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International Conference on Optical Particle Characterization (OPC 2014)
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Volume Number: 9232
Date Published: 6 August 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9232
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A review on laser diagnostics on atomization and evaporation of liquid fuel
Author(s): Yuyin Zhang; Shiyan Li; Baiyang Lin; Yang Liu; Jian Wu; Bin Xu
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Charactrisation of particle assemblies by 3D cross correlation light scattering and diffusing wave spectroscopy
Author(s): Frank Scheffold
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A numerical evaluation of iterative solvers for the solution of static light scattering problems
Author(s): Hirosuke Sugasawa; Makoto Umezawa; Kiwan Park
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Estimation of equivalence ratio distribution in diesel spray using a computational fluid dynamics
Author(s): Yasumasa Suzuki; Taku Tsujimura; Jin Kusaka
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Hybrid Mie-MCML Monte Carlo simulation of light propagation in skin layers
Author(s): Yu Kawai; Toshiaki Iwai
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Optical caustics associated with the primary and the secondary rainbows of oblate droplets
Author(s): Haitao Yu; Jianqi Shen; Cameron Tropea
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Scattering of electromagnetic radiation based on numerical calculation of the T-matrix through its integral representation
Author(s): Ugo Tricoli; Klaus Pfeilsticker
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Laser-diffraction based drop-sizing system using image sensor
Author(s): T. Suzuki; K. Harase
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Measurement of vapor/liquid distributions in a binary-component fuel spray using laser imaging of droplet scattering and vapor absorption
Author(s): Shiyan Li; Yuyin Zhang; Shenqi Wu; Bin Xu
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Particulate morphology of waste cooking oil biodiesel and diesel in a heavy duty diesel engine
Author(s): Joonsik Hwang; Yongjin Jung; Choongsik Bae
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PTV analysis of the entrained air into the diesel spray at high-pressure injection
Author(s): Naoki Toda; Hayato Yamashita; Makoto Mashida
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Convection and surface tension profiles for aqueous droplet under microwave radiation
Author(s): Yushin Kanazawa; Masahiro Asada; Yusuke Asakuma; Itsuro Honda; Chi Phan; Harisinh Parmar; Vishnu Pareek; Geoffrey Evans
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Detection and evaluation of droplet and bubble fringe patterns in images of planar interferometric measurement techniques using the wavelet transform
Author(s): Y. Hardalupas; A. M. K. P. Taylor; K. Zarogoulidis
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In-situ observation of convection in droplet under microwave radiation by PIV
Author(s): Masahiro Asada; Yushin Kanazawa; Yusuke Asakuma; Itsuro Honda; Chi Phan; Harisinh Parmar; Vishnu Pareek; Geoffrey Evans
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Micro-explosion of compound drops
Author(s): Chun-Kuei Chen; Ta-Hui Lin
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The time-shift technique for measurement size of non-transparent spherical particles
Author(s): Walter Schäfer; Cameron Tropea
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High-sensitivity low-coherence dynamic light scattering and particle sizing for nanoparticles (II): SM-fiber probe system applied to dense particle suspensions
Author(s): Sohichiro Nakamura; Yuki Sato; Katsuhiro Ishii
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Measurement of dispersion of nanoparticles in a dense suspension by high-sensitivity low-coherence dynamic light scattering
Author(s): Katsuhiro Ishii; Sohichiro Nakamura; Yuki Sato
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On the size and morphological characterization of needle-shaped TiO2 nanoparticles in suspension
Author(s): Fabrice R. A. Onofri; Chantal Pelcé; Lionel Meister; Cédric Montet; Pierre Pelcé; Séverine Barbosa; Matthias Sentis; Mohamed Bizi
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Recent activity of international comparison for nanoparticle size measurement
Author(s): Kayori Takahashi; Keiji Takahata; Ichiko Misumi; Kentaro Sugawara; Satoshi Gonda; Kensei Ehara
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Single nanoparticle imaging method based on photothermal effect by use of single element interferometer
Author(s): Yuki Nagata; Yasuhiro Mizutani; Tetsuo Iwata; Yukitoshi Otani
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Aerosol characterization with lidar methods
Author(s): Nobuo Sugimoto; Tomoaki Nishizawa; Atsushi Shimizu; Ichiro Matsui
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Flow visualization of a non-contact transport device by Coanda effect
Author(s): Norihiko Iki; Hiroyuki Abe; Takashi Okada
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Measurement of aerosol hydration states using the EDB coupled to a Raman spectrometer
Author(s): Yasushi Ishizaka; Azuchi Harano
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New apparatus of single particle trap system for aerosol visualization
Author(s): Hidenori Higashi; Tomomi Fujioka; Tetsuo Endo; Chiho Kitayama; Takafumi Seto; Yoshio Otani
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Offshore wind profile measurements using a Doppler LIDAR at the Hazaki Oceanographical Research Station
Author(s): Susumu Shimada; Teruo Ohsawa; Tatsuya Ohgishi; Yoshihiro Kikushima; Testuya Kogaki; Koji Kawaguchi; Satoshi Nakamura
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Measurement and identification of ultrafine bubbles by resonant mass measurement method
Author(s): Hideaki Kobayashi; Shigeo Maeda; Masakazu Kashiwa; Toshihiro Fujita
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Measurement of the change in the number of ultrafine bubbles through pressurization
Author(s): T. Tuziuti; K. Yasui; Wataru Kanematsu
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Measurements of ultrafine bubbles using different types of particle size measuring instruments
Author(s): Hideaki Kobayashi; Shigeo Maeda; Masakazu Kashiwa; Toshihiro Fujita
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The effect of dilution on the quantitative measurement of bubbles in high-density ultrafine bubble-filled water using the light scattering method
Author(s): Shigeo Maeda; Hideaki Kobayashi; Katsuhisa Ida; Masakazu Kashiwa; Ikkan Nishihara; Toshihiro Fujita
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Estimation of trapping position in three-dimensional off-axis trapping with optical vortices
Author(s): Taro Ando; Tomoko Otsu; Yu Takiguchi; Yoshiyuki Ohtake; Haruyoshi Toyoda; Hiroyasu Itoh
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Optical characterization of facial foundation applied to skin replicas by using visible FF-OCT
Author(s): Ryota Kimura; Toshiaki Iwai; Tetsuya Tsugita
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Topological imaging of blood vessels by using diffusing light
Author(s): Shotaro Kohama; Toshiaki Iwai
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Energy transfer mechanisms in green emitting LiBaPO4:Tb3+ phosphors
Author(s): Ru-Yuan Yang; Hsuan-Lin Lai; Yu-Ming Peng; Shoou-Jinn Chang
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Laser diffraction of acicular particles: practical applications
Author(s): David M. Scott; Tatsushi Matsuyama
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Optical measurement method for particles on printed substrate by light-scattering
Author(s): Kisho Shibakiri; Shuji Fujii; Naoki Kagi
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