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International Conference on Experimental Mechanics 2013 and Twelfth Asian Conference on Experimental Mechanics
Editor(s): Somnuk Sirisoonthorn
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Volume Number: 9234
Date Published: 2 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9234
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Investigating damage properties of rice grain under compression load
Author(s): Y.-J. Shu; N.-S. Liou; N. Moonpa; S. Topaiboul
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Preparation and physico-chemical properties of hydrogels from carboxymethyl cassava starch crosslinked with citric acid
Author(s): Sasikan Boonkham; Kunruedee Sangseethong; Pathama Chatakanon; Chalida Niamnuy; Kiyohiko Nakasaki; Klanarong Sriroth
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Effect of calcinations temperature on microstructures, photocatalytic activity and self-cleaning property of TiO2 and SnO2/TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel dip coating process
Author(s): Weerachai Sangchay
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Monitoring of resin transfer in CFRP molding using 3D-DIC technique
Author(s): Dingding Chen; Kazuo Arakawa; Masakazu Uchino
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Characterization of GO and TiO2-GO composites prepared by using microwave technique
Author(s): Chariya Patomnetikul; Somchai Thongtem; Suparut Narksitipan
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Regulating surface wettability of PEO/PLLA composite electrospun nanofibrous membrane for liquid phase filtration
Author(s): Lalada Poonsit; Jackapon Sunthornvarabhas; Ito Akira; Amornrat Lertworasirikul
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Stress and flow analyses of ultraviolet-curable resin during curing
Author(s): Eisaku Umezaki; Akira Okano; Hiroto Koyama
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Stress analysis of bolted joints under centrifugal force
Author(s): Makoto Imura; Motonobu Iizuka; Shigeki Nakae; Takeshi Mori; Takayuki Koyama
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Simplified identification of material parameters for Yoshida-Uemori kinematic hardening model
Author(s): T. Phongsai; V. Uthaisangsuk; B. Chongthairungruang; S. Suranuntchai; S. Jirathearanat
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Fingerprint templates generated by the fractional Fourier, cosine and sine transforms and comparison of recognition accuracy and robustness
Author(s): Hiroyuki Yoshimura
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Flow and heat transfer of petal shaped double tube
Author(s): Toshihiko Shakouchi; Yuki Kawashima; Koichi Tsujimoto; Toshitake Ando
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Influence of water depth on the sound generated by air-bubble vibration in the water musical instrument
Author(s): Yoshito Ohuchi; Yoichi Nakazono
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Effects of out-of-plane double bent pipe on ultrasonic flow metering
Author(s): Weerachon Treenuson; Nobuyoshi Tsuzuki; Hiroshige Kikura; Sanehiro Wada
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Small model experiment on the gradient of pressure wave formed by train entering into the tunnel at 160km/h
Author(s): Temma Yonemoto; Hirokazu Endo; Fumiya Meguro; Masanori Ota; Kazuo Maeno
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Effect of temperature on the dynamic compressive properties of magnesium alloy and its nanocomposite
Author(s): Jing Xiao; D. W. Shu; Kok Swee Goh
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Inflation of stressed cylindrical tubes: an experimental study
Author(s): Zhiming Guo; Shibin Wang; Linan Li; Hongwei Ji; Zhiyong Wang; Songbao Cai
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Experimental study on the thermal-vibration testing of the wing structure of high-speed vehicles
Author(s): Dafang Wu; Yuewu Wang; Shougen Zhao; Bing Pan; Shuang Wu
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Measurement of residual birefringence in thin glass plates using digital photoelasticity
Author(s): P. Tarkes Dora; K. Ramesh
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Mechanical properties testing of sheet metal by hydraulic bulge test
Author(s): Autthasit Dimarn; Charn Thanadngarn; Vichit Buakaew; Yongyuth Neamsup
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Investigation on RGB laser source applied to dynamic photoelastic experiment
Author(s): Songgang Li; Guobiao Yang; Weiming Zeng
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Integrated learning in practical machine element design course: a case study of V-pulley design
Author(s): Manop Tantrabandit
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Dimensional coordinate measurements: application in characterizing cervical spine motion
Author(s): Weilong Zheng; Linan Li; Shibin Wang; Zhiyong Wang; Nianke Shi; Yuan Xue
