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Advances in X-Ray/EUV Optics and Components IX
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Volume Number: 9207
Date Published: 8 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9207
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
X-ray laminography and SAXS on beryllium grades and lenses and wavefront propagation through imperfect compound refractive lenses
Author(s): Thomas Roth; Lukas Helfen; Jörg Hallmann; Liubov Samoylova; Paweł Kwaśniewski; Bruno Lengeler; Anders Madsen
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X-ray multilens interferometer based on Si refractive lenses
Author(s): A. Snigirev; I. Snigireva; M. Lyubomirskiy; V. Kohn; V. Yunkin; S. Kuznetsov
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Kinoform lens focusing of high-energy x-rays (50 - 100 keV)
Author(s): S. D. Shastri; K. Evans-Lutterodt; R. L. Sheffield; A. Stein; M. Metzler; P. Kenesei
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Variable line spacing diffraction grating fabricated by direct write lithography for synchrotron beamline applications
Author(s): D. L. Voronov; T. Warwick; E. M. Gullikson; F. Salmassi; P. Naulleau; N. A. Artemiev; P. Lum; H. A. Padmore
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Specific aspects of roughness and interface diffusion in non-periodic Mo/Si multilayers
Author(s): Stefan Braun; Peter Gawlitza; Maik Menzel; Wolfgang Friedrich; Jürgen Schmidt; Andreas Leson
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In-situ stress study on WSi2/Si multilayers
Author(s): Bing Shi; Albert T. Macrander; Jörg Maser; Raymond Conley; Lahsen Assoufid
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Thermal expansion properties of thin multilayer films
Author(s): Xianchao Cheng; Christian Morawe; Jean-Christophe Peffen; Lin Zhang
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Focusing x-rays in two dimensions upon refraction in an inclined prism
Author(s): Werner Jark; Gianluca Grenci
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Flux monitoring by x-ray diffracting crystals under ambient air conditions
Author(s): Stanislav Stoupin; Sergey V. Baryshev; Sergey P. Antipov
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Diffractive 3D XUV optics at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, recent developments
Author(s): Maria Brzhezinskaya; Alexander Firsov; Alexei Erko
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MagneDyn: the future beamline for ultrafast magnetodynamical studies at FERMI
Author(s): Cristian Svetina; Martina Dell'Angela; Nicola Mahne; Marco Malvestuto; Fulvio Parmigiani; Lorenzo Raimondi; Marco Zangrando
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Ray tracing simulation of 1-BM beamline at the Advanced Photon Source for polarization analyses of synchrotron optics
Author(s): Naresh Kujala; Albert Macrander; Xianbo Shi; Ruben Reininger; Xuan Gao; Clement Burns
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Optimisation of a compact optical system for the beamtransport at the x-ray fluorescence beamline at Elettra for experiments with small spots
Author(s): Werner Jark; Diane Eichert; Lars Luehl; Alessandro Gambitta
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Preparation and characterization of x-ray mirrors with three single layers of a-C, B4C, and Ni onto two 820-mm long Si substrate
Author(s): Michael Störmer; Frank Siewert; Jana Buchheim; Alexander Pilz; Marion Kuhlmann; Elke Ploenjes; Kai Tiedtke
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APS deposition facility upgrades and future plans
Author(s): Ray Conley Jr.; Bing Shi; Mark Erdmann; Scott Izzo; Lahsen Assoufid; Kurt Goetze; Tim Mooney; Kenneth Lauer
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Graded multilayers for fully polarization resolved resonant inelastic x-ray scattering in the soft x-ray range
Author(s): C. Morawe; J.-C. Peffen; R. Supruangnet; L. Braicovich; N. B. Brookes; G. Ghiringhelli; F. Yakhou-Harris
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Phase characterization of attosecond multilayer mirrors: from EUV to soft x-rays
