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Laser Sources and Applications II
Editor(s): Jacob I. Mackenzie; Helena JelÍnková; Takunori Taira; Marwan Abdou Ahmed
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Volume Number: 9135
Date Published: 15 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9135
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Implications of the temperature dependence of Nd:YAG spectroscopic values for low temperature laser operation at 946 nm
Author(s): S. J. Yoon; J. I. Mackenzie
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Semiconductor saturable absorber mirror passively Q-switched 2.97 μm fluoride fiber laser
Author(s): Jianfeng Li; Hongyu Luo; Yulian He; Yong Liu; Binbin Luo; Zhongyuan Sun; Lin Zhang; Sergei K. Turitsyn
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Gain-switched PCF rod type fiber laser
Author(s): Rok Petkovšek; Vid Agrež; Damien Sangla; Julien Saby; Reynald Boula Picard; Francois Salin
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A new RF frequency standard design based on a beat note between longitudinal modes of a frequency locked CW-laser
Author(s): Vadim M. Polyakov; Evgeny Viktorov; Anton V. Kovalev; Oleg A. Orlov
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Coherence manifestation in a continuous-wave laser
Author(s): M. Eichhorn; M. Pollnau
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Resonator modeling by field tracing: a flexible approach for fully vectorial laser resonator modeling
Author(s): Daniel Asoubar; Frank Wyrowski; Hagen Schweitzer; Christian Hellmann; Michael Kuhn
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Ultrafast green laser exceeding 400 W of average power
Author(s): Bastian Gronloh; Peter Russbueldt; Bernd Jungbluth; Hans-Dieter Hoffmann
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CW Yb-fibre laser with wavelength-variable efficient intracavity frequency doubling in partially coupled enhancement cavity
Author(s): Sergey Khripunov; Daba Radnatarov; Sergey Kobtsev; Aleksey Skorkin
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High-power CW single-frequency Nd:YVO4/LBO laser quasi-continuously tuneable over a wide frequency range
Author(s): Daba Radnatarov; Sergey Khripunov; Sergey Kobtsev; V. Lunin
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Linear optical methods for temporal characterization of femtosecond UV pulses
Author(s): Mohammadhassan Valadan; Davide D'Ambrosio; Felice Gesuele; Raffaele Velotta; Carlo Altucci
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Tunable mid-IR parametric conversion system pumped by a high-average-power picosecond Yb:YAG thin-disk laser
Author(s): Ondřej Novák; Taisuke Miura; Martin Smrž; Jaroslav Huynh; Patricie Severová; Akira Endo; Tomáš Mocek
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DFG-based mid-IR laser system for muounic-hydrogen spectroscopy
Author(s): Lyubomir I. Stoychev; Miltcho B. Danailov; Alexander A. Demidovich; Ivaylo P. Nikolov; Paolo Cinquegrana; Paolo Sigalotti; Dimitar Bakalov; Andrea Vacchi
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Mid-infrared resonant ablation for selective patterning of thin organic films
Author(s): Sanjeev Naithani; Charles Duterte; Marieta Levichkova; Arnaud Grisard; David Schaubroeck; Eric Lallier; Yves Hernandez; Karsten Walzer; Geert Van Steenberge
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Quantum cascade laser tuning by digital micromirror array-controlled external cavity
Author(s): P. Vujkovic-Cvijin; B. Gregor; A. Samuels; E. Roese
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Pulsed kW-peak power and integrated all fiber MOPA single-frequency source at 2050nm
Author(s): Erik M. D. Lucas; Guillaume Canat; Laurent Lombard; Yves Jaouën; Sylvain Bordais
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Fibre laser component technology for 2-micron laser systems
Author(s): G. Stevens; A. Robertson
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Devices and pumping architectures for 2μm high power fiber lasers
Author(s): Andrea Braglia; Alessio Califano; Yu Liu; Massimo Olivero; Guido Perrone; Renato Orta
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Pulsed operation of Tm-doped fiber lasers using piezoelectric-driven microbend applied to elliptical coating fibers
Author(s): H. Sakata; K. Kimpara; K. Komori; M. Tomiki
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Theoretical and experimental studies of ultra-short pulsed laser drilling of steel
Author(s): Andreas Michalowski; Yuan Qin; Rudolf Weber; Thomas Graf
