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Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XVIII
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Volume Number: 9241
Date Published: 12 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9241
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Remote sensing at the NASA Kennedy Space Center: a perspective from the ground up
Author(s): Lisa H. Huddleston; William P. Roeder; David D. Morabito; Larry R. D'Addario; Jennifer G. Morgan; Robert E. Barbré Jr.; Ryan K. Decker; Barry Geldzahler; Mark A. Seibert; Michael J. Miller
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The NASA Earth Science Flight Program
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Stephen M. Volz
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Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) launch, commissioning, and early operations
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Ramesh K. Kakar; Ardeshir A. Azarbarzin; Arthur Y. Hou
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OCO-2 (Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2) mission operations planning and initial operations experiences
Author(s): Ralph R. Basilio; H. Randy Pollock; Sarah L. Hunyadi-Lay
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Accomplishments of Aquarius: NASA's first global Sea Surface Salinity Mission: a review of the technical findings to date
Author(s): Amit Sen
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The Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE III) on the International Space Station (ISS) Mission
Author(s): Michael Cisewski; Joseph Zawodny; Joseph Gasbarre; Richard Eckman; Nandkishore Topiwala; Otilia Rodriguez-Alvarez; Dianne Cheek; Steve Hall
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ICESat-2: the next generation satellite for altimetric measurements of the Earth's surface
Author(s): Douglas McLennan; John Leon; Thorsten Markus; Thomas Neumann; James Busch; Joy Henegar-Leon; Mark Flanagan; Cathy Richardson; Anthony Martino; John Satrom
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CYGNSS: NASA Earth Venture Tropical Cyclone Mission
Author(s): Christopher Ruf; Paul Chang; Maria Paola Clarizia; Zorana Jelenak; Aaron Ridley; Randall Rose
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Mission design for NISAR repeat-pass Interferometric SAR
Author(s): Oscar Alvarez-Salazar; Sara Hatch; Jennifer Rocca; Paul Rosen; Scott Shaffer; Yuhsyen Shen; Theodore Sweetser; Peter Xaypraseuth
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Meteosat third generation imager: simulation of the flexible combined imager instrument chain
Author(s): Dieter Just; Rebeca Gutiérrez; Fausto Roveda; Theo Steenbergen
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The EarthCARE satellite payload
Author(s): Kotska Wallace; Abelardo Perez-Albinana; Jerzy Lemanczyk; Arnaud Heliere; Tobias Wehr; Michael Eisinger; Alain Lefebvre; Hirotaka Nakatsuka; Eiichi Tomita
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The Copernicus Sentinel-5 mission for operational atmospheric monitoring: status and developments
Author(s): J.-L. Bézy; B. Sierk; J. Caron; B. Veihelmann; D. Martin; J. Langen
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TROPOLITE, on the path of atmospheric chemistry made simple
Author(s): Luca Maresi; Wencke Van Der Meulen; Rob Vink
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Study of a passive companion microsatellite to the SAOCOM-1B satellite of Argentina, for bistatic and interferometric SAR applications
Author(s): Christian Barbier; Dominique Derauw; Anne Orban; Malcolm W. J. Davidson
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ALTIUS: a spaceborne AOTF-based UV-VIS-NIR hyperspectral imager for atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): Emmanuel Dekemper; Didier Fussen; Bert Van Opstal; Jurgen Vanhamel; Didier Pieroux; Filip Vanhellemont; Nina Mateshvili; Ghislain Franssens; Vitaly Voloshinov; Christof Janssen; Hadj Elandaloussi
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Overview of Japanese Earth observation programs
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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ASTER TIR onboard calibration over fourteen years
Author(s): Fumihiro Sakuma; Masakuni Kikuchi; Kenji Tatsumi; Hidehiko Ono
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Orbital checkout result of the dual-frequency precipitation radar on the global precipitation measurement core spacecraft
