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Interferometry XVII: Techniques and Analysis
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Volume Number: 9203
Date Published: 18 July 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9203
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Complete shape measurement of micro parts by digital holography
Author(s): S. Huferath-von Luepke; R. Klattenhoff; C. Dankwart; C. Falldorf; R. B. Bergmann
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Development of in-plane and out-of-plane deformation simultaneous measurement method for the analysis of buckling
Author(s): Yasuhiko Arai
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Real-time processing of off-axis interferograms: from the camera to the user
Author(s): Pinhas Girshovitz; Tamir Gabay; Natan T. Shaked
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Dual-wavelength digital holography: single shot calibration
Author(s): Davood Khodadad; Per Bergström; Emil Hällstig; Mikael Sjödahl
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Transparent stepped phase measurement using two illuminating beams
Author(s): Behnam Tayebi; Farnaz Sharif; Mohammad Reza Jafar Fard‎; Dug Young Kim
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ITIA: tripling the field-of-view in off-axis interferometric phase microscopy
Author(s): Irena Frenklach; Pinhas Girshovitz; Natan T. Shaked
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Practical Fabry-Perot displacement interferometry in ambient air conditions with subnanometer accuracy
Author(s): Dirk Voigt; Arthur S. van de Nes; Steven A. van den Berg
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Simultaneous determination of thickness and refractive indices of birefringent wafer by simple transmission measurement
Author(s): Hee Joo Choi; Jun Yeol Ryu; Myoungsik Cha
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Interferometric system for detecting radiation wavelength shift
Author(s): P. P. Brazhnikov; V. P. Andrianov; O. N. Koltovoy; A. A. Tikhov
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Mode-mode interference sensor with increasing number of modes along the multimode optical fiber
Author(s): Oleg Kotov; Ivan Chapalo; Andrey Medvedev
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A comparative study between deflectometry and shearography for detection of subsurface defects
Author(s): Philipp Huke; Jan Burke; Ralf B. Bergmann
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A trial for a reliable shape measurement using interferometry and deflectometry
Author(s): Ryohei Hanayama
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Stability of absolute depth reconstruction from deflectometric measurement data
Author(s): Alexey Pak
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Measuring deformations with deflectometry
Author(s): Wansong Li; Philipp Huke; Jan Burke; Christoph von Kopylow; Ralf B. Bergmann
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Spurious mid-spatial frequency structure on optical surfaces reconstructed from surface slope measurements
Author(s): Yue Dong; Zahra Hosseinimakarem; Angela Davies; Chris J. Evans
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Effect of alignment and tolerances on reverse raytrace calibration
Author(s): Kyle C. Heideman; John E. Greivenkamp
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Characterization of field dependent aberrations in Fizeau interferometer using double Zernike polynomials
Author(s): Hung-Sheng Chang; Chao-Wen Liang; Po-Chih Lin; Ming-Sen Tsao,
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A large field-of-view scene measurement based on control points with a single camera
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Di Zhang; Yan Li; Hui Liu; Lichao Xu; Lichun Zhu; Weimin Li
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Hilbert-Huang processing and analysis of complex fringe patterns
Author(s): M. Trusiak; K. Patorski; M. Wielgus
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Improvement of defect detection in shearography by using principal component analysis
Author(s): Jean-François Vandenrijt; Nicolas Lièvre; Marc P. Georges
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Links between fringe pattern analysis and digital image correlation: windowed, optimal, and tracking (WOT)
Author(s): Kemao Qian
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Wavelet transform: capabilities expanded
Author(s): Krzysztof Pokorski; Krzysztof Patorski
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Performance evaluation of a phase retrieval algorithm from sequences of interferograms with unknown phase shifts using generalized N-dimensional Lissajous figures
Author(s): Armando Albertazzi Jr.; Analucia Fantin; Mauro Benedet; Daniel Willemann; Allison Maia
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Estimation of the temperature of a flame with asymmetric profile
Author(s): Efrén González-Ramírez; L. R. Berriel Valdos; J. G. Arceo Olague; E. de la Rosa Miranda; C. A. Olvera-Olvera; T. Saucedo Anaya; J. I. de la Rosa Vargas; J. J. Villa Hernández
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Design of new window function of phase extraction algorithm in wavelength tuning Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): Yangjin Kim; Kenichi Hibino; Naohiko Sugita; Mamoru Mitsuishi
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Application of a swarm-based approach for phase unwrapping
Author(s): Lucas da S. Maciel; Armando Albertazzi G. Jr.
