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Ocean Remote Sensing and Monitoring from Space
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Volume Number: 9261
Date Published: 18 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9261
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Using three-band model to retrieve chlorophyll-a of Yantai coastal waters
Author(s): Wandong Ma; Chuanqing Wu; Shoujing Yin; Li Zhu; Di Wu; Qianguo Xing
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An automatic method of monitoring water bodies based on GF-1 data
Author(s): HaoBin Zhang; JunSheng Li; Nanping Xiang; Qian Shen; FangFang Zhang; Wenxiu Liang
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Ulva prolifera monitoring by GF-1 wide field-of-view sensor data
Author(s): Wenxiu Liang; Junsheng Li; Demin Zhou; Qian Shen; Fangfang Zhang; Haobin Zhang
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Transmittance of upwelling radiance at the sea surface measured in the field
Author(s): Jianwei Wei; Zhongping Lee; Nima Pahlevan; Marlon Lewis
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Estimating solar radiation absorbed by live phytoplankton from satellite ocean-color data
Author(s): Robert J. Frouin; Natalia M. Ruddorff; Milton Kampel
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Estimation of aerosol spectral characteristics by GOCI hourly observations
Author(s): Hiroshi Murakami; Yoko Kiyomoto; Hiroaki Sasaki
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Atmospheric correction of satellite ocean-color imagery in the presence of semi-transparent clouds
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Lucile Duforêt; François Steinmetz
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A new method for mesoscale eddy detection based on watershed segmentation algorithm
Author(s): Lijuan Qin; Qing Dong; Cunjin Xue; Xueyan Hou; Wanjiao Song
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Evaluation of VIIRS ocean color products
Author(s): Menghua Wang; Xiaoming Liu; Lide Jiang; SeungHyun Son; Junqiang Sun; Wei Shi; Liqin Tan; Puneeta Naik; Karlis Mikelsons; Xiaolong Wang; Veronica Lance
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MODIS surface reflectance product (MOD09) validation for typical inland waters in China
Author(s): Shenglei Wang; Minhua Yang; Junsheng Li; Qian Shen; Fangfang Zhang
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FY-3C/VIRR SST algorithm and cal/val activities at NSMC/CMA
Author(s): Sujuan Wang; Peng Cui; Peng Zhang; Maonong Ran; Feng Lu; Weihe Wang
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Light absorption properties of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in adjacent waters of the Changjiang Estuary during a flood season: implication for DOC estimation
Author(s): Yangyang Liu; Fang Shen; Xiuzhen Li
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Satellite chlorophyll-a annual bloom characterization in Northeast Brazil, western tropical Atlantic
Author(s): Milton Kampel; Natalia M. Rudorff; Fabio Dall Cortivo; Lucas B. Freitas; Larissa P. Valerio
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Influence of CDOM and particle composition on ocean color of the Eastern New Caledonia Lagoon during the CALIOPE cruises
Author(s): Cécile Dupouy; Rüdiger Röttgers; Marc Tedetti; Chloe Martias; Hiroshi Murakami; David Doxaran; Francois Lantoine; Martine Rodier; Luciane Favareto; Milton Kampel; Madeleine Goutx; Robert J. Frouin
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Geospatial dynamic of seagrass in outer zone, Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia using Landsat data from 1972-2013
Author(s): Nurjannah Nurdin; Khairul Amri; Abd. Rasyid Djalil; Ilham Jaya; Agus Aris; Muhammad Akbar AS
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Lidar monitoring of organic matter in the Pearl River Estuary
Author(s): Peng Chen; Delu Pan; Chuanwen Hu; Zhihua Mao
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Study on the detection of red-tide outbreaks using big satellite database
Author(s): Young Baek Son; Yoon Joo Eun; Kyongseok Park; Sanghwan Lee; Ryong Lee; Sang-Hyun Kim; Sinjae Yoo
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Features of satellite remote sensing of seawater biological parameters in the eastern part of Russian Arctic waters
Author(s): Pavel A. Salyuk; Oleg A. Bukin; Igor E. Stepochkin; Ekaterina B. Sokolova; Denis Akmaykin
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The multi-timescale variability of the ocean physical-biological association in the tropical Pacific
Author(s): Xueyan Hou; Qing Dong; Cunjin Xue
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Quasi-simultaneous measurements of suspended sediments concentration (SSC) of very turbid waters at the Yellow River Estuary with the multi-spectral HJ-1 Imageries and in-situ sampling
Author(s): Qianguo Xing; Mingjing Lou; Liqiao Tian; Dingfeng Yu; Federica Braga; Luigi Tosi; Lingling Wu