Author(s): K. Furukawa; M. Kojima; T. Miura; Y. Hyakusoku; H. Kai; T. Ishikiri; T. Iguchi; H. Hanado; K. Nakagawa; M. Okumura
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ALOS-2 launch and initial checkout result
Author(s): Yoshihisa Arikawa; Yukihiro Kankaku; Hideki Saruwatari; Yasushi Hatooka; Shinichi Suzuki
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Observation planning algorithm of a Japanese spaceborne sensor: Hyperspectral Imager Suite (HISUI)
Author(s): Kenta Ogawa; Kayo Nishiwaki; Yukiko Konno; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Satoru Yamamoto; Osamu Kashimura; Tetsushi Tachikawa; Jun Tanii
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CNES developments of key detection technologies to prepare next generation focal planes for high resolution Earth observation
Author(s): A. Materne; C. Virmontois; A. Bardoux; T. Gimenez; J. M. Biffi; D. Laubier; J. M. Delvit
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Space developments at SOFRADIR for Sounding applications
Author(s): Anne Delannoy; Clément Chauveau; Patricia Pidancier; Philippe Chorier
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Radiation-induced charge transfer inefficiency in charge-coupled devices: Sentinel-4 CCD pre-development as a case study
Author(s): T. Prod'homme; J.-M. Belloir; H. Weber; G. Bazalgette Courrèges-Lacoste; R. Meynart; Y.-R. Nowicki-Bringuier; J. Caron; Y. Levillain; C. Woffinden; B. Lord; R. Mackie
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Cryogenic and radiation hard ASIC design for large format NIR/SWIR detector
Author(s): Peng Gao; Benoit Dupont; Bart Dierickx; Eric Müller; Geert Verbruggen; Stijn Gielis; Ramses Valvekens
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Comparison of MODIS and PLEIADES Lunar observations
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Sophie Lachérade; Laurent Lebègue; Bertrand Fougnie; Amit Angal; Zhipeng Wang; Ouahid Aznay
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POLO: a unique dataset to derive the phase angle dependence of the Moon irradiance
Author(s): S. Lachérade; O. Aznay; B. Fougnie; L. Lebègue
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Introduction to the Sentinel-2 radiometric calibration activities during commissioning phase
Author(s): S. Lachérade; T. Trémas; V. Lonjou; J. Nosavan; B. Petrucci; P. Martimort; C. Isola
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Cross-calibration of the RapidEye Multispectral Imager payloads using near simultaneous acquisitions of pseudo-invariant test sites
Author(s): Michael Thiele; Cody Anderson; Andreas Brunn
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Effects of Lambertian sources design on uniformity and measurements
Author(s): Nadine Cariou; Chris Durell; Greg McKee; Dylan Wilks; Wilfried Glastre
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Evaluating performances of vacuum dedicated blackbodies
Author(s): Catherine Barrat; Vincent Leboucher
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Ground testing and campaign intercomparisons with the NAST-I airborne FTS
Author(s): Allen M. Larar; Daniel K. Zhou; Xu Liu; William L. Smith; Luc Rochette; Anna Noe; Don Oliver; Jialin Tian
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Cal/Val activities for DubaiSat-2 performance assessment
Author(s): A. Bushahab; S. Al-Mansoori; K. Al-Suwaidi; Hessa Al Matroushi; E. Al-Tunaiji; Meera Al Shamsi
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Prelaunch calibrations and on-orbit performance analysis of FY-2D SVISSR infrared channels
Author(s): Yong Zhang; Fuchun Chen
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Concepts for a geostationary-like polar mission
Author(s): Malcolm Macdonald; Pamela Anderson; Laura Carrea; Benjamin Dobke; Owen Embury; Chris Merchant; Paolo Bensi
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DEIMOS-2: cost-effective, very-high resolution multispectral imagery
Author(s): Fabrizio Pirondini; Julio López ; Enrique González; José Antonio González
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The DUBAISAT-2/DEIMOS-2 constellation: public-private cooperation between Emirates and Spain
Author(s): Fabrizio Pirondini; Salem Al Marri
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SkySat-1: very high-resolution imagery from a small satellite
Author(s): Kiran Murthy; Michael Shearn; Byron D. Smiley; Alexandra H. Chau; Josh Levine; M. Dirk Robinson
