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Earth Observing Systems XIX
Editor(s): James J. Butler; Xiaoxiong (Jack) Xiong; Xingfa Gu
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Volume Number: 9218
Date Published: 13 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9218
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Assessment of the clouds and the Earth's radiant energy system (CERES) flight model 5 (FM5) instrument's performance and stability
Author(s): Nathaniel P. Smith; Susan Thomas; Mohan Shankar; Z. Peter Szewczyk; Robert S. Wilson; Dale R. Walikainen; Janet L. Daniels; Phillip C. Hess; Kory J. Priestley
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Determination of the SNPP VIIRS SDSM screen transmittance from both yaw and non-yaw maneuver data
Author(s): Ning Lei; Xuexia Chen; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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S-NPP VIIRS lunar observations
Author(s): Jon P. Fulbright; Zhipeng Wang; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Operational in-flight calibration of NPP VIIRS in the visible using Rayleigh scattering
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Alain Sei; Bruce Hauss; Patty Pratt
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An Overview of NASA VCST SNPP VIIRS day-night band on-orbit Calibration Methodology
Author(s): Shihyan Lee; Chengbo Sun; Vincent Kwofu Chiang; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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VIIRS Day-Night Band (DNB) calibration methods for improved uniformity
Author(s): Stephen Mills; Steven D. Miller
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Assessment of On-orbit Crosstalk Impact for SNPP VIIRS VisNIR Bands
Author(s): Shihyan Lee; Hassan Oudrari; Jeff McIntire; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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The ground track oblique Cassini projection used for producing VIIRS mapped imagery
Author(s): Stephen Mills
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Comparison of AIRS, IASI, and CrIS radiances and trends at Dome C
Author(s): Denis A. Elliott; Hartmut H. Aumann
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AIRS Level-1C and applications to cross-calibration with MODIS and CrIS
Author(s): Evan M. Manning; Hartmut H. Aumann; Ali Behrangi
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Evaluation of the AIRS and CrIS relative radiometric calibration under cloudy conditions
Author(s): Hartmut H. Aumann; Evan M. Manning
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Relative spectral response corrected calibration inter-comparison of S-NPP VIIRS and Aqua MODIS thermal emissive bands
Author(s): Boryana Efremova; Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Calibrating historical IR sensors using GEO and AVHRR infrared tropical mean calibration models
Author(s): Benjamin Scarino; David R. Doelling; Patrick Minnis; Arun Gopalan; Conor Haney; Rajendra Bhatt
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Assessment of VIIRS radiometric performance using vicarious calibration sites
Author(s): Sirish Uprety; Changyong Cao; Slawomir Blonski; Wenhui Wang
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Cross-calibration of Landsat 5 TM, and Landsat 8 OLI with Aqua MODIS using PICS
Author(s): Amit Angal; Nischal Mishra; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Dennis Helder
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Terra mission operations: launch to the present (and beyond)
Author(s): Angelita Kelly; Eric Moyer; Dimitrios Mantziaras; Warren Case
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Radiometric stability of the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) following 15 years on-orbit
Author(s): Carol J. Bruegge; Sebastian Val; David J. Diner; Veljko Jovanovic; Ellyn Gray; Larry Di Girolamo; Guangyu Zhao
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Status of Terra MODIS operation, calibration, and performance
Author(s): Xiaoxiong J. Xiong; Brian N. Wenny; Aisheng Wu; Amit Angal; Xu Geng; Hongda Chen; Jennifer L. Dodd; Daniel O. Link; Sriharsha Madhavan; Na Chen; Yonghong Li; Sean Iacangelo; William L. Barnes; Vince Salomonson
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Retrieval algorithm development and product validation for TERRA/MOPITT
Author(s): M. N. Deeter; S. Martínez-Alonso; H. M. Worden; L. K. Emmons; V. Dean; D. Mao; D. P. Edwards; J. C. Gille
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On-orbit stability and performance of the Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) Instruments onboard the Aqua and Terra Spacecraft
Author(s): Mohan Shankar; Kory Priestley; Nitchie Smith; Susan Thomas; Dale Walikainen
