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Nanostructured Thin Films VII
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Volume Number: 9172
Date Published: 10 September 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9172
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Low dimensional optics
Author(s): F. Flory; Ludovic Escoubas; J. Le Rouzo; G. Berginc; C. C. Lee
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Confined modes on a meta-surface
Author(s): Richard Razafindrakoto; Emmanuel Rousseau; Didier Felbacq; Emmanuel Kling
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Design a symmetrical film stack as a negative index metamaterial
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Wei-Chih Liu; Ci-Yao Jheng; Chih-Chieh Yang
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Nanostructured thin films and their macrobehaviors
Author(s): Mei-Ling Lo; Shih-Fang Liao; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Nano-structures for high intensity fiber laser applications
Author(s): C. Y. Ngo; L. Y. Hong; Z. Liu; R. F. Wu; E. H. Khoo; J. H. Teng
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PbS sculptured thin film and their effect on liquid crystals alignment
Author(s): Ashok Chaudhary; Matvey Klebanov; Ibrahim Abdulhalim
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New physics and applications of apertures in thin metal films
Author(s): Reuven Gordon; Ahmed A. Al-Balushi; Abhay Kotnala; Ryan F. Gelfand; Skylar Wheaton; Shuwen Chen; Shilong Jin
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Nanostructured refractory thin films for solar applications
Author(s): E. Ollier; N. Dunoyer; O. Dellea; H. Szambolics
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Stretchable conducting materials with multi-scale hierarchical structures for biomedical applications
Author(s): Hyun Kim; Bong Sup Shim
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Engineering wavefront with Huygens, Fermat, Bragg, Friedel, and Fresnel laws (presentation video)
Author(s): Zeno Gaburro
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Computer-based numerical simulations of adsorption in nanostructures
Author(s): Diana Khashimova
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Waves in tape helix loaded liquid crystal optical fiber
Author(s): Masih Ghasemi; P. K. Choudhury
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Shift happens: optical sensing with Dyakonov-Tamm waves
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Muhammad Faryad
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Voigt waves in electro–optic homogenized composite materials
Author(s): Tom G. Mackay
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Local field enhancement effects for dielectric coatings on silver nanorod arrays
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Meng-Jie Lin; Ci-Yao Jheng; Wei-Chih Liu
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Study of partial discharge characteristics of nano filled polypropylene films according to the variation in electric field distribution on the sample
Author(s): Md. Afzalur Rab; Rohitha Dhara; Prathap Basappa; Anil B. Poda
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Ultra-thin metal oxide based light controlled converter for sensing surface chemicals
Author(s): Arūnas Šetkus; Virginijus Bukauskas; Audružis Mironas; Šarūnas Vaškelis
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Magnetic, magnetooptical and magnetotransport properties of Ti-substituted Co2FeGa thin films
Author(s): Vladimir Khovaylo; Valeria Rodionova; Maria Lyange; Ksenia Chichay; Elena Gan’shina; Andrey Novikov; Georgy Zykov; Alexei Bozhko; Makoto Ohtsuka; Rie Y. Umetsu; Akinari Okubo; Ryosuke Kainuma
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Investigation into the effect of space charges on the surface erosion of synthetic and natural organoclay nanofilled PP films
Author(s): Rohitha Dhara; Md. Afzalur Rab; Prathap Basappa
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Optical properties of porphyrin: graphene oxide composites
Author(s): M. Harsha Vardhan Reddy; Rusul M. Al-Shammari; Nebras Al-Attar; Sergio Lopez; Tia E. Keyes; James H. Rice
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Nanocrystalline cellulose for optical encryption
Author(s): Yu Ping Zhang; Karen Allahverdyan; Timothy Morse; Vamsy P. Chodavarapu; Andrew G. Kirk; Tigran Galstian; Mark P. Andrews
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Optical, electrical and structural study of metallic nano-structured thin films fabricated by oblique angle deposition
Author(s): Sung Jun Jang; Alireza Bonakdar; Hooman Mohseni
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Mimumes for SUBTLE applications
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Bottom-up fabrication of non-close-packed nanopillar arrays for photonic applications
Author(s): Motofumi Suzuki; Shinta Suganuma; Yasuyuki Kaneko
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Tungsten-oxide thin films of dense, columnar, and chiral morphologies
Author(s): Tomas Tolenis; Stephen E. Swiontek; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Ramutis Drazdys
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The effect of the substrate temperature and the acceleration potential drop on the structural and physical properties of SiC thin films deposed by TVA method
Author(s): Victor Ciupina; Cristian P. Lungu; Rodica Vladoiu; Gabriel C. Prodan; Stefan Antohe; Corneliu Porosnicu; Iuliana Stanescu; Ionut Jepu; Sorina Iftimie; Madalina Prodan; Aurelia Mandes; Virginia Dinca; Eugeniu Vasile; Valeriu Zarovski; Virginia Nicolescu
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Deposition condition influence on optical properties of indium tin oxide
Author(s): Taras O. Hanulia; Olga Lopatynska; Vasyl V. Lendel; Leonid V. Poperenko
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Effect of aging with partial discharges on the remnant breakdown strength of polypropylene films with natural and synthetic nanofillers
Author(s): Md. Afzalur Rab; Rohitha Dhara; Prathap Basappa; Anil B. Poda
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