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Advances in Computational Methods for X-Ray Optics III
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Volume Number: 9209
Date Published: 15 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9209
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Partial coherence and imperfect optics at a synchrotron radiation source modeled by wavefront propagation
Author(s): David Laundy; Simon G. Alcock; Lucia Alianelli; John P. Sutter; Kawal J. S. Sawhney; Oleg Chubar
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Simulations applied to focusing optics at European XFEL
Author(s): Liubov Samoylova; Harald Sinn
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Simulations of x-ray optics for ESRF-upgrade programme
Author(s): Manuel Sanchez del Rio
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Recent updates in the “Synchrotron Radiation Workshop” code, on-going developments, simulation activities, and plans for the future
Author(s): Oleg Chubar
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Propagation of coherent light pulses with PHASE
Author(s): J. Bahrdt; U. Flechsig; W. Grizolli; F. Siewert
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X-ray optics simulation and beamline design using a hybrid method: diffraction-limited focusing mirrors
Author(s): Xianbo Shi; Ruben Reininger; Manuel Sánchez del Río; Jun Qian; Lahsen Assoufid
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Powerful scriptable ray tracing package xrt
Author(s): Konstantin Klementiev; Roman Chernikov
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Novel applications of the x-ray tracing software package McXtrace
Author(s): Erik B. Knudsen; Martin M. Nielsen; Kristoffer Haldrup; Eric Topel; Søren Schmidt
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MASH: a framework for the automation of x-ray optical simulations
Author(s): Peter Sondhauss
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X-ray optical systems: from metrology to Point Spread Function
Author(s): Daniele Spiga; Lorenzo Raimondi
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Specification of x-ray mirrors in terms of system performance: a new twist to an old plot
Author(s): Valeriy V. Yashchuk; Liubov Samoylova; Igor V. Kozhevnikov
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Soft matter interfaces beamline at NSLS-II: geometrical ray-tracing vs. wavefront propagation simulations
Author(s): Mikhail Zhernenkov; Niccolo Canestrari; Oleg Chubar; Elaine DiMasi
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Partially coherent wavefront propagation simulations for inelastic x-ray scattering beamline including crystal optics
Author(s): Alexey Suvorov; Yong Q. Cai; John P. Sutter; Oleg Chubar
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Wavefront propagation simulations for a UV/soft x-ray beamline: Electron Spectro-Microscopy beamline at NSLS-II
Author(s): N. Canestrari; V. Bisogni; A. Walter; Y. Zhu; J. Dvorak; E. Vescovo; O. Chubar
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Calculation of the instrumental profile function for a powder diffraction beamline used in nanocrystalline material research
Author(s): Luca Rebuffi; Paolo Scardi
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Perfect crystal propagator for physical optics simulations with Synchrotron Radiation Workshop
Author(s): John P. Sutter; Oleg Chubar; Alexey Suvorov
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Development of spatially resolved high resolution x-ray spectroscopy for fusion and light-source research
Author(s): J. Lu; K. W. Hill; M. Bitter; L. Delgado-Aparicio; N. A. Pablant; P. Efthimion; P. Beiersdorfer; H. Chen; K. Widmann; M. Sanchez del Rio
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Modeling of a compound imaging system with a curved monochromator and polycapillary optics
Author(s): Bushra Kanwal; Alexandru Filip Petrescu; Tianxi Sun; C. A. MacDonald
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Computational techniques in propagation-based x-ray phase imaging
Author(s): Jonathan C. Petruccelli; Sajjad Tahir; Sajid Bashir; Adam Pan; Lei Tian; Ling Xu; C. A. MacDonald; George Barbastathis
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The finite-difference simulation of x-rays propagation through a system of lenses
Author(s): Sergey P. Kshevetskii; Pawel R. Wojda
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Contrast enhancement of propagation based X-ray phase contrast imaging
Author(s): Adam Pan; Ling Xu; Jon C. Petruccelli; Rajiv Gupta; George Barbastathis
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3D x-ray reconstruction using lightfield imaging
Author(s): Sajib Saha; Murat Tahtali; Andrew Lambert; Mark R. Pickering
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Developments of x-ray grating imaging and trying of multiple information fusion
Author(s): Yueping Han; Ruihong Li; Li Zhang; Xiaolei Jiang
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Separation of hard x-ray synchrotron radiation from electron beam slices
Author(s): A. He; O. Chubar; L. H. Yu
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A proposal for an open source graphical environment for simulating x-ray optics
Author(s): Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Luca Rebuffi; Janez Demsar; Niccolo Canestrari; Oleg Chubar
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Simulation of the ultrahigh energy resolution IXS analyzer system at NSLS-II
Author(s): Alexey Suvorov; David S. Coburn; Alessandro Cunsolo; Jeffrey W. Keister; Yong Q. Cai
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An open software framework for advancement of x-ray optics simulation and modeling
Author(s): David L. Bruhwiler; Oleg Chubar; Robert Nagler; Jacek Krzywinski; Amber Boehnlein
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A new SHADOW update: integrating diffraction effects into ray-tracing
Author(s): Xianbo Shi; Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Ruben Reininger
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Fourier transform image processing techniques for grid-based phase contrast imaging
Author(s): Sajjad Tahir; Sajid Bashir; Jonathan C. Petruccelli; C. A. MacDonald
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