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The upper ocean environment responses to typhoon Prapiroon (2012)
Author(s): Ying X. Li; Yuan J. Yang; Liang Sun; Yun F. Fu
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Remote sensing monitoring of thermal discharge in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station based on HJ-1 infrared camera
Author(s): Li Zhu; Shoujing Yin; Chuanqing Wu; Wandong Ma; Haiqian Hou; Jing Xu
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Ship wake and oil slick observed by multi-sensor
Author(s): Bo Wang; Haiyang Chen
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Estimation of particulate organic carbon in the ocean from space-based polarization lidar measurements
Author(s): Xiaomei Lu; Yongxiang Hu
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Solaris' information system for ship's navigation, using operational analysis of shipboard and satellite remote sensing data of hydrosphere and atmosphere
Author(s): Denis A. Akmaykin; Dmitriy B. Homenko; Pavel A. Salyuk; Igor E. Stepochkin; Konstantin A. Shmirko
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The significant wave height estimation by the azimuth cutoff of the quad-polarization SAR image
Author(s): Lin Ren; Jingsong Yang; Gang Zheng; Juan Wang
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Estimating the marine signal in the near infrared for atmospheric correction of satellite ocean-color imagery over turbid waters
Author(s): Alice Bourdet; Robert J. Frouin
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Evaluation of ocean color products from Korean Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) in Jiaozhou Bay and Qingdao coastal area
Author(s): Qian Yang; Libin Du; Xiaoyan Liu; Lianbo Hu; Shuguo Chen; Yan Liu; Zhaoyu Wang; Zhangjun Wang; Yan Zhou
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MODIS-based retrieval of suspended sediment concentration and diffuse attenuation coefficient in Chinese estuarine and coastal waters
Author(s): Leonid Sokoletsky; Xianping Yang; Fang Shen
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Quantitative estimation of Secchi disk depth using the HJ-1B CCD image and in situ observations in Sishili Bay, China
Author(s): Dingfeng Yu; Bin Zhou; Yanguo Fan; Tantan Li; Shouzhen Liang; Xiaoling Sun
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Research on the effects of offing fog on millimeter wave propagation
Author(s): Yinyu Wei; Zhensen Wu; Tao Wu
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Automatic detection of marine surfactants by MODIS sunglint imagery: a study case of biogenic films off the southeastern coast of Brazil
Author(s): Milton Kampel; Lucas B. Freitas; Robert J. Frouin; João A. Lorenzzetti
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El Niño indices based on subareas of SST in Pacific
Author(s): Wanjiao Song; Qing Dong; Cunjin Xue; Xueyan Hou; Lijuan Qin
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Monitoring of marine debris in the Sea of Japan using multi-spectral satellite images
Author(s): Takashi Aoyama
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Spatial and temporal variability of SST in the Zhejiang coastal waters during 2003-2013
Author(s): Xiulin Lou; Aiqin Shi
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VIIRS ocean color data visualization and processing with IDL-based NOAA-SeaDAS
Author(s): Xiaolong Wang; Xiaoming Liu; Lide Jiang; Menghua Wang; Junqiang Sun
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VIIRS RDR to SDR data processing for ocean color EDR
Author(s): Liqin Tan; Menghua Wang; Junqiang Sun; Lide Jiang
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Monitoring Secchi depth of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea using a semi-analytical algorithm
Author(s): Dingfeng Yu; Bin Zhou; Qianguo Xing; Yanguo Fan; Tantan Li; Xiaoling Sun
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Colored dissolved organic matter inversion based on the spectral reflectance data of the Yuqiao Reservoir
Author(s): YaMing Zhou; JunSheng Li; Qian Shen; FangFang Zhang
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On-orbit spectral calibration method for imaging spectrometer using atmospheric O2 absorption peak and Pr-Nd glass characteristic spectra
Author(s): Hongbo Wang; Xiaoxian Huang; Liang Ma; Xiao Zhang; Tengfei Zhang; Jun Wei
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Phytoplankton global mapping from space with a support vector machine algorithm
Author(s): Florian de Boissieu; Christophe Menkes; Cécile Dupouy; Martin Rodier; Sophie Bonnet; Morgan Mangeas; Robert J. Frouin
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A statistical algorithm for estimating chlorophyll concentration from MODIS data
Author(s): Guillaume Wattelez; Cécile Dupouy; Morgan Mangeas; Jérôme Lèfevre; T. Touraivane; Robert J. Frouin
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