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Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability XI
Editor(s): Wei Gao; Ni-Bin Chang; Jinnian Wang
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Volume Number: 9221
Date Published: 17 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9221
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hurst exponent for fractal characterization of LANDSAT images
Author(s): Juan C. Valdiviezo-N.; Raul Castro ; Gabriel Cristóbal ; Anna Carbone
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Assimilation of remote sensing data into crop growth model to improve the estimation of regional winter wheat yield
Author(s): Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao; Pudong Liu; Zhibin Sun
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Spatial discretization of distributed hydrological response units for SWAT
Author(s): Jicai Ning; Zhiqiang Gao; Wenjiang Zhang; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao
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Investigation of atmospheric insect wing-beat frequencies and iridescent features using a multi-spectral kHz remote detection system
Author(s): Alem Gebru; Erich Rohwer; Pieter Neethling; Mikkel Brydegaard
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Optical methods for control of hydrogen influence on plants
Author(s): E. V. Timchenko; N. V. Tregub; L. A. Taskina; E. A. Selezneva; P. E. Timchenko
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Calibration of significant wave height from HY-2A satellite altimeter
Author(s): Jinsong Yang; Guangjun Xu; Yuan Xu; Xiaoyan Chen
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Crude oil remote sensing, characterization and cleaning with continuous wave and pulsed lasers
Author(s): N. Kukhtarev; T. Kukhtareva; S. C. Gallegos; A. Chirita
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Linkages between turbidity levels in Lake Mead associated forest fire events in the lower Virgin watershed
Author(s): N. B. Chang ; S. Imen; J. Yang
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Study of emissivity behavior in soil through medium infrared range images
Author(s): C. Villaseñor-Mora; A. González-Vega; H. Hernandez-Arellano; J. Chávez-Martínez; F. Avilez-Pérez
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Evaluation of CALIPSO aerosol optical depth using AERONET and MODIS data over China
Author(s): Chaoshun Liu; Xianxia Shen; Wei Gao; Pudong Liu; Zhibin Sun
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Spatio-temporal distribution of NDVI and its correlation with climatic factors in Eastern China during 1998-2008
Author(s): Cong Zhou; Runhe Shi; Chao Zhang; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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The responses of vegetation water content (EWT) along a coastal region using remote sensing
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Tingting Wang; Jicai Ning; Wei Gao
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Research on construction of web 3D-GIS based on skyline
Author(s): Tingting Wang; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning
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Changes of built-up areas at the beginning of the 21st century in Zhejiang Province, China
Author(s): Dong Liu; Haiqing Huang; Fang Gong; Jianyu Chen; Qiankun Zhu; Yan Li
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Assimilation of soil moisture using Ensemble Kalman Filter
Author(s): Juan Du; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Geoscience information integration and visualization research of Shandong province, China based on ArcGIS engine
Author(s): Mingzhu Xu; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning
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Monitoring the dynamic of suspended sediment using tower-based water spectrum observing system in the Hangzhou Bay
Author(s): Qian Dai; Fang Gong; Haiqing Huang; Xianqiang He; Jianyu Chen; Qiankun Zhu
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Retrieval of total suspended matter in highly turbid waters of Hangzhou Bay using polarizing spectra data
Author(s): Jia Liu; Qiankun Zhu; Fang Gong; Xianqiang He; Jianyu Chen; Haiqing Huang
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Dynamic analysis on coastline and sea reclamation in the region around Bohai based on remote sensing images
Author(s): Xiangyang Liu; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Qingshui Lu
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Nuclear power plants in China's coastal zone: risk and safety
Author(s): Qingshui Lu; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Xiaoli Bi; Wei Gao
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Spatial-temporal analysis of coastline changes around Bohai Sea based on remote sensing in recent 20a
Author(s): Chong You; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning
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The study of the spatio-temporal changes of drought in the Mongolian Plateau in 40 years based on TVDI
Author(s): Xiaoming Cao; Yiming Feng; Juanle Wang; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Wei Gao
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Retrieval of aerosol optical depth over the Yangtze River Delta with HJ-1 data
Author(s): Lu Zhang; Runhe Shi; Yongming Xu; Long Li; Wei Gao
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Retrieval of phycocyanin concentration in the eutrophic Taihu Lake
Author(s): Jing Wang; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao
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Analysis of optimal narrow band RVI for estimating foliar photosynthetic pigments based on PROSPECT model
Author(s): Hong Wang; Runhe Shi; Pudong Liu; Mingliang Ma; Wei Gao
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The impacts of bandwidths on the estimation of leaf chlorophyll concentration using normalized difference vegetation indices
Author(s): Mingliang Ma; Runhe Shi; Pudong Liu; Hong Wang; Wei Gao
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The data fusion of aerosol optical thickness using universal kriging and stepwise regression in East China
Author(s): Long Li; Runhe Shi; Lu Zhang; Jie Zhang; Wei Gao
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Analysis on the balance between supply and demand of cropland in Yantai City of China in 2020
Author(s): Qiuxian Wang; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Ye Wang; Wei Gao
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The grain production potential assessment with multiple cropping index (MCI) in China
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Wei Gao
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Spatial-temporal variability of coastline in Bohai Rim based on fractal dimension
Author(s): Ning Xu; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Xiangyang Liu
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Comparison of the Hargreaves-Samani equation and the Priestley-Taylor equation for estimating reference crop evapotranspiration in the North China Plain
Author(s): Jialin Yang; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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A WebGIS-based system for analyzing and visualizing air quality data for Shanghai Municipality
Author(s): Manyi Wang; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Estimating leaf photosynthetic pigments information by stepwise multiple linear regression analysis and a leaf optical model
Author(s): Pudong Liu; Runhe Shi; Hong Wang; Kaixu Bai; Wei Gao
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