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Interferometric microscope with true color imaging
Author(s): J. L. Beverage; X. Colonna de Lega; M. F. Fay
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Dual-wavelength diffraction phase microscopy for real-time dispersion measurement
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Jafarfard; Behnam Tayebi; Dug Young Kim
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Reduction of the stagnation effect by combined iterative and deterministic single beam phase retrieval techniques
Author(s): Konstantinos Falaggis
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Comparison of full-field interferometric measurement techniques applied to small vibration amplitudes determination
Author(s): Adam Styk
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Three-dimensional photothermal microscopy of KDP crystals
Author(s): Jian Chen; Jingtao Dong; Qi Zhang; Zhouling Wu
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Overview of the optic component manufacturing and measurements for the Advanced Virgo optics
Author(s): Andrew Nelson; Aleksandr Estrin
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A novel linear Sagnac interferometer in position determination of perturbations
Author(s): Shaohua Pi; Bingjie Wang; Jiang Zhao; Guangwei Hong; Dong Zhao; Bo Jia
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High-speed 3D shape measurement with fiber interference
Author(s): Beiwen Li; Pan Ou; Song Zhang
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Microscopic type of real-time uniaxial 3D profilometry by polarization camera
Author(s): Shuhei Shibata; Fumio Kobayashi; Daisuke Barada; Yukitoshi Otani
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Analysis of optimization method for interferometric evaluation of small shape deviations
Author(s): Jiří Novák; Pavel Novák; Antonin Mikš
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Phase unwrapping using a surface mesh with constraints
Author(s): J. G. Arceo-Olague; L. R. Berriel-Valdos; E. de la Rosa Miranda; E. Gonzalez-Ramirez; C. A. Olvera-Olvera; Tonatiuh Saucedo Anaya; J. J. Villa-Hernández; I. de la Rosa Vargas
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Fiber optic laser Doppler velocimeter with non-mechanical scanning of spatially encoded points for cross-sectional velocity distribution measurement
Author(s): Koichi Maru; Kento Watanabe
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Experiment analysis of freeform testing based on absolute testing method
Author(s): Xin Jia; Fuchao Xu; Tingwen Xing
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Digital holographic moiré pattern for optical numerical code generation
Author(s): G. N. de Oliveira; M. E. de Oliveira; R. B. da Rocha Freire Jr.; P. A. M. dos Santos
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Measure of a zinc oxide (ZnO) film thickness using a point diffraction interferometer
Author(s): Esteban Rueda-Soriano; Heberto Gómez-Pozos; José L. González-Vidal; A. Muñoz Potosi; Luis G. Valdivieso-González
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An interferometric humidity sensor based on a thin gelatin film
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Areli Montes-Perez
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IDIA: doubling the recorded imaging area or the frame rate in off-axis interferometric microscopy
Author(s): Pinhas Girshovitz; Natan T. Shaked
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Periodic error characterization in commercial heterodyne interferometer using an external cavity diode laser based Fabry-Perot interferometer
Author(s): Minhao Zhu; Haoyun Wei; Yan Li
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Shaping intensity behind amplitude masks for proximity correction lithography: design, measurement, and realization
Author(s): Krishnaparvathy Puthankovilakam; Toralf Scharf; Qing Tan; Hans Peter Herzig; David Nguyen; Uwe Vogler; Arianna Bramati; Reinhard Voelkel
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