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On the applicability of arbitrarily shaped nanosecond laser pulses for high-quality, high-efficiency micromachining
Author(s): Sasia Eiselen; Sebastian Riedel; Michael Schmidt
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Multiscale 3D manufacturing: combining thermal extrusion printing with additive and subtractive direct laser writing
Author(s): Mangirdas Malinauskas; Laurynas Lukoševičius; Dovilė Mackevičiūtė; Evaldas Balčiūnas; Sima Rekštytė; Domas Paipulas
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A brief analysis on pulse front tilt in simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing
Author(s): Site Zhang; Frank Wyrowski; Robert Kammel; Stefan Nolte
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Application of lower aliphatic alcohols as reducing agents for increasing efficiency of the LCLD process
Author(s): Dmitrii Semenok
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Laser processing of thin films for industrial packaging
Author(s): Michele Sozzi; Adrian H. A. Lutey; Annamaria Cucinotta; Stefano Selleri; Pier Gabriele Molari
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Process optimization of LIFT through visualization: towards high resolution metal circuit printing
Author(s): Merijn P. Giesbers; M. B. Hoppenbrouwers; E. C. P. Smits; R. Mandamparambil
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Metallic coatings obtained by Pulsed Laser Deposition through a dynamic prism system
Author(s): F. Cambronero-López; F. Rey-García; Carmen Bao-Varela; L. C. Estepa; G. F. de La Fuente
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Compensation of low order aberrations with reflective beam shaping system
Author(s): Wenguang Liu; Qiong Zhou; Dianyu Gu; Zongfu Jiang
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Interferometric beam shaping
Author(s): A. Harfouche; B. Boubaha; M. Fromager; K. Aït-Ameur
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Feasibility of real-time geochemical analysis using LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) in oil wells
Author(s): Mohamed Shahin
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Feasibility and performance study for a space-borne 1645 nm OPO for French-German satellite mission MERLIN
Author(s): Florian Elsen; Matthias Heinzig; Marie J. Livrozet; Jens Löhring; Jochen Wüppen; Christian Büdenbender; Andreas Fix; Bernd Jungbluth; Hans-Dieter Hoffmann
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High-brightness all semiconductor laser at 1.57 μm for space-borne lidar measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide: device design and analysis of requirements
Author(s): I. Esquivias; A. Consoli; M. Krakowski; M. Faugeron; G. Kochem; M. Traub; J. Barbero; P. Fiadino; Xiao Ai; J. Rarity; M. Quatrevalet; G. Ehret
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Investigation on thermal behavior of resonant waveguide-grating mirrors in an Yb:YAG thin-disk laser
Author(s): Martin Rumpel; Benjamin Dannecker; Andreas Voss; Michael Möller; Christian Moormann; Thomas Graf; Marwan Abdou Ahmed
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Wavelength stabilisation of a DFB laser diode using measurement of junction voltage
Author(s): A. Asmari; J. Hodgkinson; E. Chehura; S. E. Staines; R. P. Tatam
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A hybrid semiconductor-glass waveguide laser
Author(s): Youwen Fan; Ruud M. Oldenbeuving; Edwin J. Klein; Chris J. Lee; Hong Song; Muhammed R. H. Khan; Herman L. Offerhaus; Peter J. M. van der Slot; Klaus-J. Boller
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Lyot-filter based multiwavelength random distributed feedback fiber laser
Author(s): Srikanth Sugavanam; Zhijun Yan; Vladimir Kamynin; Andrew S. Kurkov; Lin Zhang; Dmitry Churkin
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Thin-disk multipass amplifier for ultrashort laser pulses with kilowatt average output power and mJ pulse energies
Author(s): Jan-Philipp Negel; Andreas Voss; Marwan Abdou Ahmed; Dominik Bauer; Dirk Sutter; Alexander Killi; Thomas Graf
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Microfabrication of transparent materials using filamented femtosecond laser beams
Author(s): S. Butkus; D. Paipulas; Eugenijus Gaižauskas; D. Kaškelytė; V. Sirutkaitis
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Laser emission from diode-pumped Nd:YAG cladding waveguides obtained by direct writing with a femtosecond-laser beam
Author(s): Gabriela Salamu; Flavius Voicu; Florin Jipa; Marian Zamfirescu; Traian Dascalu; Nicolaie Pavel
