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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XI
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Volume Number: 9249
Date Published: 5 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9249
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Method for increased detection range in IR warning systems
Author(s): Eyal Arad; Paula Roit
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Modeling transient thermal behavior of shutter-less microbolometer-based infrared cameras
Author(s): A. Tempelhahn; Helmut Budzier; V. Krause; G. Gerlach
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Optical fibre techniques for use within tamper indicating enclosures designed for arms control verification purposes
Author(s): Thomas C. Dyer; Alexander W. J. Thompson; Paul Wynn; Helen White
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Passive athermalization of doublets in 8-13 micron waveband
Author(s): Norbert Schuster
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Protection performance evaluation regarding imaging sensors hardened against laser dazzling
Author(s): Gunnar Ritt; Michael Körber; Daniel Forster; Bernd Eberle
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Evaluation of super-resolution imager with binary fractal test target
Author(s): Stéphane Landeau
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Software thermal imager simulator
Author(s): Loic Le Noc; Ovidiu Pancrati; Michel Doucet; Denis Dufour; Benoit Debaque; Simon Turbide; Francois Berthiaume; Louis Saint-Laurent; Linda Marchese; Martin Bolduc; Alain Bergeron
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A target detection model predicting field observer performance in maritime scenes
Author(s): Joanne B. Culpepper; Vivienne C. Wheaton
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Exact expressions for thermal contrast detected with thermal and quantum detectors
Author(s): Seán M. Stewart; R. Barry Johnson
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Performance optimization for space-based sensors: simulation and modelling at Fraunhofer IOSB
Author(s): Caroline Schweitzer; Karin Stein
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Contrast analysis of space-based Earth observation infrared system
Author(s): Xiaoyu He; Xiaojian Xu
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Novel eye-safe line scanning 3D laser-radar
Author(s): B. Eberle; Tobias Kern; Marcus Hammer; Ullrich Schwanke; Heinrich Nowak
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A new incremental principal component analysis with a forgetting factor for background estimation
Author(s): Takashi Toriu; Thi Thi Zin; Hiromitsu Hama
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An embedded face-classification system for infrared images on an FPGA
Author(s): Javier E. Soto; Miguel Figueroa
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A texture-based architecture for face detection in IR images on an FPGA
Author(s): Marcelo Vergara; Alejandro Wolf; Miguel Figueroa
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Research topics on EO systems for maritime platforms
Author(s): Judith Dijk; Piet Bijl; Sebastiaan P. van den Broek; Alenxander M. J. van Eijk
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Ship recognition for improved persistent tracking with descriptor localization and compact representations
Author(s): Sebastiaan P. van den Broek; Henri Bouma; Richard J. M. den Hollander; Henny E. T. Veerman; Koen W. Benoist; Piet B. W. Schwering
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Turbulence mitigation methods and their evaluation
Author(s): Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Judith Dijk; Klamer Schutte
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NVG-the-Day: towards realistic night-vision training
Author(s): Maarten A. Hogervorst; Frank L. Kooi
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Efficient contrast enhancement through log-power histogram modification
Author(s): Tirui Wu; Alexander Toet
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A TOD dataset to validate human observer models for target acquisition modeling and objective sensor performance testing
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Frank L. Kooi; Maarten A. Hogervorst
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Detection and tracking of humans from an airborne platform
Author(s): Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Judith Dijk; Gertjan Burghouts
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Focus-of-attention for human activity recognition from UAVs
Author(s): G. J. Burghouts; A. W. M. van Eekeren; J. Dijk
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Time-resolved thermal infrared multispectral imaging of gases and minerals
Author(s): Marc-André Gagnon; Karl-Alexandre Jahjah; Frédérick Marcotte; Pierre Tremblay; Vincent Farley; Éric Guyot; Martin Chamberland
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SYSIPHE system: a state of the art airborne hyperspectral imaging system: initial results from the first airborne campaign
Author(s): Laurent Rousset-Rouviere; Christophe Coudrain; Sophie Fabre; Laurent Poutier; Trond Løke; Andrei Fridman; Søren Blaaberg; Ivar Baarstad; Torbjorn Skauli; Isabelle Mocoeur
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A next generation VNIR-SWIR hyperspectral camera system: HySpex ODIN-1024
Author(s): Søren Blaaberg; Trond Løke; Ivar Baarstad; Andrei Fridman; Pesal Koirala
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CMOS-TDI detector technology for reconnaissance application
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Ralf Reulke; Melanie Jung; Karsten Sengebusch
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Optimization of InGaAs/InAlAs APDs for SWIR detection with demand for high gain and low breakdown voltage
Author(s): P. Kleinow; F. Rutz; R. Aidam; W. Bronner; H. Heussen; M. Walther
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InGaAs focal plane array developments and perspectives
Author(s): A. Rouvié; Jérome Coussement; O. Huet; JP. Truffer; Maxime Pozzi; E. H. Oubensaid; S. Hamard; P. Maillart; E. Costard
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New SOFRADIR 10μm pixel pitch infrared products
Author(s): X. Lefoul; N. Pere-Laperne; T. Augey; L. Rubaldo; Sébastien Aufranc; G. Decaens; N. Ricard; E. Mazaleyrat; D. Billon-Lanfrey; Olivier Gravrand; Sylvette Bisotto
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Explosion-proof fiber optic fire detector: design and mathematical description
Author(s): V. I. Kazakov; O. D. Moskaletz
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Optical encryption in spatially-incoherent light using two LC SLMs for both information input and encryption element imaging
Author(s): Alyona P. Bondareva; Pavel A. Cheremkhin; Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Vladislav G. Rodin; Sergey N. Starikov
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Fabrication of chalcogenide glass lens module for thermal security camera
Author(s): Du Hwan Cha; Yeon Hwang; Jeong-Ho Kim; Dong-Sik Kim; Hye-Jeong Kim
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A regional density distribution based wide dynamic range algorithm for infrared camera systems
Author(s): Gyuhee Park; Yongsung Kim; Shichang Joung; Sanghoon Shin
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Infrared target detection in large field of view using visual attention
Author(s): Gang Sun; Weihua Wang; Songlin Liu; Zengping Chen
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Improvement of quality of optical reconstruction of digital Fourier holograms displayed on phase-only SLM by its digital preprocessing
Author(s): Pavel A. Cheremkhin; Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Liudmila A. Porshneva; Vladislav G. Rodin; Sergey N. Starikov
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A new ray tracing model for aero-optical effect simulation of laminar flow field surrounding highly supersonic projectile with cone shape head
Author(s): Sehyun Seong; Sug-Whan Kim; Sangmin Kim; Dongok Ryu; Ho Gyun Kang
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