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Active Photonic Materials VI
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Volume Number: 9162
Date Published: 9 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9162
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Quasinormal mode theory and applications of light-matter interactions in nanoplasmonics
Author(s): R.-C. Ge; S. Hughes
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Modal representation of light-matter interactions in plasmonic nanoresonators
Author(s): C. Sauvan; J.-P. Hugonin; P. Lalanne
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Controlling a photon with a solid-state quantum bit
Author(s): Edo Waks; Hyochul Kim; Ranojoy Bose; Tao Cai; Shuo Sun; Glenn S. Solomon
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Positioning of single quantum dots on nanoscale areas of metal-free substrates (presentation video)
Author(s): Isabelle Staude; Varun K. Sreenivasan; Ivan Shishkin; Kirill Samusev; Manuel Decker; Dragomir N. Neshev; Andrei V. Zvyagin; Yuri S. Kivshar
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Isotropic band gaps, optical cavities, and freeform waveguides in hyperuniform disordered photonic solids
Author(s): Marian Florescu; Weining Man; Ruth Ann Mullen; Milan M. Milosevic; Timothy Amoah; Paul M. Chaikin; Salvatore Torquato; Paul Steinhardt
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Beam shaping and manipulation in photonic crystal structures (presentation video)
Author(s): Anna C. Tasolamprou; Lei Zhang; Maria Kafesaki; Thomas Koschny; Costas M. Soukoulis
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Dielectric and metallic nanosuspensions with tunable optical nonlinearities
Author(s): Shima Fardad; Weining Man; Ze Zhang; Alessandro Salandrino; Matthias Heinrich; Zhigang Chen; Demetrios N. Christodoulides
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Medium-dependent resonance energy transfer: a controlling role for three-center upconversion
Author(s): Jamie M. Leeder; David L. Andrews
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Novel phenomena in nano-photonic systems of macroscopic sizes
Author(s): Chia Wei Hsu; Yichen Shen; Bo Zhen; Dexin Ye; Wenjun Qiu; Ivan Celanovic; Ofer Shapira; Brendan DeLacy; Steven G. Johnson; John D. Joannopoulos; Marin Soljacic
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Graphene plasmons: properties and applications
Author(s): Ph. Avouris; D. B. Farmer; M. Freitag; Y. Li; T. Low; H. Yan; H. Wang
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Short-pulse fiber lasers mode-locked by carbon nanotube and graphene
Author(s): Shinji Yamashita; Sze Y. Set; Bo Xu
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Molecular bond Fano resonances in organic thin films enhanced by (A)SRR arrays
Author(s): Richard M. De La Rue; Ifeoma G. Mbomson; Saima I. Khan; Graham J. Sharp; Basudev Lahiri; Nigel P. Johnson; Henrique Vilhena; Scott G. McMeekin
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Light trapping and solar energy harvesting in thin-film photonic crystals
Author(s): Sajeev John
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Absorption in photonic crystals: from order to disorder
Author(s): Christian Seassal; Loїc Lalouat; He Ding; Emmanuel Drouard; Guillaume Gomard; Romain Peretti; Thierry Deschamp; Fabien Mandorlo; Régis Orobtchouk; Alain Fave
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Multi-dielectric stacks as a platform for giant optical field
Author(s): Aude L. Lereu; Myriam Zerrad; Marlène Petit; Frédérique De Fornel; Claude Amra
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The opto-electronic physics which just broke the efficiency record in solar cells (presentation video)
Author(s): Eli Yablonovitch; Owen D. Miller
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Controlling and creating plasmonic absorption processes in graphene nanostructures (presentation video)
Author(s): Victor W. Brar; Min S. Jang; Michelle Sherrott; Seyoon Kim; Laura Kim; Mansoo Choi; Harry A. Atwater
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Plasmoelectric potentials in Au nano-hole arrays (presentation video)
Author(s): Matthew T. Sheldon; Jorik van de Groep; Ana M. Brown; Albert Polman; Harry A. Atwater Jr.
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Theory of absorption-induced transparency
Author(s): Sergio G. Rodrigo; L. Martín-Moreno
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Optimized aperiodic highly directional narrowband infrared emitters
Author(s): Christopher H, Granier; Francis O. Afzal; Changjun Min; Jonathan P. Dowling; Georgios Veronis
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Unusual thermal emission from a three-dimensional metallic photonic crystal
Author(s): Shawn-Yu Lin; Mei-Li Hsieh; Rajeev Shenoi; James Bur
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Tensilely strained germanium nanomembranes for direct-bandgap infrared light emission
Author(s): Roberto Paiella; Cicek Boztug; José Sánchez-Pérez; Jian Yin; Max G. Lagally
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PT symmetry in optics and photonics
Author(s): Demetrios N. Christodoulides; Mohammad-Ali Miri
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Single mode PT symmetric large area lasers
Author(s): Hossein Hodaei; Mohammad-Ali Miri; Matthias Heinrich; Demetrios N. Christodoulides; Mercedeh Khajavikhan
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Unidirectional lasing emerging from frozen light in nonreciprocal cavities
Author(s): Hamidreza Ramezani; Tsampikos Kottos; I. Vitebskiy
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Indirect transitions of a signal interacting with a moving refractive index front
Author(s): Michel Castellanos Muñoz; Alexander Yu. Petrov; Liam O’Faolain; Juntao Li; Thomas F. Krauss; Manfred Eich
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True stopping of light: a new regime for nanophotonics
Author(s): Kosmas L. Tsakmakidis; Xiang Zhang; Ortwin Hess
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Third-harmonic generation enhancement in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal grating
Author(s): S. Wicharn; P. Buranasiri
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