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Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits IV
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Volume Number: 9133
Date Published: 28 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9133
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hybrid III-V/silicon lasers
Author(s): P. Kaspar; C. Jany; A. Le Liepvre; A. Accard; M. Lamponi; D. Make; G. Levaufre; N. Girard; F. Lelarge; A. Shen; P. Charbonnier; F. Mallecot; G.-H. Duan; J. -L. Gentner; J.-M. Fedeli; S. Olivier; A. Descos; B. Ben Bakir; S. Messaoudene; D. Bordel; S. Malhouitre; C. Kopp; S. Menezo
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New strategies to improve Eu light emission in SI-based matrices
Author(s): G. Franzò; G. Bellocchi; S. Boninelli; M. Miritello; F. Iacona
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Erbium-doped spiral amplifiers with 20 dB gain on a silicon chip
Author(s): S. A. Vázquez-Córdova; E. H. Bernhardi; K. Wörhoff; S. M. García-Blanco; M. Pollnau
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On the photoluminescence of as-deposited Tb-doped silicon oxides and oxynitrides fabricated by ECR-PECVD
Author(s): J. M. Ramírez; J. Wojcik; Y. Berencén; P. Mascher; B. Garrido
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Design, integration, and testing of a compact FBG interrogator, based on an AWG spectrometer
Author(s): Andrea Trita; Garrie Vickers; Iker Mayordomo; Dries van Thourhout; Jan Vermeiren
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Fully CMOS compatible photonics integrated on silicon substrates
Author(s): Zhiyong Li; Hao Xu; Xi Xiao; Anastasia Nemkova; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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Packaging challenges for integrated silicon photonic circuits
Author(s): Nicola Pavarelli; Jun Su Lee; Peter A. O'Brien
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Active polarization independent coupling to silicon photonics circuit
Author(s): J. Niklas Caspers; Yun Wang; Lukas Chrostowski; Mo Mojahedi
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Adiabatic optical bus for long-range coupling between silicon photonic waveguides
Author(s): A. P. Hope; T. G. Nguyen; A. D. Greentree; A. Mitchell
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Quasi-phase-matched four-wave-mixing of optical pulses in periodically modulated silicon photonic wires
Author(s): Spyros Lavdas; Jeffrey B. Driscoll; Richard R. Grote; Richard M. Osgood Jr.; Nicolae C. Panoiu
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Nonlinear response of SiGe waveguides in the mid-infrared
Author(s): L. Carletti; P. Ma; B. Luther-Davies; D. Hudson; C. Monat; S. Madden; D. J. Moss; M. Brun; S. Ortiz; S. Nicoletti; C. Grillet
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A silicon Mach Zehnder comb switch for low power operation in on-chip optical data communications
Author(s): L. Sánchez; A. Brimont; S. Lechago; A. Griol; P. Sanchis
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Ge quantum-well waveguide modulator at 1.3 um
Author(s): Mohamed-Said Rouifed; Delphine Marris-Morini; P. Chaisakul; Jacopo Frigerio; Giovanni Isella; Daniel Chrastina; Samson Edmond; Xavier Le Roux; Jean-René Coudevylle; David Bouville; Laurent Vivien
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High-density silicon optical interposer for inter-chip interconnects
Author(s): T. Nakamura; Y. Urino; Y. Arakawa
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Microring based ratio-metric wavelength monitor on silicon
Author(s): Ao Shen; Bing Yang; Ting Hu; Tingge Dai; Chen Qiu; Yubo Li; Yinlei Hao; Xiaoqing Jiang; Jianyi Yang
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Fabrication of high-density pitch adapters by laser ablation
Author(s): F. Rey-García; C. Bao-Varela; E. Pérez; P. Rodríguez; A. Gallas; G. F. de la Fuente
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An inter- and intra-chip optical interconnect using a hybrid plasmonic leaky-wave nano-antenna
Author(s): Vahid Ebrahimi; Leila Yousefi; Mahmoud Mohammad-Tahri
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A novel wavelength multiplexer/demutiplexer based on side-port multimode interference coupler
Author(s): Shile Wei; Wu Jian; Lingjuan Zhao; Jifang Qiu; Zuoshan Yin; Rongqing Hui
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A complete design flow for silicon photonics
