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Remote Sensing of the Environment: 18th National Symposium on Remote Sensing of China
Editor(s): Qingxi Tong; Jie Shan; Boqin Zhu
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Volume Number: 9158
Date Published: 16 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9158
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Application and evaluation of ISVR method in QuickBird image fusion
Author(s): Bo Cheng; Xiaolu Song
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The parallel segmentation algorithm based on pyramid image for high spatial resolution remote sensing image
Author(s): Lingcao Huang; Guo Zhang; Chunxia Zhou; Yanan Wang
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Instantaneous dynamic change detection based on three-line-array stereoscopic images of TH-1 satellite
Author(s): Tuanjie Zheng; Jiasheng Cheng; Heyuan Li
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The method of earthquake landslide information extraction with high-resolution remote sensing
Author(s): Jian Wu; Peng Chen; Yaolin Liu; Jing Wang
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Parallel algorithms of relative radiometric correction for images of TH-1 satellite
Author(s): Xiang Wang; Tingtao Zhang; Jiasheng Cheng; Tao Yang
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3D modeling of pylon from airborne LiDAR data
Author(s): Zhipeng Chen; Zenrong Lan; Huaping Long; Qingwu Hu
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High-precision DEM reconstruction based on airborne LiDAR point clouds
Author(s): Jingzhong Xu; Yuan Kou; Jun Wang
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Research of on-orbit MTF measurement for the satellite sensors
Author(s): Miaozhong Xu; Ming Cong; Huijie Li
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A fast image matching algorithm based on key points
Author(s): Huilin Wang; Ying Wang; Ru An; Peng Yan
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Comparative analysis of data quality and applications in vegetation of HJ-1A CCD images
Author(s): Hongwei Wei; Qingjiu Tian; Yan Huang; Yan Wang
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The absolute radiometric calibration of HJ-1B satellite based on simultaneous ground measurement
Author(s): Xue Wu; Yongsheng Zhang; Ying Yu; Yu Zou; Guangjun Dong
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Technologies and system for automatic generation of advanced geo-spatial products with Chinese satellite imagery
Author(s): Yongjun Zhang; Bo Wang; Jin Yu; Qi Chen; Yansong Duan; Yong Zhang; Mingwei Sun; Shunping Ji
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A sub-pixel registration approach for images from ZY-3 based on the SURF and Harris algorithm
Author(s): Chong Fan; Juan Zhang
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A CPU/GPU collaborative approach to high-speed remote sensing image rectification based on RFM
Author(s): Yiwei Sun; Bin Liu; Xiliang Sun; Wenhui Wan; Kaichang Di; Zhaoqin Liu
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Block adjustment of Chang'E-1 images based on rational function model
Author(s): Bin Liu; Yiliang Liu; Kaichang Di; Xiliang Sun
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A preliminary result of self-calibration bundle adjustment of Chang'E-2 stereo imagery
Author(s): Yiliang Liu; Bin Liu; Man Peng; Kaichang Di
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Discussion on application of WorldView 2 satellite data in West Kunlun metallogenic belt remote sensing geological survey
Author(s): Xiao-peng Wang; Zhi-qiang Yang; Gao-feng Kang; Jun-feng Wang; Mou-shun Jin
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Hyperspectral identification of mineral diversity and formation mechanism analysis in the Mclaughlin crater on Mars
Author(s): Sheng Gou; Zongyu Yue; Kaichang Di; Jinnian Wang
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Monitoring of landslide deformation based on the coherent targets of high resolution InSAR data
Author(s): Jinghui Fan; Ye Xia; Hongli Zhao; Man Li; Yi Wang; Xiaofang Guo; Pengfei Tu; Guang Liu; Hao Lin
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Application of synthetic aperture radar remote sensing in Antarctica
Author(s): Chunxia Zhou; Fanghui Deng; Lei Wan; Zemin Wang; Dongchen E; Yu Zhou
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Object-oriented coastline classification and extraction from remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Xizhi Ge; Xiliang Sun; Zhaoqin Liu
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Retrieving model of soil organic matter and soil mechanical composition by using measured spectra data
Author(s): Bengyu Wang; Lina Bai; Zhihai Gao; Hongyan Wang; Junjun Wu; Zhibo Wang; Bin Sun
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Quantitative retrieval for soil organic matter in sandy land based on BJ-1 multispectral image
Author(s): Junjun Wu; Zhihai Gao; Zengyuan Li; Bengyu Wang; Lina Bai; Hongyan Wang; Bin Sun; Changlong Li
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Global land cover knowledge database for supporting optical remote sensing satellite intelligent imaging
Author(s): Ming Yan; Zhiyong Wang; Shaoshuai He; Fei Wu; Bingyang Yu
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Correlating analysis on spatio-temporal variation of LUCC and water resources based on remote sensing data
Author(s): Yi Lin; Bing Liu; Yuan Lu; Feng Xie
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Assessment of land surface complexity in relation to information capacity and NDVI in different landform regions using landsat data
Author(s): Xuhong Wang; Zhe Zhang; Mingming Cao; Huijie Qin; Yakun Cao
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Change detection of urban buildings considering geometric features
Author(s): Mengyi Wang; Li Pan
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Carbon storage estimation of main forestry ecosystems in Northwest Yunnan Province using remote sensing data
Author(s): Jinliang Wang; Xiaohua Wang; Cairong Yue; Tian-shu Xu; Pengfei Cheng
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Research on remote sensing assessment technology for porphyry copper in south of Arequipa province of Peru
Author(s): Rihong Yang; Zhizhong Li; Xiufa Cheng; Yuling Zhao
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Information extraction of typical karst landform based on RS
Author(s): Shufen Huang; Anjun Lan; Jiaqiong Ma; Haixiang Guo
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Study on the techniques of valuation of ecosystem services based on remote sensing in Anxin County
Author(s): Hongyan Wang; Zengyuan Li; Zhihai Gao; Bengyu Wang; Lina Bai; Junjun Wu; Bin Sun; Zhibo Wang
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The study on remote sensing inversion of ecological environmental indices and their dynamic analysis in the six karst peak cluster areas, Guangxi
Author(s): Zhiqiang Jia; Hong Wu; Min Hao; Lixin Xing
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Analysis of CDOM fluorescence spectrum characteristics in coastal water and its application
Author(s): Xufeng Xing; Xianqiang Lv; Fang Liu; Yuan Liu; Jie Zhan; Miaofen Huang
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Spatial and temporal changes of vegetation information in the karst peak cluster area, Guilin
Author(s): Chao Liu; Hong Wu
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Highway traffic noise prediction based on GIS
Author(s): Jianghua Zhao; Qiming Qin
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Tropical cyclone warm core analyses with FY-3 microwave temperature sounder data
Author(s): Zhe Liu; Jie Bai; Wenjun Zhang; Jun Yan; Zhuhua Zhou
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Extraction of two kinds of bare lands around cities and its significance to city development
Author(s): R. Li; Y. M. Yue; Bo Liu; X. Zhang; X. Tian
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