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Photonic Fiber and Crystal Devices: Advances in Materials and Innovations in Device Applications VIII
Editor(s): Shizhuo Yin; Ruyan Guo
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Volume Number: 9200
Date Published: 1 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9200
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Elaborations on surface structural effects and optical waveguide properties of gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3) and gadolinium oxide europium doped (Gd2O3:Eu3+) sol-gel films
Author(s): Quianna S. Johnson; Matthew Edwards; Josh Herring; Michael Curley
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Helical auto-waves of electron-hole plasma in semiconductor induced by femtosecond pulse at presence of external electric field
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Vladimir A. Egorenkov; Mariya M. Loginovaa
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Formation of sub pico-liter liquid periodic structure in a hollow optical fiber for photonic device applications
Author(s): Jihyun Hwang; Jongki Kim; Jiyoung Park; Kyunghwan Oh
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A compact in-situ ellipsometer using the liquid crystal variable retarder
Author(s): Wen-Tse Shih; Mei-Li Hsieh; Yu Faye Chao
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Optical characterization of ferroelectric PZT thin films by variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Md. Shafiqur Rahman; Carlos D. Garcia; Amar Bhalla; Ruyan Guo
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Efficient upconversion polymer-inorganic nanocomposite thin film emitters prepared by the double beam matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (DB-MAPLE)
Author(s): Abdalla M. Darwish; Allan Burkett; Ashley Blackwell; Keylantra Taylor; Vernell Walker; Sergey Sarkisov; Brent Koplitz
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Self-pulsing in a large mode area, end-pumped, double-clad ytterbium-doped fiber laser
Author(s): D. Toral-Acosta; A. Martínez-Rios; R. Selvas-Aguilar
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Beam shaping for holographic techniques
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Vadim Laskin; Aleksei Ostrun
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Design and analysis of large-mode-area microstructured polymer optical fibre with single-mode operation
Author(s): T. S. Saini; V. Dahiya; A. Kumar; R. K. Sinha
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Study of characteristics of MMI devices using matrix approach
Author(s): Rajib Chakraborty; Saikat Majumder
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Application of quantum dots in solid state lighting
Author(s): S. R. Chung; Y. H. Yu; K. W. Wang
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Numerical analysis for a solid-core photonic crystal fiber with tunable zero dispersion wavelengths
Author(s): A. Barrientos-García; Igor A. Sukoivanov; J. A. Andrade-Lucio; Igor Guryev; Oleksiy V. Shulika; J. C. Hernandez-García; G. Ramos-Ortiz
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Three-dimensional display based on volume holographic kinoform in photopolymer
Author(s): Zheng Wang; Liangcai Cao; Fanglin Liu; Chengmingyue Li; Hao Zhang; Guofan Jin
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Tunable spectrum LED based on micro/nanostructured substrate
Author(s): Chao Wang; Jim Yao; Jun Zhou; Xiaoyan Lin; Claire Luo; Shizhuo Yin
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Photonic crystal based nano-displacement sensor
Author(s): Preeti Rani; Yogita Kalra; Venus Dillu; R. K. Sinha
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2-10 µm supercontinuum broadening using a highly nonlinear chalcogenide microfiber for mid-IR applications
Author(s): A. Baili; R. Cherif; T. S. Saini; A. Kumar; R. K. Sinha; M. Zghal
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Mid-IR supercontinuum generation and applications: a review
Author(s): Shizhuo Yin; Paul Ruffin; Christina Brantley; Eugene Edwards; Claire Luo
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Gain dynamics in liquid crystal photorefractive hybrids
Author(s): C. M. Liebig; N. V. Tabiryan; S. A. Basun; I. U. Ighodalo; V. Yu. Reshetnyak; D. R. Evans
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The calculation of the coherence time of spectral supercontinuum at the output of the fused silica with different parameters of the initial pulse
Author(s): M. V. Melnik; A. N. Tsypkin
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Super broadband ultrafast waveguide switches based on dynamic waveguiding effect
Author(s): Yun-Ching Chang; Wenbin Zhu; Ju-Hung Chao; Shizhuo Yin; Robert C. Hoffman; Andrew G. Mott; Claire Luo
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Phase-shifting holography using Bragg and non-Bragg orders in photorefractive lithium niobate
Author(s): Ujitha Abeywickrema; Partha Banerjee
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Single-platform Si photonic components for mid-infrared sensing and chemical imaging