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A compact thermal infrared imaging radiometer with high spatial resolution and wide swath for a small satellite using a large format uncooled infrared focal plane array
Author(s): Kenji Tatsumi; Fumihiro Sakuma; Masakuni Kikuchi; Jun Tanii; Toneo Kawanishi; Shinichi Ueno; Hideki Kuga
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Design, simulation and test of silicon immersed gratings: key to compact spectrometers in the short-wave infrared
Author(s): Aaldert H. van Amerongen; Paul J. J. Tol; Tonny H. M. Coppens; Ruud Schuurhof; Phillip P. Laubert; Jos Ruijter; Ruud W. M. Hoogeveen
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Lightweight ZERODUR mirror blanks: recent advances supporting faster, cheaper, and better spaceborne optical telescope assemblies
Author(s): Tony Hull; Thomas Westerhoff
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Monolithic diffraction grating elements for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Alexandre Gatto; Alexander Pesch; Lars H. Erdmann; Matthias Burkhardt; Alexander Kalies; Torsten Diehl; Peter Triebel; Tobias Moeller
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Bandpass filter arrays patterned by photolithography for multispectral remote sensing
Author(s): T. Bauer; Heidi Thome; Thomas Eisenhammer
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Short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectral imager based on Fabry-Perot interferometer for remote sensing
Author(s): Rami Mannila; Christer Holmlund; Harri J. Ojanen; Antti Näsilä; Heikki Saari
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Emissivity spectra estimated with the MaxEnTES algorithm
Author(s): A. Barducci; D. Guzzi; C. Lastri; V. Nardino; I. Pippi; V. Raimondi
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Implementation of a hyperspectral image simulation tool and analysis of the impact of instrumental noise on vegetation fluorescence retrieval using the telluric O2-A and O2-B lines
Author(s): Valentina Raimondi; Alessandro Barducci; Paola Di Ninni; Donatella Guzzi; Cinzia Lastri; Vanni Nardino; Lorenzo Palombi; Ivan Pippi
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Collaboration pathway(s) using new tools for optimizing operational climate monitoring from space
Author(s): Douglas B. Helmuth; Daniel Selva; Morgan M. Dwyer
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Knowledge-intensive global optimization of Earth observing system architectures: a climate-centric case study
Author(s): D. Selva
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Simulation testbed for the assessment of space-based wind measuring systems
Author(s): Sidney A. Wood Jr.; G. D. Emmitt; Steve Greco
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Image processing technologies for the Russian space satellite CANOPUS-V Nr.1
Author(s): V. Eremeev; V. Ermakov; A. Kuznetcov; O. Nikonov; Vyacheslav Pobaruev; V. Poshekhonov
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COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation planner
Author(s): Fabio Covello; Tiziana Scopa; Stefano Serva; Francesco Caltagirone; Giuseppe Francesco De Luca; Alessandro Pacaccio; Mario Profili
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The OPTIMA project: data simulation and correction procedures for PRISMA mission products
Author(s): A. Barducci; P. Di Ninni; D. Guzzi; C. Lastri; V. Nardino; I. Pippi; V. Raimondi
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Design and test of a near-infrared tunable liquid crystal birefringent filter
Author(s): Zhi-Xue Shen; Jian-feng Li; Da-Yong Zhang; Yan Long; Li-xian Huang; Yong-quan Luo; Hai-Tao Liu
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The method of improving the spatial resolution of the matrix spectrometer
Author(s): Yury Krot; Boris Beliaev; Leonid Katkovsky
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Features of design and development of the optical head of star tracker
Author(s): M. Moldabekov; D. Akhmedov; S. Yelubayev; V. Ten; B. Albazarov; Alexander Shamro; Kuanysh Alipbayev; Timur Bopeyev; A. Sukhenko
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Plastic optical fiber level measurement sensor based on side holes
Author(s): Young June Park; Jong-Dug Shin; Jaehee Park
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A relay imaging probe to check focus map of Earth-observing pushbroom imager
Author(s): H. L. Tsay; P. H. Huang; T. M. Huang
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