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Vicarious calibration of Terra/ASTER/VNIR with desert scenes together with cross calibration
Author(s): K. Arai
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ASTER/TIR vicarious calibration activities in US and Japan validation sites for 14 years
Author(s): Hideyuki Tonooka; Simon J. Hook; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Soushi Kato; Elsa Abbott; Howard Tan
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Review of Terra MODIS thermal emissive band radiometric performance evaluation
Author(s): Chris Moeller; W. Paul Menzel; Greg Quinn
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Corrections to MODIS Terra calibration and polarization trending derived from ocean color products
Author(s): Gerhard Meister; Robert E. Eplee; Bryan A. Franz
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Comparison of coincident MODIS and MISR reflectances over the 15-year period of EOS Terra
Author(s): Aisheng Wu; Amit Angal; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Cross-calibration of Earth Observing System Terra satellite sensors MODIS and ASTER
Author(s): J. McCorkel
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The absolute radiometric calibration of Terra imaging sensors: MODIS, MISR, and ASTER
Author(s): Jeffrey Czapla-Myers; Kurtis Thome; Nikolaus Anderson; Stuart Biggar
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Validation of spectral radiance assignments to integrating sphere radiance standards for the Advanced Baseline Imager
Author(s): B. Carol Johnson; Stephen Maxwell; Eric Shirley; Kim Slack; Gary D. Graham
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Improved thermal-vacuum compatible flat plate radiometric source for system-level testing of optical sensors
Author(s): Mark A. Schwarz; Craig J. Kent; Steven W. Brown; John T. Woodward; Chungsan Lin
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Diffuser properties and according performance in BSDF and spectral features in space application
Author(s): Bilgehan Gür; Hedser van Brug; Man Xu; Elizabeth Vela
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BRDF characterization of solar diffuser for JPSS J1 using PASCAL
Author(s): Vijay Murgai; Lindsay Johnson; Eric M. Moskun
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Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager on-orbit radiometric calibration and stability
Author(s): Brian L. Markham; Julia A. Barsi; Edward Kaita; Lawrence Ong; Md. Obaidul Haque; Nischal Mishra; Jeffrey Czapla-Myers; Nima Pahlevan; Dennis Helder
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On-orbit performance of the Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager
Author(s): Esad Micijevic; Kelly Vanderwerff; Pat Scaramuzza; Ron A. Morfitt; Julia A. Barsi; Raviv Levy
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Performance of the Thermal Infrared Sensor on-board Landsat 8 over the first year on-orbit
Author(s): Matthew Montanaro; Julia Barsi; Allen Lunsford; Scott Rohrbach; Brian Markham
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Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) detector-to-detector uniformity challenge and performance
Author(s): Raviv Levy; Julia Barsi; Brian Markham; Philip Dabney; Pat L. Scaramuzza; Esad Micijevic; Frank Pesta
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The absolute radiometric calibration of the Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager using the reflectance-based approach and the Radiometric Calibration Test Site (RadCaTS)
Author(s): Jeffrey Czapla-Myers; Nikolaus Anderson; Kurtis Thome; Stuart Biggar
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Chasing the TIRS ghosts: calibrating the Landsat 8 thermal bands
Author(s): John R. Schott; Aaron Gerace; Nina Raqueno; Emmett Ientilucci; Rolando Raqueno; Allen W. Lunsford
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Landsat-8 data processing evolution
Author(s): Ron A. Morfitt; Mike J. Choate; Julia A. Barsi
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European Space Agency (ESA) Landstat MSS/TM/ETM+ archive bulk-processing: processor improvements and data quality
Author(s): F. Gascon; R. Biasutti; R. Ferrara; P. Fischer; L. Galli; B. Hoersch; S. Hopkins; J. Jackson; S. Lavender; S. Mica; A. Northrop; A. Paciucci; F. Paul; S. Pinori; S. Saunier
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EUMETSAT programmes and plans
Author(s): K. Dieter Klaes; Kenneth Holmlund
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Copernicus Sentinel-2 Mission: Products, Algorithms and Cal/Val
Author(s): F. Gascon; E. Cadau; O. Colin; B. Hoersch; C. Isola; B. López Fernández; P. Martimort
