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Quantum Information and Computation XII
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Volume Number: 9123
Date Published: 24 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9123
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Superdense teleportation for space applications
Author(s): T. M. Graham; Herbert J. Bernstein; H. Javadi; B. J. Geldzahler; P. G. Kwiat
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Quantum state regeneration in entanglement based quantum key distribution protocols
Author(s): Reinhard Erdmann
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LDPC error correction for Gbit/s QKD
Author(s): Alan Mink; Anastase Nakassis
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Polar codes in a QKD environment
Author(s): Anastase Nakassis; Alan Mink
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Spectral-temporal-polarization encoding of photons for multi-user secure quantum communication
Author(s): Eric Donkor
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Adaptive multicarrier quadrature division modulation for long-distance continuous-variable quantum key distribution
Author(s): L. Gyongyosi; S. Imre
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The braided single-stage protocol for quantum secure communication
Author(s): Bhagyashri Darunkar; Pramode K. Verma
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Dual compressible hybrid quantum secret sharing schemes based on extended unitary operations
Author(s): Hong Lai; Mehmet Orgun; Liyin Xue; Jinghua Xiao; Josef Pieprzyk
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Example of lumped parameter modeling of a quantum optics circuit
Author(s): Paul J. Werbos
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Implications of the Landauer limit for quantum logic
Author(s): F. Matthew Mihelic
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Progress towards a quantum memory with telecom-frequency conversion
Author(s): Daniel Stack; Patricia J. Lee; Qudsia Quraishi
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Faraday effect due to Pauli exclusion principle in 3D topological insulator nanostructures
Author(s): Hari P. Paudel; Michael N. Leuenberger
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Characterization of photons generated in spontaneous parametric down-conversion
Author(s): Mark Bashkansky; Igor Vurgaftman; J. Reintjes
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Deterministic generation of many-photon GHZ states using quantum dots in a cavity
Author(s): Michael N. Leuenberger; Mikhail Erementchouk
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Quantum walk search factors in the regime of weak measurement
Author(s): Debabrata Ghoshal
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Hyper-entanglement based sensor with reduced measurement time and enhanced signal to interference ratio
Author(s): James F. Smith III
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Absence of local energy in elementary spin systems at low temperature
Author(s): Michael R. Frey
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Quantum diagrams and quantum networks
Author(s): Louis H. Kauffman; Sam J. Lomonaco Jr.
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Effects of mathematical locality and number scaling on coordinate chart use
Author(s): Paul Benioff
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Topological quantum computation of the Dold-Thom functor
Author(s): Juan Ospina
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Quantum walks in waveguide-based optical quantum device
Author(s): Nan Wu; Haixing Hu; Ping Xu; Fangmin Song; Xiangdong Li
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Logical synchronization: how evidence and hypotheses steer atomic clocks
Author(s): John M. Myers; F. Hadi Madjid
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