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Strong ion migration in high refractive index contrast waveguides formed by femtosecond laser pulses in phosphate glass
Author(s): J. Hoyo; Belen Sotillo; M. Hernandez; T. Toney Fernandez; Patricia Haro-González; D. Jaque; P. Fernandez; C. Domingo; J. Siegel; J. Solis
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Power and energy scaling of Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillators
Author(s): Oleg Pronin; Jonathan Brons; Marcus Seidel; Elena Fedulova; Alexander A. Apolonskiy; Dominik Bauer; Dirk Sutter; Vladimir Kalashnikov; Vladimir Pervak; Ferenc Krausz
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948 kHz repetition rate, picosecond pulse duration, all-PM 1.03 µm mode-locked fiber laser based on nonlinear polarization evolution
Author(s): S. Boivinet; J.-B. Lecourt; Y. Hernandez; A. Fotiadi; P. Mégret
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Extent of parameter variability for different pulses from a passively mode-locked fibre laser
Author(s): S. Kobtsev; S. Smirnov; S. Kukarin; A. Ivanenko
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Characterisation of birefringence of [111]-cut crystal rod using side-pumping and crystal rotation
Author(s): Thomas Graupeter; Rainer Hartmann; Christoph Pflaum
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The pulsed all fiber laser application in the high-resolution 3D imaging LIDAR system
Author(s): Cunxiao Gao; Shaolan Zhu; Linquan Niu; Li Feng; Haodong He; Zongying Cao
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Cryogenically cooled Pr:YAlO3 laser operating at 747 nm, 662 nm, and 622 nm wavelengths
Author(s): Martin Fibrich; Jan Šulc; Helena Jelínková
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Simulation of wavefront reconstruction in beam reshaping system for rectangular laser beam
Author(s): Qiong Zhou; Wenguang Liu; Zongfu Jiang
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Compact Nd:YAG laser operating at 1.06, 1.32, and 1.44um
Author(s): Michal Němec; Jan Šulca; Helena Jelínková; Martin Fibrich; Karel Nejezchleb; Nickalai Kapitch
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Er-doped ortho- and metha-phosphate glassy mixtures for 1.54 μm laser construction
Author(s): Jan Šulc; Richard Švejkar; Michal Němec; Helena Jelínková; Karel Nitsch; Antonín Cihlář; Robert Král; Karel Nejezchleb; Miroslava Rodová; Martin Nikl
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Laser characteristics of TGT-grown Nd,Y-codoped:SrF2 single crystal
Author(s): Michal Jelínek; Václav Kubeček; Liangbi Su; Dapeng Jiang; Fengkai Ma; Qian Zhang; Yuexin Cao; Jun Xu
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Detectability of penetration depth based on weld pool geometry and process emission spectrum in laser welding of copper
Author(s): Alp Özmert; Paul Neisser-Deiters; Alexander Drenker
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Safe range gated imaging LIDAR with a nanosecond frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Roberto Ocaña; Ian Wallhead; Teresa Molina
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Modeling of the spectrum in a random distributed feedback fiber laser within the power balance modes
Author(s): Ilya D. Vatnik; Dmitry V. Churkin
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Self-start of passively mode-locked ring fibre oscillator as a function of pump power
Author(s): S. Kobtsev; S. Smirnov; S. Khripunov; D. Radnatarov; S. Kukarin; A. Ivanenko
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Photonic jet to improve the lateral resolution of laser etching
Author(s): Andri Abdurrochman; Sylvain Lecler; Joël Fontaine; Frédéric Mermet; Patrick Meyrueis; Bernard Y. Tumbelaka; Paul Montgomery
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Laser-beam modulation to improve efficiency of selecting laser melting for metal powders
Author(s): A. Okunkova; P. Peretyagin; Yuri Vladimirov; M. Volosova; R. Torrecillas; S. V. Fedorov
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Measurement of energy transfer upconversion in Nd:YAG via the z-scan technique
Author(s): R. P. Yan; S. J. Yoon; S. J. Beecher; J. I. Mackenzie
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Er:Cr:YSGG Q-switched laser for pumping mid-IR systems
Author(s): H. Jelínková; D. Vyhlídal; M. Čech; J. Šulc; M. Němec; M. Fibrich; T. Koutný
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Remotely manageable system for stabilizing femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Martin Cizek; Vaclav Hucl; Radek Smid; Bretislav Mikel; Josef Lazar; Ondrej Cip
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