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Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials XIII
Editor(s): Natalie Banerji; Sophia C. Hayes; Carlos Silva
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Volume Number: 9165
Date Published: 16 September 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9165
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Singlet fission in organic thin films of 1,3-diphenylisobenzofuran and cibalackrot (presentation video)
Author(s): Joseph Ryerson; Joel N. Schrauben; Arthur J. Nozik; Josef Michl; Justin C. Johnson
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The roles of bulk and interfacial molecular orientations in determining the performance of organic bilayer solar cells (presentation video)
Author(s): Guy O. Ngongang Ndjawa; Kenneth R. Graham; Sarah Conron; Patrick Erwin; Ruipeng Li; Kang Wei Chou; George Burkhard; Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma; Eric T. Hoke; Michael D. McGehee; Mark E. Thompson; Aram Amassian
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Consequence of thermal annealing on PCDTBT-based solar cells performance and composition profile (presentation video)
Author(s): Olesia Synooka; Kai R. Eberhardt; Chetan Raj Singh; Gernot Ecke; Bernhard Ecker; Elizabeth von Hauff; Gerhard Gobsch; Harald Hoppe
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Competing role of quantum localization and interfacial disorder in determining triplet exciton fission and recombination dynamics in polymer/fullerene photovoltaics
Author(s): Eric R. Bittner
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Two-dimensional polaron coherence in Poly(3-hexylthiophene)
Author(s): C. M Pochas; Hajime Yamagata; F. C. Spano
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Charge separation in an n-p-n triad forming Lamellar structure (presentation video)
Author(s): Damien Rolland; Lucia Hartmann; Natalie Banerji; Martin Brinkmann; Holger Frauenrath
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X-ray photoemission spectroscopy study of vertical phase separation in F8BT:PDI/ITO films for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): A. Brambilla; A. Calloni; E. Aluicio-Sardui; G. Berti; Z. Kan; S. Beaupré; M. Leclerc; H.-J. Butt; G. Floudas; P. E. Keivanidis; L. Duò
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Exciton hopping in carbon nanotube solar cells studied with 2D white-light spectroscopy
Author(s): Martin T. Zanni
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Direct measurement of energy transport in organic nanosystems
Author(s): Katherine A. Koen; Katie A. Clark; David A. Vanden Bout
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The optical properties of conjugated materials and their aggregates: towards imaging of films and devices
Author(s): Linda A. Peteanu; Jiyun Hong; SuKyung Jeon; Janice Kim; Diane Devi; Jurjen Wildeman; Matthew Y. Sfeir; James H. Werner; Andrew P. Shreve
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Two-electron photo-oxidation of betanin on titanium dioxide and potential for improved dye-sensitized solar energy conversion
Author(s): Fritz J. Knorr; Deborah J. Malamen; Jeanne L. McHale; Arianna Marchioro; Jacques E. Moser
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Ultrafast electron transfer from low band gap conjugated polymer to quantum dots in hybrid photovoltaic materials
Author(s): Elsa Couderc; Matthew J. Greaney; William Thornbury; Richard L. Brutchey; Stephen E. Bradforth
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Effect of atomic under-coordination on the properties of Ag and Cu nanoclusters
Author(s): Shideh Ahmadi; Xi Zhang; Yinyan Gong; Chang Q. Sun
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Spectroelectrochemical photoluminescence of titanium dioxide nanosheets and nanoparticles in aqueous and nonaqueous environments
Author(s): Riley E. Rex; Fritz J. Knorr; Jeanne L. McHale
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Ultrafast infrared spectroscopy reveals intragap states in methylammonium lead iodide perovskite materials
Author(s): Artem A. Bakulin; Huib J. Bakker; Zhenhua Sun; Zhuoying Chen
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Ferroelectric domain walls as nanoscale pathways to novel functional properties (presentation video)
Author(s): Patrycja Paruch
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The photophysics of perovskite solar cells
Author(s): Tze Chien Sum
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Optical properties of low bandgap copolymer PTB7 for organic photovoltaic applications
Author(s): Uyen Huynh; Tek Basel; Tao Xu; Luyao Lu; Tianyue Zheng; Luping Yu; Valy Vardeny
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Assessment of cytotoxicity and oxidative effect of Bismuth Ferrite (BFO) harmonic nanoparticles for localized DNA photo-interaction
Author(s): Davide Staedler; Thibaud Magouroux; Solène Passemard; Daniel Ciepielewski; Sandrine Gerber-Lemaire; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Luigi Bonacina
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Quantum dots: using the known as well as exploring the unknown
Author(s): Ron Tenne; Osip Schwartz; Ayelet Teitelboim; Pazit Rukenstien; Jonathan M. Levitt; Taleb Mokari; Dan Oron
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Drug/protein interactions studied by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Thomas Gustavsson; Dimitra Markovitsi; Ignacio Vayá; Paula Bonancía; M. Consuelo Jiménez; Miguel A. Miranda
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PEGylated nanoparticles: protein corona and secondary structure
Author(s): Sabiha Runa; Alexandra Hill; Victoria L. Cochran; Christine K. Payne
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Role of ZnS shell on stability, cytotoxicity, and photocytotoxicity of water-soluble CdSe semiconductor quantum dots surface modified with glutathione
Author(s): Salwa Ali Ibrahim; Wafaa Ahmed; Tareq Youssef
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A striking mobility improvement of C60 OFET by inserting diindenoperylene layer between C60 and SiO2 gate insulator
Author(s): Jin-peng Yang; Keiichiro Yonezawa; Alexander Hinderhofer; Fabio Bussolotti; Satoshi Kera; Nobuo Ueno
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Preparation of flexible TiO2 photoelectrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Wen-Ren Li; Hsiu-Hsuan Wang; Chia-Feng Lin; Chaochin Su
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