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SAR Image Analysis, Modeling, and Techniques XIV
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Volume Number: 9243
Date Published: 17 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9243
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Suitability of COSMO-SkyMed constellation for radargrammetric DEM generation
Author(s): Domenico Conte; Fabio Bovenga; Alberto Refice; Davide O. Nitti; Raffaele Nutricato; Maria T. Chiaradia
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Advanced SAR simulator with multi-beam interferometric capabilities
Author(s): Antonio Reppucci; José Márquez; Victor Cazcarra; Giulio Ruffini
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Modeling atmospheric precipitation impact on synthetic aperture radar surface imagery at X and Ka bands
Author(s): Saverio Mori; Federica Polverari; Luca Pulvirenti; Mario Montopoli; Nazzareno Pierdicca; Frank S. Marzano
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Intermittent Small Baseline Subset (ISBAS) monitoring of land covers unfavourable for conventional C-band InSAR: proof-of-concept for peatland environments in North Wales, UK
Author(s): Francesca Cigna; Andrew Sowter; Colm J. Jordan; Barry G. Rawlins
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Preparing a new data set for earthquake damage detection in SAR imagery: the Christchurch example II
Author(s): H. Hammer; Silvia Kuny; K. Schulz
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Detecting sparse earthquake damages in high density urban settlements by VHR SAR data
Author(s): R. Anniballe; C. Bignami; M. Chini; N. Pierdicca; S. Stramondo
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Improved characterization of slow-moving landslides by means of adaptive NL-InSAR filtering
Author(s): David Albiol; Rubén Iglesias; Francisco Sánchez; Javier Duro
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Target modelling for SAR image simulation
Author(s): Chris J. Willis
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Non-destructive wavelet-based despeckling in SAR images
Author(s): Yuri S. Bekhtin; Andrey A. Bryantsev; Damiao P. Malebo; Alexey A. Lupachev
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Exploitation of a large COSMO-SkyMed interferometric dataset
Author(s): Raffaele Nutricato; Davide O. Nitti; Fabio Bovenga; Alberto Refice; Maria Teresa Chiaradia
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Benefits of blind speckle decorrelation for InSAR processing
Author(s): F. Sica; L. Alparone; F. Argenti; G. Fornaro; A. Lapini; D. Reale
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Multitemporal soil moisture retrieval from radar data: preparation of SMAP data processing over Italy
Author(s): Fabio Fascetti; Nazzareno Pierdicca; Luca Pulvirenti
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An overview of neural network applications for soil moisture retrieval from radar satellite sensors
Author(s): E. Santi; S. Paloscia; S. Pettinato
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Estimation of surface soil moisture in alpine areas based on medium spatial resolution SAR time-series and upscaled in-situ measurements
Author(s): F. Greifeneder; C. Notarnicola; G. Cuozzo; G. Bertoldi; S. Della Chiesa; G. Niedrist; J. Stamenkovic; W. Wagner
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Corner reflectors and multi-temporal SAR inteferometry for landslide monitoring
Author(s): Fabio Bovenga; Alberto Refice; Guido Pasquariello; Davide O. Nitti; Raffaele Nutricato
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Utilisation of the COSMO-Skymed constellation for coherent and incoherent monitoring
Author(s): Robert Siegmund; Achille Ciappa; Anna Schaertel; Luca Pietranera
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The PSIG chain: an approach to Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
Author(s): Núria Devanthéry; Michele Crosetto; Oriol Monserrat; María Cuevas-González; Bruno Crippa
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Impact of focusing of ground-based SAR data on the quality of interferometric SAR applications
Author(s): Mariantonietta Zonno; Luigi Mascolo; Pietro Guccione; Giovanni Nico; Andrea Di Pasquale
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An assessment of TanDEM-X GlobalDEM over rural and urban areas
Author(s): Fifamè N. Koudogbo; Javier Duro; Martin Huber; Roberto Rudari; Andrew Eddy; Richard Lucas
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Use of airborne polarimetric SAR, optical and elevation data for mapping and monitoring of salt marsh vegetation habitats
Author(s): Sybrand van Beijma; Alexis Comber; Alistair Lamb
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COSMO-SkyMed potentiality to identify crop-specific behavior and monitor phenological parameters