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New developments in transport of intensity equation for phase retrieval and computational imaging
Author(s): Anand Asundi; Chao Zuo
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Synthesis of magnetite magnetic nanoparticles and measurement of magneto-optical effects
Author(s): Jing-Fung Lin; Meng-Zhe Lee
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Preparation of sulfonic acid-containing rubbers from natural rubber vulcanizates
Author(s): Worapong Poonsawat; Sirilux Poompradub; Chawalit Ngamcharussrivichai
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Performance comparison of Hall Effect sensor and EMATs in measurement of specimen with various hole depths
Author(s): Witsarut Sriratana; Riichi Murayama
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Pipe inspection system using a polarized transverse wave EMAT
Author(s): Riichi Murayama; Witsarut Sriratana; Kensuke Imai; Naoto Sonoda; Makiko Kobayashi
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Shape measurement and vibration analysis of moving speaker cone
Author(s): Qican Zhang; Yuankun Liu; Petri Lehtonen
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Nondestructive evaluation of residual stress in short-fiber reinforced plastics by x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Keisuke Tanaka; Syouhei Tokoro; Yoshiaki Akiniwa; Noboru Egami
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A comparison of defect size and film quality obtained from Film digitized image and digital image radiographs
Author(s): Poramate Kamlangkeng; Prateepasen Asa; Noipitak Mai
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Automated surface profile measurement of diamond grid disk by phase-shifted shadow Moiré
Author(s): Terry Yuan-Fang Chen; Jie Lin
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Quality performance of customized and low cost x-ray micro-digital radiography system
Author(s): Gede B. Suparta; Andreas C. Louk; Nurul H. Sam; Gede A. Wiguna
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The use of x-ray micro-digital radiography for clay material inspection
Author(s): Gede B. Suparta; Andreas C. Louk; Herlina Kurniasari; Gede A. Wiguna
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CCD or CMOS camera calibration using point spread function
Author(s): D. G. Abdelsalam; M. Stanislas; S. Coudert
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Analysis of an integrated optic micro racetrack resonator based biosensor
Author(s): S. Malathi; Gopalkrishna Hegde; T. Srinivas; Ugra Mohan Roy
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Using the auxiliary camera for system calibration of 3D measurement by digital speckle
Author(s): Junpeng Xue; Xianyu Su; Qican Zhang
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Fourier transform profilometry by using digital dc subtraction
Author(s): J. Wongjarern; J. Widjaja; W. Sangpech; N. Thongdee; P. Santisoonthornwat; O. Traisak; P. Chuamchaitrakool; P. Meemon
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Strain distribution measuring system using speckle shearing interferometer
Author(s): Yuma Matsumoto; Yoshihiro Oshida; Yoshihisa Iwatashi
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Holographic particle size extraction by using Wigner-Ville distribution
Author(s): Porntip Chuamchaitrakool; Joewono Widjaja; Hiroyuki Yoshimura
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Nanostructure patterning on flexible substrates using electron beam lithography
Author(s): K. S. Nagaraj; K. Sangeeth; G. M. Hegde
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Implementation and characterization of phase-resolved Doppler optical coherence tomography method for flow velocity measurement
Author(s): Pornthep Pongchalee; Kunakorn Palawong; Panomsak Meemon
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Design, implementation, and characterization of spectrometer-based spectral domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Kunakorn Palawong; Pornthep Pongchalee; Porntip Chuamchaitrakool; Sukanya Tachatraiphop; Joewono Widjaja; Panomsak Meemon
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Phase space representation of transport of intensity phase retrieval for partially coherent fields
Author(s): Chao Zuo; Qian Chen; Anand Asundi
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Compressive sensing for digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): B. Deepan; C. Quan; C. J. Tay
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Preparation of antibacterial composite material of natural rubber particles coated with silica and titania
Author(s): Apisit Wisutiratanamanee; Sirilux Poompradub; Kunakorn Poochinda
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Locally contacted rear surface passivated solar cells by inkjet printing
Author(s): N. Phiwpha; T. Fangsuwannarak; S. Sopitpan
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