Author(s): Ventsislav Lavchiev; Grant Ritchie; James Kirkbride; Ursula Hedenig; Thomas Grille; Peter Irsigler; Bernhard Lendl; Bernhard Jakoby
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Recent advance in application of acousto-optic tunable filters
Author(s): Ruslan A. Khansuvarov; Oleg V. Shakin; Mikhail A. Vaganov; Arseniy Yu. Zhdanov; Vadim N. Prokashev
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Design of equiangular spiral photonic crystal fiber for supercontinuum generation at 1550 nm
Author(s): T. S. Saini; A. Baili; V. Dahiya; A. Kumar; R. Cherif; M. Zghal; R. K. Sinha
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Self-tuning acousto-optic deflectors with acoustic line made of NaBi(MoO4)2 crystal
Author(s): Ruslan A. Khansuvarov; Oleg V. Shakin; Mikhail A. Vaganov; Arseniy Yu. Zhdanov
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Enhanced stability of Bi-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 amorphous films
Author(s): S. Dyussembayev; O. Prikhodko; K. Tsendin; S. Timoshenkov; N. Korobova
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Error angle determination of the star sensor with liquid cooling
Author(s): N. Korobova; P. Razzhivalov; V. Kalugin; S. Timoshenkov; E. Artemov
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Theoretical for astigmatism Fourier transform-based imaging processor
Author(s): Peipei Hou; Jianfeng Sun; Ya’nan Zhi; Liren Liu
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Dispersion properties of a one-dimensional aperiodic OmniGuide structure
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Fesenko; Vladimir R. Tuz; Pedro Pablo Rocha Garcia; Igor A. Sukhoivanov
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Absorption characteristic and two-center holographic recording in LiNbO3:Ce:Ru crystals
Author(s): Zhifang Chai; Ya'nan Zhi; Lu Cui; Xiaohua Qi; Qiang Huan
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Organic photovoltaic cells of fully conjugated poly[2,6- (4,4-bis(2-ethylhexyl)-4H-cyclopenta[2,1-b;3,4-b ]dithiophene)-alt-4,7-(2,1,3-benzothiadiazole)] doped with fullerene
Author(s): Jen Wei Huang; Ming Seng Hsu; Tzu-Chin Lin
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Thermal effect of organic photovoltaic cells of fully conjugated poly-(3-hexylthiophene) doped with derivatized fullerene
Author(s): Jen Wei Huang; Ming Seng Hsu; Ching Yao Hsu; Tzu-Chin Lin
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DLC thin films influence the thermal dissipation of LED lights
Author(s): Ming Seng Hsu; Jen Wei Huang; Ching Yao Hsu; Feng Lin Shyu
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Optimized design of Yb3+/Er3+-codoped cross-coupled integrated microring resonator arrays
Author(s): Ramona Gălătus; Juan A. Vallés
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Characterization of long-period fiber grating as load sensing
Author(s): E. Huerta-Mascotte; J. M. Estudillo-Ayala; R. I. Mata-Chávez; A. D. Guzmán-Chávez; D. Jauregui-Vázquez; J. M. Sierra-Hernández; J. C. Hernández-Garcia; E. Vargas-Rodríguez; R. Rojas-Laguna
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Mechanically induced long-period gratings in polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiber with a supercontinuum generation source
Author(s): E. Huerta-Mascotte; R. I. Mata-Chávez; J. M. Estudillo-Ayala; A. D. Guzman-Chavez; M. Cano-Contreras; M. Trejo-Durán; R. Rojas-Laguna; E. Vargas-Rodriguez; I. V. Guryev
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Photoconductivity of ZnO based granular structures
Author(s): Armen R. Poghosyan; Natella R. Aghamalyan; Elbak Y. Elbakyan; Ruyan Guo; Ruben K. Hovsepyan; Silva I. Petrosyan
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Design of the binary-encoded fringe pattern for projected fringe profilometr
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su
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Projected fringe profilometry for non-diffusive objects
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Nai-Jen Cheng
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3D shape measurements for plano-convex lenses using fringe projection techniques
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Chau-Jern Cheng; Yi-Ta Lee
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A scanning approach using fringe projection techniques for 3D profile measurements
Author(s): Nai-Jen Cheng; Wei-Hung Su; Yung-Chi Chen
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Vibrometry analysis of electrooptical coupling near piezoelectric resonance
Author(s): Robert McIntosh; Amar S. Bhalla; Ruyan Guo
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Homodyne and heterodyne optical interferometry for frequency dependent piezoelectric displacement measurement
Author(s): Keith Delahoussaye; Ruyan Guo; Amar Bhalla
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Ponderomotive force induced nonlinear interaction between terahertz wave and air plasmas
Author(s): Chengxun Yuan; Ying Wang; Ruilin Gao; Shizhuo Yin
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