Author(s): Rocchina Guarini; Federica Segalini; Giovanni Mastronardi; Claudia Notarnicola; Francesco Vuolo; Luigi Dini
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Soil moisture estimation using synergy of optical, SAR, and topographic data with Gaussian Process Regression
Author(s): J. Stamenkovic; C. Notarnicola; N. Spindler; G. Cuozzo; G. Bertoldi; S. Della Chiesa; G. Niedrist; F. Greifeneder; D. Tuia; M. Borgeaud; J.-Ph. Thiran
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Oil spill analysis by means of full polarimetric UAVSAR (L-band) and Radarsat-2 (C-band) products acquired during Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Author(s): Daniele Latini; Fabio Del Frate; Cathleen E. Jones
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Wake-based ship route estimation in high-resolution SAR images
Author(s): M. Daniela Graziano; Giancarlo Rufino; Marco D'Errico
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A comparative study of RADAR Ka-Band backscatter
Author(s): D. Mapelli; N. Pierdicca; L. Guerriero; Paolo Ferrazzoli; Eduardo Calleja; B. Rommen; D. Giudici; A. Monti Guarnieri
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Repeat-pass interferometric performance analysis for geosynchronous circular SAR
Author(s): Leilei Kou
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Preparing a new data set for earthquake damage detection in SAR imagery: the Christchurch example I
Author(s): S. Kuny; Horst Hammer; K. Schulz
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Polarimetric SAR tomography in the X-band by continuous wave multi-baseline SAR tracks in a convex optimization approach
Author(s): Filippo Biondi; Antonio Sarri; Luca Fiori; Kevin Dell’Omodarme
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Experimental 3-D SAR human target signature analysis
Author(s): Brigitte Chan; Pascale Sévigny; David D. J. DiFilippo
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Feature of the displacement in applying the sub-pixel matching methodology to high-resolution TerraSAR-X images in the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011
Author(s): T. Nonaka; T. Hiramatsu
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Monitoring of surface deformation in open pit mine using DInSAR time-series: a case study in the N5W iron mine (Carajás, Brazil) using TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): José C. Mura; Waldir R. Paradella; Fabio F. Gama; Athos R. Santos; Mauricio Galo; Paulo O. Camargo; Arnaldo Q. Silva; Guilherme G. Silva
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Imaging of downward-looking linear array SAR using three-dimensional spatial smoothing MUSIC algorithm
Author(s): Siqian Zhang; Gangyao Kuang
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Ambiguities analysis in SAR tomography
Author(s): Ziwei Wang; Hong Zhang; Chao Wang; Yixian Tang; Bo Zhang
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Ship surveillance with Radarsat-2 ScanSAR
Author(s): Ziwei Wang; Hong Zhang; Chao Wang; Fan Wu
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Deformation monitoring in the metro Manila using ALOS/PALSAR
Author(s): Tomonori Deguchi
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High resolution image formation method based on the realistic spaceborne SAR modeling and simulation
Author(s): Sangheun Shim; Seyoung Kim; Yong Man Ro
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The COSMO-SkyMed support to earthquake events
Author(s): P. Sacco; M. L. Battagliere; M. G. Daraio; A. Coletta
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MetaSensing's FastGBSAR: ground based radar for deformation monitoring
Author(s): Sabine Rödelsperger; Adriano Meta
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Prediction of water quality parameters from SAR Images by using multivariate and texture analysis models
Author(s): Muntadher A. Shareef; Abdelmalek Toumi; Ali Khenchaf
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Focusing of bistatic SAR data
Author(s): Pietro Bia; Nicola Ricci; Mariantonietta Zonno; Giovanni Nico; Joao Catalao; Manlio Tesauro
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Intermittent SBAS (ISBAS) InSAR with COSMO-SkyMed X-band high resolution SAR data for landslide inventory mapping in Piana degli Albanesi (Italy)
Author(s): Francesca Cigna; Alessandro Novellino; Colm J. Jordan; Andrew Sowter; Massimo Ramondini; Domenico Calcaterra
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Combined use of COSMO-SkyMed derived products and hydrodynamic models to produce physically-based maps of flood extent
Author(s): L. Pulvirenti; N. Pierdicca; G. Boni; M. Fiorni; R. Rudari; L. Ferraris
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