Xinglong Xie; Jianqiang Zhu; Haidong Zhu; Qingwei Yang; Jun Kang; Ailin Guo; Qi Gao
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Research and construction progress of SG-III laser facility
Author(s): Xuewei Deng; Qihua Zhu; Wanguo Zheng; Xiaofeng Wei; Feng Jing; Dongxia Hu; Wei Zhou; Bin Feng; Jianjun Wang; Zhitao Peng; Lanqin Liu; Yuanbin Chen; Lei Ding; Donghui Lin; Liangfu Guo; Zhao Dang
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Analysis on laser-induced thermoelastic deformation of DMs
Author(s): Binbin Wei; Wenguang Liu; Kun Xie; Zongfu Jiang; Qiong Zhou
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Ray-tracing method to analyze and quantify the light enhancement around subsurface defects in transparent materials
Author(s): Rong Wu; Dongfeng Zhao; Lei Zhang; Ping Shao; Neng Hua; Zunqi Lin
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Analysis of nonlinear self-focusing phenomenon in high-power laser system based on ray-tracing
Author(s): Weiwei Wang; Xiaotong Li; Zhaofeng Cen; Luwei Zhang
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Design and comparison of laser windows for high-power lasers
Author(s): Yanxiong Niu; Wenwen Liu; Haixia Liu; Caili Wang; Haisha Niu; Da Man
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Precise measurement of transmittance and reflectance for large aperture optics
Author(s): Jie Miao; De'an Liu; Yujiang Xie; Hongchao Hui; Lin Yang; Dongxian Chen; Pengqian Yang; Baoqiang Zhu; Jianqiang Zhu
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Optical properties of high power S-band fiber oscillators and amplifiers
Author(s): Jinping Hao; Hong Zhao; Dayong Zhang; Chen Zhu; Yao Li; Ping Yan; Mali Gong
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Fiber laser at 2 µm for soft tissue surgery
Author(s): Aditi Ghosh; Debasis Pal; Ranjan Sen; Atasi Pal
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780W narrow linewidth all fiber laser with sinusoidal phase modulation
Author(s): Liming Zhang; Shouhuan Zhou; Hong Zhao; Kun Zhang; Jinping Hao; Dayong Zhang; Chen Zhu; Yao Li; Xiongfei Wang; Nianjiang Chen
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Powerful 2-μm all-fiber laser sources pumped by Raman fiber lasers
Author(s): Xiong Wang; Pu Zhou; Hanwei Zhang; Xiaoxi Jin; Xiaolin Wang; Hu Xiao; Zejin Liu
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A compact pulse-tunable fiber laser based on pulse-pumped high gain cavity
Author(s): Hongdan Wan; Zhiming Lu; Jin Wang; Yu Zhou; Jingli Wang
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Towards high-power random fiber laser
Author(s): Hanwei Zhang; Pu Zhou; Haibin Lv; Hu Xiao; Xiaolin Wang; Xiaojun Xu
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Research on chirped pulse stimulated Raman scattering in ethanol
Author(s): Xiao-Yang Guo; Xiao Zou; Yi Xu; Xiao-Ming Lu; Cheng Wang; Yan-Qi Liu; Yan-Yan Li; Yu-Xin Leng; Ru-Xin Li
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Research of quasi-three-level thermal effect of diode-pumped Tm:YAG crystal
Author(s): Yanxiong Niu; Da Man; Caili Wang; Wenwen Liu; Haisha Niu
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High-power 1060-nm super large cavity semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Shaoyang Tan; Teng Zhai; Wei Wang; Ruikang Zhang; Dan Lu; Chen Ji
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Investigation of physical features of both static and flowing-gas diode-pumped rubidium vapor lasers
Author(s): Juhong Han; You Wang; Guofei An; Wei Zhang; He Cai; Liangping Xue; Hongyuan Wang
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101W quasi-continuous wave Nd:YVO4 slab laser with high beam quality
Author(s): Yang Liu; Xingbo Liang; Lei Liu; Zhe Wang; Shanchao Liu; Lu Chen; Xiaojun Tang; Hong Zhao; Shouhuan Zhou
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Theoretical analysis of wavelength switchable diode-side-pumped Tm:YAG laser
Author(s): Caili Wang; Yanxiong Niu; Wenwen Liu; Da Man
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Femtosecond laser microchannels fabrication based on electrons dynamics control using temporally or spatially shaped pulses
Author(s): Xueliang Yan; Jie Hu; Xiaowei Li; Bo Xia; Pengjun Liu; Yongfeng Lu; Lan Jiang
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Mid-ultraviolet pulsed laser micromachining of SiC
Author(s): Litao Qi; Mingxing Li; Haipeng Lin; Jinping Hu; Qingju Tang; Chunsheng Liu
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Recent progress of the Integration Test Bed
Author(s): Junpu Zhao; Wenyi Wang; Xuejun Fu; Jun Tang; Yanwen Xia; Lin Chen; Wei Han; Yue Liang; Sen Li; Dong Gao; Feiyue Yan; Honghuan Lin; Ji Chen; Dehuai Chen; Qihua Zhu; Kuixing Zheng; Feng Jing; Wanguo Zheng; Xiaofeng Wei
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Injecting parameters design and performance test of the pre-igniter for continuous wave DF/HF chemical lasers
Author(s): Bing Huang; Shengfu Yuan; Lijia Yang; Xiaoting Fang
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Characteristic optimization of 1.55-μm InGaAsP/InP high-power diode laser
Author(s): Qing Ke; Shaoyang Tan; Teng Zhai; Ruikang Zhang; Dan Lu; Chen Ji
