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Developments in X-Ray Tomography IX
Editor(s): Stuart R. Stock
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Volume Number: 9212
Date Published: 13 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9212
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Trends in micro- and nano-computed tomography 2012-2014
Author(s): S. R. Stock
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Grating interferometry-based phase microtomography of atherosclerotic human arteries
Author(s): Marzia Buscema; Margaret N. Holme; Hans Deyhle; Georg Schulz; Rüdiger Schmitz; Peter Thalmann; Simone E. Hieber; Natalia Chicherova; Philippe C. Cattin; Felix Beckmann; Julia Herzen; Timm Weitkamp; Till Saxer; Bert Müller
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Single grating phase contrast imaging for x-ray microscopy and microtomography
Author(s): P. Bruyndonckx; A. Sasov; B. Pauwels
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Quantitative edge illumination x-ray phase contrast tomography
Author(s): Charlotte K. Hagen; Paul C. Diemoz; Marco Endrizzi; Luigi Rigon; Diego Dreoosi; Fulvia Arfelli; Frances C. M. Lopez; Renata Longo; Alessandro Olivo
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Grating-based x-ray phase-contrast imaging at PETRA III
Author(s): A. Hipp; F. Beckmann; P. Lytaev; I. Greving; L. Lottermoser; T. Dose; R. Kirchhof; H. Burmester; A. Schreyer; J. Herzen
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Dictionary learning based low-dose x-ray CT reconstruction using a balancing principle
Author(s): Xuanqin Mou; Junfeng Wu; Ti Bai; Qiong Xu; Hengyong Yu; Ge Wang
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Practical pseudo-3D registration for large tomographic images
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Kjell Laperre; Alexander Sasov
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Strategies for efficient scanning and reconstruction methods on very large objects with high-energy x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Nils Reims; Tobias Schoen; Michael Boehnel; Frank Sukowski; Markus Firsching
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Correction of beam hardening artefacts in microtomography for samples imaged in containers
Author(s): Jeremy Holt; Mahsa Paziresh; Andrew Kingston; Adrian Sheppard
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Improving spatial-resolution in high cone-angle micro-CT by source deblurring
Author(s): Heyang Li; Andrew Kingston; Glenn Myers; Benoit Recur; Michael Turner; Andrian Sheppard
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Diffraction computed tomography reveals the inner structure of complex biominerals
Author(s): Hanna Leemreize; Mie Birkbak; Simon Frølich; Peter Kenesei; Jonathan D. Almer; Stuart R. Stock; Henrik Birkedal
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Synchrotron radiation-based characterization of interconnections in microelectronics: recent 3D results
Author(s): P. Bleuet; G. Audoit; J. Bertheau; J. Charbonnier; P. Cloetens; M. L. Djomeni Weleguela; D. Ferreira Sanchez; F. Hodaj; P. Gergaud; F. Lorut; J.-S. Micha; A. Thuaire; O. Ulrich
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Fast x-ray micro-tomography imaging study of granular packing under tapping
Author(s): Yujie Wang; Chengjie Xia; Yixin Cao; Binquan Kou; Jindong Li; Xianghui Xiao; Kamel Fezzaa
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Brute force absorption contrast microtomography
Author(s): Graham R. Davis; David Mills
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Liquid-metal-jet x-ray tube technology and tomography applications
Author(s): Emil Espes; Tommy Andersson; Fredrik Björnsson; Christina Gratorp; Björn A. M. Hansson; Oscar Hemberg; Göran Johansson; Johan Kronstedt; Mikael Otendal; Tomi Tuohimaa; Per Takman
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An evaluation to design high performance pinhole array detector module for four head SPECT: a simulation study
Author(s): Tasneem Rahman; Murat Tahtali; Mark R. Pickering
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NanoXCT: development of a laboratory nano-CT system
Author(s): F. Nachtrab; M. Firsching; N. Uhlmann; C. Speier; P. Takman; T. Tuohimaa; C. Heinzl; J. Kastner; D. H. Larsson; A. Holmberg; G. Berti; M. Krumm; C. Sauerwein
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TomoPy: A framework for the analysis of synchrotron tomographic data
Author(s): Doğa Gürsoy; Francesco De Carlo; Xianghui Xiao; Chris Jacobsen
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P05 imaging beamline at PETRA III: first results
Author(s): Imke Greving; Fabian Wilde; Malte Ogurreck; Julia Herzen; Jörg U. Hammel; Alexander Hipp; Frank Friedrich; Lars Lottermoser; Thomas Dose; Hilmar Burmester; Martin Müller; Felix Beckmann
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Tumors in murine brains studied by grating-based phase contrast microtomography
Author(s): Georg Schulz; Marco Dominietto; Zsofia Kovacs; Rüdiger Schmitz; Simone E. Hieber; Peter Thalmann; Felix Beckmann; Bert Müller
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X-ray phase contrast tomography from whole organ down to single cells
Author(s): Martin Krenkel; Mareike Töpperwien; Matthias Bartels; Paul Lingor; Detlev Schild; Tim Salditt
