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Emerging Technologies in Security and Defence II; and Quantum-Physics-based Information Security III
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Volume Number: 9254
Date Published: 24 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9254
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The NanoQEY mission: ground to space quantum key and entanglement distribution using a nanosatellite
Author(s): T. Jennewein; C. Grant; E. Choi; C. Pugh; C. Holloway; JP. Bourgoin; H. Hakima; B. Higgins; R. Zee
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Adaptive spatial filtering for daytime satellite quantum key distribution
Author(s): Mark T. Gruneisen; Brett A. Sickmiller; Michael B. Flanagan; James P. Black; Kurt E. Stoltenberg; Alexander W. Duchane
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Room-temperature single-photon sources based on nanocrystal fluorescence in photonic/plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): S. G. Lukishova; J. M. Winkler; L. J. Bissell; D. Mihaylova; Andreas C. Liapis; Z. Shi; D. Goldberg; V. M. Menon; R. W. Boyd; G. Chen; P. Prasad
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Quantum hyperdense coding
Author(s): T. M. Graham; P. G. Kwiat
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Efficient quantum key distribution based on pulse-position modulation
Author(s): Yequn Zhang; Ivan B. Djordjevic; Mark A. Neifeld
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An in fiber experimental approach to photonic quantum digital signatures that does not require quantum memory
Author(s): Robert J. Collins; Ross J. Donaldon; Vedran Dunjko; Petros Wallden; Patrick J. Clarke; Erika Andersson; John Jeffers; Gerald S. Buller
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Programming non-trivial algorithms in the measurement-based quantum computation model
Author(s): P. M. Alsing; A. M. Smith; M. L. Fanto; C. C. Tison; G. E. Lott
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A periodic probabilistic photonic cluster state generator
Author(s): Michael L. Fanto; A. Matthew Smith; Paul M. Alsing; Christopher C. Tison; Stefan F. Preble; Gordon E. Lott; Joseph M. Osman; Attila Szep; Richard S. Kim
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Device-independent randomness extraction for arbitrarily weak min-entropy source
Author(s): Jan Bouda; Marcin Pawłowski; Matej Pivoluska; Martin Plesch
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Misinterpretation of statistical distance in security of quantum key distribution shown by simulation
Author(s): Takehisa Iwakoshi; Osamu Hirota
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Special properties of single-photon optical fiber sensor for security needs
Author(s): M. Zyczkowski; M. Szustakowski; M. Karol; Piotr Markowski; M. S. Napierala
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High operating temperature SWIR HgCdTe APDs for remote sensing
Author(s): J. Rothman; K. Foubert; G. Lasfargues; C. Largeron; I. Zayer; Z. Sodnik; M. Mosberger; J. Widmer
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Demonstration of an InAsBi photodiode operating in the MWIR
Author(s): Ian C. Sandall; Faebian Bastiman; Ben White; Robert D. Richards; John David; Chee Hing Tan
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The future dynamic world model
Author(s): Thomas J. Karr
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Photonically enabled Ka-band radar and infrared sensor subscale testbed
Author(s): Michele B. Lohr; Raymond M. Sova; Kevin B. Funk; Marc B. Airola; Michael L. Dennis; Richard E. Pavek; Jennifer S. Hollenbeck; Sean K. Garrison; Steven J. Conard; David H. Terry
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Photonics and bioinspiration
Author(s): Keith Lewis
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Artificial human vision camera
Author(s): J.-F. Goudou; S. Maggio; M. Fagno
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Atmospheric energy harvesting: use of Doppler Wind Lidars on UAVs to extend mission endurance and enable quiet operations
Author(s): S. Greco; G. D. Emmitt; S. A. Wood; M. Costello
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Active photonic sensor communication cable for field application of optical data and power transmission
Author(s): Eike Suthau; Ralf Rieske; Thomas Zerna
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AlGaInN laser diode technology for defence, security and sensing applications
Author(s): Stephen P. Najda; Piotr Perlin; Tadek Suski; Lucja Marona; Mike Boćkowski; Mike Leszczyński; Przemek Wisniewski; Robert Czernecki; Robert Kucharski; Grzegorz Targowski; Scott Watson; Antony E. Kelly
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Monolithic CMOS-MEMS integration for high-g accelerometers
Author(s): Vinayak Narasimhan; Holden Li; Chuan Seng Tan
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Digital orthogonal receiver for wideband radar based on compressed sensing
Author(s): Qingkai Hou; Yang Liu; Zengping Chen; Shaoying Su
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