Author(s): James Pond; Chris Cone; Lukas Chrostowski; Jackson Klein; Jonas Flueckiger; Amy Liu; Dylan McGuire; Xu Wang
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How the new optoelectronic design automation industry is taking advantage of preexisting EDA standards
Author(s): Kevin A. Nesmith; Susan Carver
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Modeling of PN interleaved phase shifters for high speed silicon modulators
Author(s): Diego Perez-Galacho; Delphine Marris-Morini; Eric Cassan; Laurent Vivien
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Analysis of a polarization-independent nonlinear cross-slot waveguide with Fourier Modal Method (FMM)
Author(s): Somnath Paul; Jani Tervo; Seppo Honakanen
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Coupling light to whispering gallery mode resonators
Author(s): D. Farnesi; G. C. Righini; A. Barucci; S. Berneschi; F. Chiavaioli; F. Cosi; S. Pelli; S. Soria; C. Trono; D. Ristic; M. Ferrari; G. Nunzi Conti
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Efficient lasing in Nd:GdVO4 depressed cladding waveguides produced by femtosecond laser writing
Author(s): Hongliang Liu; Javier R. Vázquez de Aldana; Feng Chen
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Three port optical circulators with ring resonators
Author(s): Dirk Jalas; Alexander Yu. Petrov; Manfred Eich
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Suspended photonic waveguide arrays for submicrometer alignment
Author(s): Tjitte-Jelte Peters; Marcel Tichem; Urs Staufer
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Wavelength tuning speed in semiconductor ring lasers using on-chip filtered optical feedback
Author(s): Guy Verschaffelt; Mulham Khoder; Romain Modeste Nguimdo; Xaveer Leijtens; Jeroen Bolk; Jan Danckaert
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Misalignment tolerant couplers for hybrid integration of semiconductor lasers with silicon photonics parallel transmitters
Author(s): S. Romero-García; B. Marzban; S. Sharif Azadeh; F. Merget; B. Shen; J. Witzens
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Towards a low noise class-A hybrid III-V/silicon laser
Author(s): Nils Girard; Ghaya Baili; Pascale Nouchi; Daniel Dolfi; Alban Le Liepvre; Alain Accard; Peter Kaspar; Dalila Make; Philippe Charbonnier; Franck Mallecot; Mickael Faugeron; Frederic Van Dijk; Guang-Hua Duan; Ségolène Olivier; Stephan Malhouitre; Christophe Kopp
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Electrical and electroluminescence properties of silicon nanocystals/SiO2 superlattices
Author(s): Julian López-Vidrier; Yonder Berencén; Bernat Mundet; Sergi Hernández; Sebastian Gutsch; Daniel Hiller; Philipp Löper; Manuel Schnabel; Stefan Janz; Margit Zacharias; Blas Garrido
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High-frequency sub-wavelength IR thermal source
Author(s): Floria Ottonello Briano; Pauline Renoux; Fredrik Forsberg; Hans Sohlström; Snorri Ingvarsson; Göran Stemme; Kristinn B. Gylfason
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Characterization of PECVD silicon nitride photonic components at 532 and 900 nm wavelength
Author(s): P. Neutens; A. Subramanian; M. Ul Hasan; C. Chen; R. Jansen; T. Claes; X. Rottenberg; B. Du Bois; K. Leyssens; P. Helin; S. Severi; A. Dhakal; F. Peyskens; L. Lagae; P. Deshpande; R. Baets; P. Van Dorpe
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Polymer and composite polymer slot waveguides
Author(s): Marianne Hiltunen; William S. Fegadolli; Hugo L. R. Lira; Pasi Vahimaa; Jussi Hiltunen; Sanna Aikio; Vilson R. Almeida; Pentti Karioja
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Large-scale characterization of silicon nitride-based evanescent couplers at 532nm wavelength
Author(s): Tom Claes; Roelof Jansen; Pieter Neutens; Bert Du Bois; Philippe Helin; Simone Severi; Pol Van Dorpe; Paru Deshpande; Xavier Rottenberg
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Influence of waveguide structure on Y-branch splitting ratio
Author(s): Catalina Burtscher; Dana Seyringer
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Optical power distributions through fractal routing
Author(s): Roelof Jansen; Tom Claes; Pieter Neutens; Bert Du Bois; Philippe Helin; Simone Severi; Pol Van Dorpe; Paru Deshpande; Xavier Rottenberg
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Efficient split-step time-domain modeling for multi-ring waveguide all pass and add/drop filters
Author(s): Youngchul Chung
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