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Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2014
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Volume Number: 9228
Date Published: 28 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9228
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of optical fiber technology in Poland: 2014
Author(s): Jan Dorosz; Ryszard S. Romaniuk
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European photonic technology platform and strategic roadmap: Polish technology platform in photonics
Author(s): Ryszard S. Romaniuk
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Fabrication and characterization of epitaxial 4H-SiC pn junctions
Author(s): Andrzej Kociubinski; Mariusz Duk; Dominika Teklinska; Norbert Kwietniewski; Mariusz Sochacki; Michal Borecki
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Nanoparticle-doped radioluminescent silica optical fibers
Author(s): J. Mrazek; M. Nikl; I. Kasik; O. Podrazky; J. Aubrecht; A. Beitlerova
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Near-infrared emission and energy transfer in tellurite glasses co-doped with erbium and thulium ions
Author(s): Jacek Zmojda; Marcin Kochanowicz; Tomasz Ragin; Dominik Dorosz; Maciej Sitarz
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Reduction of the 1.55 µm Er3+ emission band half-width in Er doped and Er/Yb co-doped oxy-fluoride glass-ceramics fibers
Author(s): E. Augustyn; M. Żelechower; E. Czerska; M. Świderska; M. Sozańska
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Accelerated-aging tests of fiber Bragg gratings written in hydrogen loaded tapered optical fibers
Author(s): Tomasz Osuch; Dorota Herman; Konrad Markowski; Kazimierz Jędrzejewski
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Optical properties of lead-free oxyfluoride germanate glasses doped with Pr3+
Author(s): Joanna Pisarska; Wojciech A. Pisarski; Dominik Dorosz; Jan Dorosz
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Influence of M2O3 (M = Al, Ga) glass modifiers on structure, thermal and spectroscopic properties of rare earth ions in lead phosphate based systems
Author(s): Marta Sołtys; Joanna Pisarska; Lidia Żur; Tomasz Goryczka; Wojciech A. Pisarski
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Upconversion luminescence of Yb3+/Tb3+ co-doped tellurite glasses
Author(s): Marcin Kochanowicz; Jacek Zmojda; Dominik Dorosz; Piotr Miluski; Jan Dorosz
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Spectroscopic properties of bismuth-germanate glasses co-doped with erbium and holmium ions
Author(s): Tomasz Ragin; Marcin Kochanowicz; Jacek Żmojda; Dominik Dorosz
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The waveguide structures of the inverted-rib type
Author(s): R. Rogoziński; C. Tyszkiewicz; P. Karasiński
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Design and characterization of composite planar polarimetric interferometer
Author(s): Cuma Tyszkiewicz; Paweł Karasiński; Roman Rogoziński; Michał Szponik
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Gradient LPWG structures based on Pyrex glass
Author(s): Tomasz Kotyczka; Roman Rogoziński
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Sensor properties of the input grating couplers
Author(s): P. Karasiński; M. Szponik; C. Tyszkiewicz
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Sensitive films based on porous sol-gel silica
Author(s): P. Karasiński; C. Tyszkiewicz; M. Szponik; R. Rogoziński
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Therapeutic and diagnostic set for irradiation the cell lines in low level laser therapy
Author(s): Lukasz Gryko; Andrzej Zajac; Marian Gilewski; Justyna Szymanska; Krzysztof Goralczyk
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Applications of optical fibers and miniature photonic elements in medical diagnostics
Author(s): Urszula Blaszczak; Marian Gilewski; Lukasz Gryko; Andrzej Zajac; Andrzej Kukwa; Wojciech Kukwa
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Two-channels MGDM transmission over GI-MMF with using low-cost VCSEL lasers
Author(s): Marcin Kowalczyk
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Towards the distribution network of time and frequency
Author(s): M. Lipiński; P. Krehlik; Ł. Śliwczyński; Ł. Buczek; J. Kołodziej; J. Nawrocki; P. Nogaś; P. Dunst; D. Lemański; A. Czubla; J. Pieczerak; W. Adamowicz; T. Pawszak; J. Igalson; A. Binczewski; W. Bogacki; P. Ostapowicz; M. Stroiński; K. Turza
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Side light fiber in the measurement of vertical illuminance
Author(s): Jacek Kusznier; Maciej Zajkowski
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Luminous flux of the side optical fiber with scattering layers
Author(s): Maciej Zajkowski
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Application of fiber optic flame monitoring system for estimation burner input parameters
Author(s): Andrzej Kotyra; Waldemar Wójcik; Sarsenbek Zhussupbektov; Aigul Iskakova
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The high gain 1310nm Raman amplifier
Author(s): Jarosław Piotr Turkiewicz; Paweł Czyżak
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Fiber optic illumination sensor
Author(s): Ewa Szczesik; Piotr Miluski
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Compact PCF modal interferometer for sensor applications built by splicing
Author(s): Cezary Kaczmarek
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Luminescence sensor of pH aqueous solutions
Author(s): Marek Wyrwas; Piotr Miluski
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Numerical and experimental studies of dispersion characteristics of tapered fiber Bragg gratings under the influence of axial strain
Author(s): Konrad Markowski; Tomasz Osuch
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Characterization of first order PMD measurements based on a transmitted signal in an OOK fiber optic communication line
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Lach
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Active structural waveguide for sensing application
Author(s): Karol Czajkowski; Marcin Kochanowicz; Jacek Zmojda; Piotr Miluski; Dominik Dorosz
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Optical switching method based on two diffraction gratings bistable system
Author(s): Piotr Kisała; Sławomir Cięszczyk
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A study and modeling of Fabry-Perot cavities with rare earth doped fiber
Author(s): Sławomir Cięszczyk; Jacek Klimek; Krzysztof Skorupski; Piotr Kisała
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High gain 1310nm Raman amplifier (withdrawal notice)
Author(s): Paweł Czyżak; Jarosław Piotr Turkiewicz; Paweł Mazurek
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Impact of an SOA amplifier on the transmission quality in the 1310nm window high capacity WDM system
Author(s): Paweł Mazurek; Jarosław Piotr Turkiewicz
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