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Detection and Sensing of Mines, Explosive Objects, and Obscured Targets XIX
Editor(s): Steven S. Bishop; Jason C. Isaacs
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Volume Number: 9072
Date Published: 13 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9072
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Representational learning for sonar ATR
Author(s): Jason C. Isaacs
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Automated change detection for synthetic aperture sonar
Author(s): Tesfaye G-Michael; Bradley Marchand; J. Derek Tucker; Daniel D. Sternlicht; Timothy M. Marston; Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi
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Feature based recognition of submerged objects in holographic imagery
Author(s): Christopher R. Ratto; Nathaniel Beagley; Kevin C. Baldwin; Kara R. Shipley; Wayne I. Sternberger
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Target detection and identification using synthetic aperture acoustics
Author(s): Mary Knox; Stacy Tantum; Leslie Collins
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A novel algorithm for buried target detection evaluated on a collection of seismo-acoustic data
Author(s): Jordan M. Malof; Mary Knox; Peter A. Torrione; Leslie M. Collins; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.
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High to very high frequency metal/anomaly detector
Author(s): Daniel C. Heinz; Michael L. Brennan; Michael B. Steer; Adam W. Melber; John T. Cua
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Homemade explosives in the subsurface as intermediate electrical conductivity materials: a new physical principle for their detection
Author(s): Steven A. Grant; Benjamin E. Barrowes; Fridon Shubitidze; Steven A. Arcone
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The magnetic polarizability of thin shells
Author(s): Jonathan E. Gabbay; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Experimental detection and discrimination of buried targets using an improved broadband CW electromagnetic induction sensor
Author(s): Waymond R. Scott Jr.; Gregg D. Larson; Charles Ethan Hayes; James H. McClellan
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Implementation of optimized electromagnetic induction coils
Author(s): Mark A. Reed; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Optimizing electromagnetic induction sensors for dynamic munitions classification surveys
Author(s): Jonathan S. Miller; Joe Keranen; Gregory Schultz
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Automatic classification of unexploded ordnance applied to live sites for MetalMapper sensor
Author(s): John Brevard Sigman; Kevin O'Neill; Benjamin Barrowes; Yinlin Wang; Fridon Shubitidze
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A combined joint diagonalization-MUSIC algorithm for subsurface targets localization
Author(s): Yinlin Wang; John B. Sigman; Benjamin E. Barrowes; Kevin O'Neill; Fridon Shubitidze
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Acquisition and processing of advanced sensor data for ERW and UXO detection and classification
Author(s): Gregory M. Schultz; Joe Keranen; Jonathan S. Miller; Fridon Shubitidze
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Detecting and classifying small and deep targets using improved EMI hardware and data processing approach
Author(s): F. Shubitidze; B. E. Barrowes; J. B. Sigman; Yinlin Wang; Irma Shamatava; K. O'Neill
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Advanced EMI models for survey data processing: targets detection and classification
Author(s): F. Shubitidze; J. B. Sigman; Yinlin Wang; J. Miller; J. Keranen; I. Shamatava; B. E. Barrowes; K. O'Neill
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Multi-channel transmit/receive metal detector coil design for vehicular applications
Author(s): Mehmet Ali Yesil; Korkut Yeğin; Hasan Bellikli; Levent Tura; Hakki Nazlı; Mahmut Dağ
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Experiment design for measuring the probability of detection in remote sensing: how many objects and how many passes
Author(s): Peter A. Torrione; Leslie M. Collins; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.
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Improved resistive-vee dipole based arbitrary polarization antenna system for ground penetrating radar
Author(s): James W. Sustman; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Comparisons of ring resonator relative permittivity measurements to ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Marie Fishel; Phillip Koehn; Erik Rosen
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Physics-based deformations of ground penetrating radar signals to improve the detection of buried explosives
Author(s): Rayn T. Sakaguchi; Kennth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Target localization and signature extraction in GPR data using expectation-maximization and principal component analysis
Author(s): Daniel Reichman; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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A robust Bayesian approach to target detection applied to explosive threat detection in handheld ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Change detection using down-looking ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Elizabeth Ayers; Eric Bressler; Marie Fishel; Erik M. Rosen
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Multi-band sensor-fused explosive hazards detection in forward-looking ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Timothy C. Havens; John Becker; Anthony Pinar; Timothy J. Schulz
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Hyperbolic and PLSDA filter algorithms to detect buried threats in GPR data
Author(s): Dmitry Kalika; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Fusion of multiple algorithms for detecting buried objects using fuzzy inference
Author(s): Amine Khalifa; Hichem Frigui
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Fusion of forward looking infrared and ground penetrating radar for improved stopping distances in landmine detection
Author(s): Jordan M. Malof; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Shallow depth subsurface imaging with microwave holography
Author(s): Andrei Zhuravlev; Sergey Ivashov; Vladimir Razevig; Igor Vasiliev; Timothy Bechtel
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Deep learning algorithms for detecting explosive hazards in ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Lance E. Besaw; Philip J. Stimac
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Vehicle-mounted ground penetrating radar (Mine Stalker III) field evaluation in Angola
Author(s): Stephen Laudato; Kerry Hart; Michael Nevard; Steven Lauziere; Shaun Grant
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Towards eye-safe standoff Raman imaging systems
Author(s): Martin Glimtoft; Petra Bååth; Heikki Saari; Jussi Mäkynen; Antti Näsilä; Henric Östmark
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An excimer-based FAIMS detector for detection of ultra-low concentration of explosives
Author(s): Alexander A. Chistyakov; Gennadii E. Kotkovskii; Alexey V. Sychev; Anatoly N. Perederiy; V. L. Budovich; D. V. Budovich
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Filter-based chemical sensors for hazardous materials
Author(s): Kevin J. Major; Kenneth J. Ewing; Menelaos K. Poutous; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Low-cost detection of RC-IED activation signals in VHF band
Author(s): Victor Hugo Camargo Suarez; Jose Ignacio Marulanda B.
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Ladar-based IED detection
Author(s): Philip Engström; Håkan Larsson; Dietmar Letalick
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Investigation of context, soft spatial, and spatial frequency domain features for buried explosive hazard detection in FL-LWIR
Author(s): Stanton R. Price; Derek T. Anderson; Kevin Stone; James M. Keller
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A method of evolving novel feature extraction algorithms for detecting buried objects in FLIR imagery using genetic programming
Author(s): A. Paino; J. Keller; M. Popescu; K. Stone
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Convolutional neural network approach for buried target recognition in FL-LWIR imagery
Author(s): K. Stone; J. M. Keller
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Road recognition in poor quality environments for forward looking buried object detection
Author(s): P. Plodpradista; J. M. Keller; M. Popescu
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Detection of obscured and partially covered objects using partial network matching and an image feature network-based object recognition algorithm
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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3DLASE-M: three-dimensional lidar airborne system emulator, maritime
Author(s): Michael J. DeWeert
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Detection of obscured targets with IR polarimetric imaging
Author(s): J. Larry Pezzaniti; David Chenault; Kris Gurton; Melvin Felton
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Investigation of disturbed earth detection in the very long wavelength infrared (VLWIR)
Author(s): K. J. Ewing; J. S. Sanghera
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