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Target Diagnostics Physics and Engineering for Inertial Confinement Fusion III
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Volume Number: 9211
Date Published: 10 September 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9211
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Demonstration of enhanced DQE with a dual MCP configuration
Author(s): N. Izumi; G. N. Hall; A. C. Carpenter; F. V. Allen; J. G. Cruz; B. Felker; D. Hargrove; J. Holder; J. D. Kilkenny; A. Lumbard; R. Montesanti; N. E. Palmer; K. Piston; G. Stone; M. Thao; R. Vern; R. Zacharias; O. L. Landen; R. Tommasini; D. K. Bradley; P. M. Bell
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Electron imaging system for ultrafast diagnostics of HEDLP
Author(s): Wei Gai; Jiaqi Qiu; Chunguang Jing
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Testing of a gamma ray imaging system at the High Intensity Gamma Source
Author(s): Daniel A. Lemieux; H. Bradford Barber; Gary P. Grim; Thomas Archuleta; Valerie Fatherley; David Fastje
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Mk x Nk gated CMOS imager
Author(s): James Janesick; Tom Elliott; James Andrews; John Tower; Perry Bell; Alan Teruya; Joe Kimbrough; Jeanne Bishop
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High-rep rate target development for ultra-intense interaction science at the Central Laser Facility
Author(s): N. Booth; R. Clarke; R. Heathcote; D. Neely; R. Pattathil; D. Rusby; C. Spindloe; D. Symes; M. Tolley; S. Tomlinson
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Measurement of reaction-in-flight neutrons using thulium activation at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): G. P. Grim; R. Rundberg; M. M. Fowler; A. C. Hayes; G. Jungman; M. Boswell; A. Klein; J. Wilhelmy; A. Tonchev; C. B. Yeamans
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Engineering architecture of the neutron Time-of-Flight (nToF) diagnostic suite at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): T. J. Clancy; J. Caggiano; J. McNaney; M. Eckart; M. Moran; V. Y. Glebov; J. Knauer; R. Hatarik; S. Friedrich; R. Zacharias; A. Carpenter; M. J. Shoup III; T. Buczek; M. Yeoman; Z. Zeid; N. Zaitseva; B. Talison; J. Worden II; B. Rice; T. Duffy; A. Pruyne; K. Marshall
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Engineering precision relocation capability into a large-cantilevered telescoping diagnostic for a Kirkpatrick Baez x-ray Optic
Author(s): M. J. Ayers; L. A. Pickworth; T. Decker; R. Hill; T. Pardini; T. McCarville; N. Shingleton; C. Smith; C. G. Bailey; P. M. Bell; D. K. Bradley; N. F. Brejnholt; S. Hau-Riege; M. Pivovaroff; P. B. Mirkarimi; M. Vitalich; J. Vogel; C. Walton; J. Kilkenny
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Improvements to a MCP based high speed x-ray framing camera to have increased robustness in a high neutron environment
Author(s): D. R. Hargrove; J. P. Holder; N. Izumi; L. R. Benedetti; G. Stone; J. Kimbrough; F. Allen; P. M. Bell; S. Glenn; R. Petre
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Mach-Zehnder detector system issues and enhancements for use on the National Ignition Facility DANTE x-ray diagnostic
Author(s): B. V. Beeman; A. C. Carpenter; J. R. Kimbrough; T. J. Clancy; R. Chow; E. Bond; Z. Zayas-Rivera; P. Bell; J. Celeste; A. G. MacPhee; W. Widmann; T. Golod; E. K. Miller; R. Q. Abbott; K. K. Lee; J. C. Peterson; S. M. Gordoni; J. J. Buckley; W. R. Donaldson
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Target material collection for High-Energy Imaging Diagnostic
Author(s): Maryum F. Ahmed; James M. Mcnaney; Ryan M. Vignes; Cal A. Smith; Nathan Masters; Chris Bailey; Robert B. Petre
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Performance and operational upgrades of x-ray streak camera photocathode assemblies at NIF
Author(s): Ben Hatch; Nathan Palmer; Shannon Ayers; Don Browning; Brian Felker; Joe Holder; Doug Homoelle; Shahab Khan; Joe Kimbrough; Andrew MacPhee; Robert B. Petre; Brad Perfect; Alan Throop; J. Nan Wong
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Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope with spherical multilayer mirrors around 2.5keV photon energy
Author(s): Ning An; Xuewei Du; Qiuping Wang; Zhurong Cao; Shaoen Jiang; Yongkun Ding
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