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Unmanned Systems Technology XVI
Editor(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Douglas W. Gage; Charles M. Shoemaker; Grant R. Gerhart
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Volume Number: 9084
Date Published: 24 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9084
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Neurobiomimetic constructs for intelligent unmanned systems and robotics
Author(s): Jerome J. Braun; Danelle C. Shah; Marianne A. DeAngelus
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Intermittent communications modeling and simulation for autonomous unmanned maritime vehicles using an integrated APM and FSMC framework
Author(s): Ayodeji Coker; Logan Straatemeier; Ted Rogers; Pierre Valdez; Kelly Griendling; Daniel Cooksey
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Automating software design and configuration for a small spacecraft
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Modeling and simulation of an unmanned ground vehicle power system
Author(s): John Broderick; Jack Hartner; Dawn M. Tilbury; Ella M. Atkins
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Autonomous self-righting using recursive Bayesian estimation to determine unknown ground angles
Author(s): Jason Collins; Chad Kessens
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Multi-arm multilateral haptics-based immersive tele-robotic system (HITS) for improvised explosive device disposal
Author(s): David Erickson; Hervé Lacheray; Gilbert Lai; Amir Haddadi
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Speech and gesture interfaces for squad-level human-robot teaming
Author(s): Jonathan Harris; Daniel Barber
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New generation of human machine interfaces for controlling UAV through depth-based gesture recognition
Author(s): Tomás Mantecón; Carlos Roberto del Blanco; Fernando Jaureguizar; Narciso García
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Supporting task-oriented collaboration in human-robot teams using semantic-based path planning
Author(s): Daqing Yi; Michael A. Goodrich
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Determinants of system transparency and its influence on trust in and reliance on unmanned robotic systems
Author(s): Scott Ososky; Tracy Sanders; Florian Jentsch; Peter Hancock; Jessie Y. C. Chen
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An interdisciplinary taxonomy of social cues and signals in the service of engineering robotic social intelligence
Author(s): Travis J. Wiltshire; Emilio J. Lobato; Jonathan Velez; Florian Jentsch; Stephen M. Fiore
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Validation and verification of a high-fidelity computational model for a bounding robot's parallel actuated elastic spine
Author(s): Jason L. Pusey; Jin-Hyeong Yoo
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Temporally consistent segmentation of point clouds
Author(s): Jason L. Owens; Philip R. Osteen; Kostas Daniilidis
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Common world model for unmanned systems: Phase 2
Author(s): Robert Michael S. Dean; Jean Oh; Jerry Vinokurov
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Integration and demonstration of MEMS-scanned LADAR for robotic navigation
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; John F. Dammann Jr.; Mark Del Giorno; Charles DiBerardino; Mark M. Giza; Michael A. Powers; Nenad Uzunovic
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Head-orientation for a sidewinding snake robot using modal decomposition
Author(s): E. A. Cappo; M. Travers; H. Choset
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Tip-over prevention through heuristic reactive behaviors for unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Kurt Talke; Leah Kelley; Patrick Longhini; Garret Catron
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Object guided autonomous exploration for mobile robots in indoor environments
Author(s): Carlos Nieto-Granda; Siddarth Choudhary; John G. Rogers III; Jeff Twigg; Varun Murali; Henrik I. Christensen
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Development and evaluation of the Stingray, an amphibious maritime interdiction operations unmanned ground vehicle
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Robin Castelli
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Micro air vehicle autonomous obstacle avoidance from stereo-vision
Author(s): Roland Brockers; Yoshiaki Kuwata; Stephan Weiss; Lawrence Matthies
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Assisted autonomy of articulated snake robots
Author(s): David Rollinson; Howie Choset
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Counter tunnel exploration, mapping, and localization with an unmanned ground vehicle
Author(s): Jacoby Larson; Brian Okorn; Tracy Pastore; David Hooper; Jim Edwards
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On the consistency analysis of A-SLAM for UAV navigation
Author(s): A. Ersan Oguz; Hakan Temeltas
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Infrared stereo calibration for unmanned ground vehicle navigation
Author(s): Josh Harguess; Shawn Strange
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A robust method for online stereo camera self-calibration in unmanned vehicle system
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Nobuhiro Chihara; Tao Guo; Nobutaka Kimura
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Investigating clutter reduction for unmanned systems applications using imaging polarimetry
Author(s): Jonathan B. Hanks; Todd M. Aycock; David B. Chenault
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Absolute localization of ground robots by matching LiDAR and image data in dense forested environments
Author(s): Marwan Hussein; Matthew Renner; Karl Iagnemma
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Occluded human recognition for a leader following system using 3D range and image data in forest environment
Author(s): Kuk Cho; Muhammad Ilyas; Seung-Ho Baeg; Sangdeok Park
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A practical approach to considering uncertainties in the creation of autonomous behaviors in unmanned surface vehicles
Author(s): Zi Jing Bay; Chor Wei Yew; Kwok Wai Yue; Yip Fatt Lee; Ai Peng New; Hao Yi Gan
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HALOS: fast compact, autonomous adaptive optics for UAVs
Author(s): G. Andersen; P. Gelsinger-Austin; F. Ghebremichael; P. Gaddipati; Ravi Gaddipati
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Use of eternal flight unmanned aircraft in military operations
Author(s): Zafer Kök
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Roll angle measurement using a polarization scanning reference source
Author(s): Harbans S. Dhadwal; Jahangir Rastegar; Varun Kankipati
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Controlling UCAVs by JTACs in CAS missions
Author(s): A. Emre Kumaş
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Current and future possibilities of V2V and I2V technologies: an analysis directed toward Augmented Reality systems
Author(s): J. Alejandro Betancur; Gilberto Osorio-Gómez; Aida Arnedo; Andrés Yarce Botero
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A 10 GHz polarization scanning reference source
Author(s): Harbans S. Dhadwal; Jahangir Rastegar
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