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Compressive Sensing III
Editor(s): Fauzia Ahmad
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Volume Number: 9109
Date Published: 16 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9109
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-static passive SAR imaging based on Bayesian compressive sensing
Author(s): Qisong Wu; Yimin D. Zhang; Moeness G. Amin; Braham Himed
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Multi-target compressive laser ranging
Author(s): Pushkar P. Pandit; Jason R. Dahl; Zeb W. Barber; W. Randall Babbitt
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Sparsity-based ranging for dual-frequency radars
Author(s): Fauzia Ahmad; Khodour Al Kadry; Moeness G. Amin
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Analysis of the tolerance of compressive noise radar systems to multiplicative perturbations
Author(s): Mahesh C. Shastry; Ram M. Narayanan; Muralidhar Rangaswamy
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CS-MIMO radars for through-the-wall imaging in an indoor multipath environment
Author(s): Yao Yu; Fauzia Ahmad; Athina P. Petropulu; Moeness G. Amin
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Asynchronous signal-dependent non-uniform sampler
Author(s): Azime Can-Cimino; Luis F. Chaparro; Ervin Sejdić
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Sparse reconstruction of multi-window time-frequency representation based on Hermite functions
Author(s): Branka Jokanović; Moeness G. Amin; Yimin D. Zhang
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Compressive sensing of direct sequence spread spectrum signals
Author(s): Feng Liu; Michael W. Marcellin; Nathan A. Goodman; Ali Bilgin
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Reducing noise in the time-frequency representation using sparsity promoting kernel design
Author(s): Branka Jokanović; Moeness G. Amin; Yimin D. Zhang
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Using computer algebra to perform image compression with wavelet transform and SVD
Author(s): Felipe Díaz
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Compressive spectral polarization imaging
Author(s): Chen Fu; Henry Arguello; Gonzalo R. Arce; Virginia O. Lorenz
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Digital speckle reduction in holograms: a comparison between methods
Author(s): Adrian Stern; Vladimir Farber; Amitai Uzan; Yair Rivenson
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Experimental study of super-resolution using a compressive sensing architecture
Author(s): J. Christopher Flake; Gary Euliss; John B. Greer; Stephanie Shubert; Glenn Easley; Kevin Gemp; Brian Baptista; Michael D. Stenner; Phil A. Sallee
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Parallel heterogeneous architectures for efficient OMP compressive sensing reconstruction
Author(s): Amey Kulkarni; Jerome L.V.M. Stanislaus; Tinoosh Mohsenin
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Direction finding with L1-norm subspaces
Author(s): P. P. Markopoulos; N. Tsagkarakis; D. A. Pados; G. N. Karystinos
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Compressive sensing optical coherence tomography using randomly accessible lasers
Author(s): Mark Harfouche; Naresh Satyan; Arseny Vasilyev; Amnon Yariv
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Understanding differences between healthy swallows and penetration-aspiration swallows via compressive sensing of tri-axial swallowing accelerometry signals
Author(s): Ervin Sejdić; Joshua M. Dudik; Atsuko Kurosu; Iva Jestrović; James L. Coyle
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Highly accelerated 3D dynamic contrast enhanced MRI from sparse spiral sampling using integrated partial separability model and JSENSE
Author(s): Jingyuan Lyu; Pascal Spincemaille; Yi Wang; Yihang Zhou; Fuquan Ren; Leslie Ying
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Graphics processing units accelerated MIMO tomographic image reconstruction using target sparseness
Author(s): Pedro D. Bello-Maldonado; Agustin Rivera-Longoria; Mark Idleman; Yuanwei Jin; Enyue Lu
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Multimodal sparse reconstruction in Lamb wave-based structural health monitoring
Author(s): Andrew Golato; Sridhar Santhanam; Fauzia Ahmad; Moeness G. Amin
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Lensless coded aperture imaging with separable doubly Toeplitz masks
Author(s): Michael J. DeWeert; Brian P. Farm
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Rate-distortion optimization for compressive video sampling
Author(s): Ying Liu; Krishna Rao Vijayanagar; Joohee Kim
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Image estimation from projective measurements using low dimensional manifolds
Author(s): Johann Veras; Robert Muise
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A fast target detection and imaging method for compressive sensing Earth observation
Author(s): Chuanrong Li; Qi Wang; Changyong Cao; Xi Shao; Lingling Ma; Yongsheng Zhou; Shi Qiu; Jianjian Li
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A new approach to apply compressive sensing to LIDAR sensing
Author(s): Richard C. Lau; T. K. Woodward
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3D imaging using compressive line sensing serial imaging system
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Frank M. Caimi; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Gero Nootz; Anni K. Vuorenkoski
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