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The CarbonSat candidate mission: imaging greenhouse gas concentrations from space
Author(s): Bernd Sierk; Jerôme Caron; Armin Löscher; Yasjka Meijer; Jean-Loup Bézy; Michael Buchwitz; H. Bovensmann
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Design validation for ICESat2 space-based laser transmitter
Author(s): Patrick M. Burns; Nicholas W. Sawruk; Andre VanTuijl; Slava Litvinovitch; Ti Chuang; Ryan E. Edwards; William J. Rudd; Elias Fakhoury; Theodore Wysocki; Floyd E. Hovis
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The GeoTASO airborne spectrometer project
Author(s): J. W. Leitch; T. Delker; W. Good; L. Ruppert; F. Murcray; K. Chance; X. Liu; C. Nowlan; S. J. Janz; N. A. Krotkov; K. E. Pickering; M. Kowalewski; J. Wang
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Remote sensing capabilities of the GeoCAPE Airborne Simulator
Author(s): Matthew G. Kowalewski; Scott J. Janz
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Monitoring the Terra and Aqua MODIS RSB calibration using the scattered light from the nadir-port
Author(s): Amit Angal; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Xu Geng; Junqiang Sun
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Progress on Alternative Method of the on-orbit RVS Characterization for MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
Author(s): H. Chen; X. Xiong; A. Angal; X. Geng; A. Wu
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Evaluation of Terra and Aqua MODIS thermal emissive band response versus scan angle
Author(s): B. N. Wenny; A. Wu; S. Madhavan; X. Xiong
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Calibration Impact Assessment of MODIS Spectral Band Location on the Focal Plane Assemblies
Author(s): Zhipeng Wang; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Examination of the angular dependence of the SNPP VIIRS solar diffuser BRDF degradation factor
Author(s): Ning Lei; Kwofu Chiang; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Lidar monitoring of organic matter in the Pearl River estuary (withdrawal notice)
Author(s): Peng Chen; Delu Pan; Chuanwen Hu; Jianyu Chen; Haiqing Huang
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Status of time-dependent response versus scan-angle (RVS) for Terra and Aqua MODIS reflective solar bands
Author(s): Xu Geng; Amit Angal; Junqiang Sun; Hongda Chen; Aisheng Wu; Yonghong Li; Daniel Link; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Development of 2D deconvolution method to repair blurred MTSAT-1R visible imagery
Author(s): Konstantin V. Khlopenkov; David R. Doelling; Arata Okuyama
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Correction method of physical temperature variation for airborne double-antenna microwave radiometer
Author(s): Jian Sun; Kai Zhao; Tao Jiang; Lingjia Gu
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Design of the precise uniform light source based on optically connected integrating spheres for VIIR calibration
Author(s): Leonid Mikheenko; Volodymyr Borovytsky; Valentine Mironovich
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CLARREO calibration uncertainty assessment tool: status and path forward
Author(s): Boryana Efremova; Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong; James Butler
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Post-launch performance evaluation of the OMPS Nadir Mapper and Nadir Profiler
Author(s): Michael G. Grotenhuis; Xiangqian Wu; Larry Flynn; Eric Beach; Jianguo Niu; Wei Yu
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Using the moon to evaluate the radiometric calibration performance of S-NPP VIIRS thermal emissive bands
Author(s): Zhipeng Wang; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Boryana V. Efremova; Hongda Chen
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Comparing Hyperion Lunar Observation with Model Calculations in Support of GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Calibration
Author(s): Xi Shao; Changyong Cao; Sirish Uprety; Frank Padula; Taeyoung Choi
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Technology demonstrator of radiation resistant photon counting detector
Author(s): Ivan Prochazka; Josef Blazej; Jan Kodet
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Developing an automated global validation site time series system for VIIRS
Author(s): Wenhui Wang; Changyong Cao; Sirish Uprety; Yan Bai; Frank Padula; Xi Shao
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Statistical analysis of the electronic crosstalk correction in Terra MODIS Band 27
Author(s): Sriharsha Madhavan; Junqiang Sun; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Brian N. Wenny; Aisheng Wu
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