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Sensors and Systems for Space Applications VII
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Volume Number: 9085
Date Published: 23 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9085
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effects of star crossings on the detection of dim objects in orbit and mitigation strategies for improving detection
Author(s): Brent Gessel; S. Cain
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Using ATCOM to enhance long-range imagery collected by NASA’s flight test tracking cameras at Armstrong Flight Research Center
Author(s): Aaron Paolini; David Tow; Eric Kelmelis
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FalconSAT-7: a membrane space telescope
Author(s): Geoff Andersen; Olha Asmolova; Thomas Dickinson
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Design and operation of SUCHI: the space ultra-compact hyperspectral imager for a small satellite
Author(s): S. T. Crites; P. G. Lucey; R. Wright; J. Chan; H. Garbeil; K. A. Horton; A. Imai; E. J. Pilger; M. Wood; Lance Yoneshige
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Chalcogenide glass thin-film optics for infrared applications
Author(s): Janardan Nath; Deep Panjwani; R. E. Peale; J. David Musgraves; Pete Wachtel; Jennifer McKinley
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AE9/AP9/SPM: new models for radiation belt and space plasma specification
Author(s): W. Robert Johnston; T. Paul O’Brien; Gregory P. Ginet; Stuart L. Huston; Timothy B. Guild; Judy A. Fennelly
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Development of a spherical aerial vehicle for urban search
Author(s): Kang Hou; Hanxu Sun; Qingxuan Jia; Yanheng Zhang
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Using Atmospheric Polarization Patterns for Azimuth Sensing
Author(s): Todd M. Aycock; Art Lompado; Benjamin M. Wheeler
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Membrane based thermoelectric sensor array for space debris detection
Author(s): Frank Haenschke; Ernst Kessler; Andreas Ihring; Karl Dietrich Bunte; Christian Herbst; Matthias Mohaupt; Torsten Fichna; Daniel Hagedorn; Hans-Georg Meyer
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Constrained orbital intercept-evasion
Author(s): Aleksandar Zatezalo; Dusan M. Stipanovic; Raman K. Mehra; Khanh Pham
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The art and science of missile defense sensor design
Author(s): Brian K. McComas
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SecureCPS: Defending a nanosatellite cyber-physical system
Author(s): Lance Forbes; Huy Vu; Bogdan Udrea; Hamilton Hagar; Xenofon D. Koutsoukos; Mark Yampolskiy
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A resilient and secure software platform and architecture for distributed spacecraft
Author(s): William R. Otte; Abhishek Dubey; Gabor Karsai
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Cyber threat impact assessment and analysis for space vehicle architectures
Author(s): Robert M. McGraw; Mark J. Fowler; David Umphress; Richard A. MacDonald
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Building space operations resiliency with a multi-tier mission architecture
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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An adaptive process-based cloud infrastructure for space situational awareness applications
Author(s): Bingwei Liu; Yu Chen; Dan Shen; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Bruce Rubin
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Securing resource constraints embedded devices using elliptic curve cryptography
Author(s): Tony Tam; Mohamed Alfasi; Mohammad Mozumdar
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Simulation study of unmanned aerial vehicle communication networks addressing bandwidth disruptions
Author(s): Sixiao Wei; Linqiang Ge; Wei Yu; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Dan Shen; Chao Lu
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Dynamic autonomous routing technology for IP-based satellite ad hoc networks
Author(s): Xiaofei Wang; Jing Deng; Theresa Kostas; Gowri Rajappan
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Toward effectiveness and agility of network security situational awareness using moving target defense (MTD)
Author(s): Linqiang Ge; Wei Yu; Dan Shen; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Chao Lu
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Quantum technology for aerospace applications
Author(s): Bin Jia; Khanh Pham; Genshe Chen; Dan Shen; Zhonghai Wang; Gang Wang; Erik Blasch
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Polarization tracking for quantum satellite communications
Author(s): Gang Wang; Dan Shen; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch
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Quantum key distribution for security guarantees over QoS-driven 3D satellite networks
Author(s): Ping Wang; Xi Zhang; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch
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Resident space object tracking using an interacting multiple model mixing scheme
Author(s): Quang M. Lam
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Towards large scale multi-target tracking
Author(s): Ba-Ngu Vo; Ba-Tuong Vo; Stephan Reuter; Quang Lam; Klaus Dietmayer
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Space object surveillance using incidental measurements from vehicle-board sensors
Author(s): Sandip Roy
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A nano-satellite to study the Sun and the Earth
Author(s): M. Meftah; A. Irbah; A. Hauchecorne; L. Damé; A. Sarkissian; P. Keckhut; P.-O. Lagage; S. Dewitte; A. Chevalier
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Dexterous and expedient approach strategies considering non-zero eccentricity orbits and J2 perturbations
Author(s): Charles Remeikas; Yunjun Xu; Khanh Pham; Genshe Chen; Bin Jia; Dan Shen
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Low-complexity image compression with scalable quality control
Author(s): Bruce H. Pillman; Michael E. Napoli
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