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Broadband generation by multiple four-wave mixing process due to ASE Q-switching in high-power double-clad ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier
Author(s): Sourav D. Chowdhury; Nishant Shekhar; Maitreyee Saha; Ranjan Sen; Mrinmay Pal
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Investigation on the formation of second-order-hot-image-like fringes
Author(s): Yonghua Hu; Guohui Li; Shaobo Zhang; Yi Shen
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Finite element simulation of laser-induced guided wave in layered structure
Author(s): Yan Zhao; Liping Xue
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Numerical simulation of laser induced interfacial wave on the transparent solid/solid interface
Author(s): Liping Xue; Yan Zhao
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Spectral broadening and inhibition of amplitude and frequency modulation in Nd: glass regenerative amplifier
Author(s): Yuqi Zhang; Xue Pan; Jiangfeng Wang; Xuechun Li
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Wave front aberration analysis of slit spatial filtering system
Author(s): Guotan He; Han Xiong; Zhenwu Zhuang; Xiao Yuan; Kuaisheng Zou; Xiang Zhang
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Volume-discharge formed in SF6 and C2H6 mixtures without preionization
Author(s): Ge Zhang; Changjun Ke; Shujuan Zhang
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Experimental comparison of the cutting speed and quality for mild and stainless steel sheets with fiber and CO2 lasers
Author(s): A. A. Golishev; A. G. Malikov; A. M. Orishich; V. B. Shulyatyev
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Influence trend of temperature distribution in skin tissue generated by different exposure dose pulse laser
Author(s): Ning Shan; Zhijing Wang; Xia Liu
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Efficient bending compensation of large mode area fiber
Author(s): Souaci Farida; Ya-Xian Fan; Li-Bo Yuan
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High-power continuous-wave ytterbium-doped fiber oscillator at 1018 nm
Author(s): Renli Zhang; Yuhao Xue; Hong Zhang; Xiaobo Feng; Wupeng Gong; Yong Bi
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All-fiber designed narrow line-width 1.55μm double cladding fiber lasers
Author(s): Hongxin Su; Zhiyang Wu; Lijing Xu
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High-power high-efficiency picosecond 355nm ultraviolet laser based on La2CaB10O19 crystal
Author(s): Chao Yan; Yuye Wang; Degang Xu; Ling Zhang; Kai Li; Zhongxiao Li; Jiaqiang Li; Pengxiang Liu; Haijuan Yu; Guochun Zhang; Lirong Wang; Faxian Shan; Nan Wang; Baohua Wang; Ying Ying Yang; Xuechun Lin; Yicheng Wu; Jianquan Yao
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Pump couplers in a series connection
Author(s): Xiao Chen; Guangyong Jin; Qirong Xiao; Ping Yan; Mali Gong
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Uniformity of pump intensity distribution in diode-array side-pumped laser rod
Author(s): Wenwen Liu; Yanxiong Niu; Haixia Liu; Caili Wang; Haisha Niu; Da Man
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Design and fabricate large scale gold coated pulse compression grating for Ti: sapphire laser
Author(s): Chaoming Li; Xinrong Chen; Jianhong Wu; Zenghu Chang
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Analysis of the refractive index change of optical waveguide in LiNbO3 using a femtosecond laser
Author(s): Shi-han Yang; Liang Zhang; Xue-song Lin; Jie Feng; Zi-gang Zhou; Jang-jun Chen
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Fabrication of lithium niobate-based low-loss bend optical waveguide
Author(s): Xin Li; Ang Liu; Yu Qiu; Jie Feng; Jun-Jiang Chen; Xue-song Lin; Shi-han Yang; Zi-gang Zhou
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Design of high-efficiency broad-bandwidth pulse compression device based on composite transmission grating with high damage threshold
Author(s): Xinrong Chen; Chaoming Li; Linyue Liu; Lin Li; Jianhong Wu; Zenghu Chang
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Characteristics of nonlinear imaging of broadband laser stacked by chirped pulses
Author(s): Youwen Wang; Kaiming You; Liezun Chen; Shizhuan Lu; Zhiping Dai; Xiaohui Ling
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Development of a sub-petawatt ultrashort laser facility
Author(s): Xiaodong Wang; Qihua Zhu; Jingqin Su; Na Xie; Dongbin Jiang; Kainan Zhou; Xiaojun Huang; Xiaoming Zeng; Yi Guo; Li Sun; Qing Li
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Analysis of chirped-pulse-amplification system based on Offner triplet stretcher and transmission grating compressor
Author(s): Lin Li; Chaoming Li; Xinrong Chen; Linyue Liu; Jianhong Wu
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Longitudinally excited CO2 laser with tail-free short pulse
Author(s): Kazuyuki Uno; Kazuma Dobashi; Tetsuya Akitsu; Takahisa Jitsuno
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Simulation of wavefront sensorless correction based on Stochastic Parallel Gradient Descent algorithm
Author(s): Gang Wang
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