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Three-dimensional imaging of human hippocampal tissue using synchrotron radiation- and grating-based micro computed tomography
Author(s): Simone E. Hieber; Anna Khimchenko; Christopher Kelly; Luigi Mariani; Peter Thalmann; Georg Schulz; Rüdiger Schmitz; Imke Greving; Marco Dominietto; Bert Müller
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Second order x-ray in-line phase-contrast imaging
Author(s): Wenxiang Cong; Ge Wang
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Evaluation of neural cochlear structures after noise trauma using x-ray tomography
Author(s): Claus-Peter Richter; Whitney Liddy; Amanda Vo; Hunter Young; Stuart Stock; Xianghui Xiao; Donna Whitlon
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Submicrometer structure of sea urchin tooth via remote synchrotron microCT imaging
Author(s): Stuart R. Stock; Alexander Rack
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Characterization of a human tooth with carious lesions using conventional and synchrotron radiation-based micro computed tomography
Author(s): Iwona Dziadowiec; Felix Beckmann; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Bert Müller
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Applied x-ray computed tomography with high resolution in paleontology using laboratory and synchrotron sources
Author(s): Pidassa Bidola; Mirian L. A. F. Pacheco; Marco K. Stockmar; Klaus Achterhold; Franz Pfeiffer; Felix Beckmann; Paul Tafforeau; Julia Herzen
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Three-dimensional registration of synchrotron radiation-based micro-computed tomography images with advanced laboratory micro-computed tomography data from murine kidney casts
Author(s): Peter Thalmann; Simone E. Hieber; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Anna Khimchenko; Vartan Kurtcuoglu; Ufuk Olgac; Anastasios Marmaras; Willy Kuo; Eric P. Meyer; Felix Beckmann; Julia Herzen; Stefanie Ehrbar; Bert Müller
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SEM-based system for 100nm x-ray tomography for the analysis of porous silicon
Author(s): P. Bleuet; D. Laloum; G. Audoit; R. Torrecillas; F-X. Gaillard
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Apocalypto: revealing lost text with XMT
Author(s): David Mills; Graham R. Davis; Yu-kun Lai; Paul Rosin
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Improving dynamic tomography, through Maximum a posteriori estimation
Author(s): Glenn R. Myers; Matthew Geleta; Andrew M. Kingston; Benoit Recur; Adrian P. Sheppard
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Dual-energy iterative reconstruction for material characterisation
Author(s): B. Recur; M. Paziresh; G. Myers; A. Kingston; S. Latham; A. Sheppard
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Iterative reconstruction optimisations for high angle cone-beam micro-CT
Author(s): B. Recur; M. Fauconneau; A. Kingston; G. Myers; A. Sheppard
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High-resolution x-ray computed tomography to understand ruminant phylogeny
Author(s): Loic Costeur; Georg Schulz; Bert Müller
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Integrated control system environment for high-throughput tomography
Author(s): Igor Khokhriakov; Lars Lottermoser; Rainer Gehrke; Thorsten Kracht; Eugen Wintersberger; Andreas Kopmann; Matthias Vogelgesang; Felix Beckmann
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Characterization of the CCD and CMOS cameras for grating-based phase-contrast tomography
Author(s): Pavel Lytaev; Alexander Hipp; Lars Lottermoser; Julia Herzen; Imke Greving; Igor Khokhriakov; Stephan Meyer-Loges; Jörn Plewka; Jörg Burmester; Michele Caselle; Matthias Vogelgesang; Suren Chilingaryan; Andreas Kopmann; Matthias Balzer; Andreas Schreyer; Felix Beckmann
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Image reconstruction for x-ray K-edge imaging with a photon counting detector
Author(s): Bo Meng; Wenxiang Cong; Yan Xi; Ge Wang
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Carotid plaque characterization using CT and MRI scans for synergistic image analysis
Author(s): Matthew Getzin; Yiqin Xu; Arhant Rao; Saaussan Madi; Ali Bahadur; Michelle R. Lennartz; Ge Wang
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CT image-based quantification of sub-pixel diameter microparticle accumulations in tissues using á priori biological information
Author(s): Andrew J. Vercnocke; Jill L. Anderson; Steven M. Jorgensen; Erik L. Ritman
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Total variation minimization-based multimodality medical image reconstruction
Author(s): Xuelin Cui; Hengyong Yu; Ge Wang; Lamine Mili
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A study of EM failure in a micro-scale Pb-free solder joint using a custom lab-scale x-ray computed tomography system
Author(s): J. C. E. Mertens; Nikhilesh Chawla
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High performance data management and analysis for tomography
Author(s): Justin Blair; Richard S. Canon; Jack Deslippe; Abdelilah Essiari; Alexander Hexemer; Alastair A. MacDowell; Dilworth Y. Parkinson; Simon J. Patton; Lavanya Ramakrishnan; Nobumichi Tamura; Brian L. Tierney; Craig E. Tull
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