Author(s): Franck Delmotte; Charles Bourassin-Bouchet; Sébastien de Rossi; Evgueni Meltchakov; Angelo Giglia; Stefano Nannarone
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Attosecond broadband multilayer mirrors for the water window spectral range
Author(s): A. Guggenmos; S. Radünz; R. Rauhut; M. Hofstetter; S. Venkatesan; A. Wochnik; C. Scheu; E. Gullikson; S. Fischer; B. Nickel; U. Kleineberg
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Phase delay characterization of multilayer coatings for FEL applications
Author(s): Alain J. Corso; Enrico Tessarolo; Paola Zuppella; Sara Zuccon; Marco Nardello; Maria G. Pelizzo
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Characterization of thin HPHT IIa diamond by transmission and reflection measurements
Author(s): Shunji Goto; Hiroshi Yamazaki; Ayumi Miura; Kenji Doi; Yuichi Inubushi; Haruhiko Ohashi; Makina Yabashi
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Low-energy repetitive plasma focus based neon soft x-ray lithography source
Author(s): S. M. P. Kalaiselvi; T. L. Tan; A. Talebitaher; P. Lee; R. S. Rawat
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Development of achromatic full-field hard x-ray microscopy and its application to x-ray absorption near edge structure spectromicroscopy
Author(s): S. Matsuyama; Y. Emi; H. Kino; Y. Kohmura; M. Yabashi; T. Ishikawa; K. Yamauchi
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Toward achromatic soft x-ray imaging system with sub-10-nm spatial resolution
Author(s): Satoru Egawa; Hidekazu Mimura
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Development of optical components for METIS instrument
Author(s): M. Nardello; S. Zuccon; A. J. Corso; P. Zuppella; G. Naletto; S. Fineschi; E. Antonucci; M. G. Pelizzo
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X-ray monitoring for astrophysical applications
Author(s): L. Pina; D. Burrows; W. Cash; D. Cerna; P. Gorenstein; R. Hudec; A. Inneman; J. Jakubek; V. Marsikova; L. Sieger; V. Tichy
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Phase contrast imaging using a micro focus x-ray source
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Keivan Majidi; Jovan G. Brankov
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Reflection on multilayer mirrors: beam profile and coherence properties
Author(s): A. Rack; C. Morawe; L. Mancini; D. Dreossi; D. Y. Parkinson; A. A. MacDowell; F. Siewert; T. Rack; T. Holz; M. Krämer; R. Dietsch
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Phase imaging using polycapillary optics
Author(s): Sajid Bashir; Sajjad Tahir; Jonathan C. Petruccelli; C. A. MacDonald
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Simulations and surface quality testing of high asymmetry angle x-ray crystal monochromators for advanced x-ray imaging applications
Author(s): Z. Zápražný; D. Korytár; P. Šiffalovič; M. Jergel; M. Demydenko; P. Mikulík; E. Dobročka; C. Ferrari; P. Vagovič; M. Mikloška
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Saw-tooth refractive lens for high energy x-ray focusing
Author(s): Mikhail A. Antimonov; Ali M. Khounsary
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X-ray harmonics suppression by compound refractive lenses
Author(s): Maxim Polikarpov; Irina Snigireva; Anatoly Snigirev
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Diffractive focusing optics design at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
Author(s): Alexander Firsov; Maria Brzhezinskaya; Anatoly Firsov; Alexander Svintsov; Alexei Erko
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Measurement of the refractive index of nematic liquid crystals 5CB by means of x-ray interferometry
Author(s): V. P. Mkrtchyan; L. G. Gasparyan; T. K. Dadalyan; M. K. Balyan; A. V. Kuyumchyan
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Damage of EUV optical coatings induced by alpha-particles bombardment
Author(s): M. G. Pelizzo; S. Zuccon; E. Napolitani; A. J. Corso; P. Zuppella; E. Tessarolo; M. Nardello; F. Gerlin; G. Naletto; S. Fineschi; E. Antonucci
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Novel space communication technology based on modulated x-ray source
Author(s): Li-zhi Sheng; Bao-sheng Zhao; Yong-an Liu
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