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Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, and Homeland Security 2014
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Volume Number: 9063
Date Published: 25 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9063
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
New strategies for SHM based on a multichannel wireless AE node
Author(s): Valery Godinez-Azcuaga; Obdulia Ley
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Studying the effect of cracks on the ultrasonic wave propagation in a two dimensional gearbox finite element model
Author(s): Didem Ozevin; Hossein Fazel; Justin Cox; William Hardman; Seth S. Kessler; Alan Timmons
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Assessment of weld quality of aerospace grade metals by using ultrasonic matrix phased array technology
Author(s): Jeong K. Na; Sean T. Gleeson
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3D assisted defect recognition for the ultrasonic waveform inspection of titanium components
Author(s): Andrew F. Ferro; Patrick J. Howard
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Guided wave phased array sensor tuning for improved defect detection and characterization
Author(s): Jason H. Philtron; Joseph L. Rose
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Crack propagation testing using a YCOB acoustic emission sensor
Author(s): Joseph A. Johnson; Kyungrim Kim; Shujun Zhang; Xiaoning Jiang
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High frequency elastic wave propagation in large structures using spectral elements and perfectly matched layer
Author(s): Zahra Heidary; Didem Ozevin
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Acoustics and temperature based NDT for damage assessment of concrete masonry system subjected to cyclic loading
Author(s): Fuad Khan; Ivan Bartoli; Satish Rajaram; Prashanth A. Vanniamparambil; Antonios Kontsos; Mohammad Bolhassani; Ahmad Hamid
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Monitoring the fracture behavior in ceramic matrix composites by infrared thermography and acoustic emission
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Dassios; Evangelos Z. Kordatos; Dimitris G. Aggelis; Dimitris A. Exarchos; Theodore E. Matikas
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Influence of geometry on the fracturing behavior of textile reinforced cement monitored by acoustic emission
Author(s): D. G. Aggelis; J. Blom; M. El Kadi; J. Wastiels
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Towards early ice detection on wind turbine blades using acoustic waves
Author(s): Viktor Berbyuk; Bo Peterson; Jan Möller
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Framework and implementation of a continuous network-wide health monitoring system for roadways
Author(s): Ming Wang; Ralf Birken; Salar Shahini Shamsabadi
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A new vision of the post-NIST civil infrastructure program: the challenges of next-generation construction materials and processes
Author(s): H. Felix Wu; Yan Wan
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Evaluating road surface conditions using dynamic tire pressure sensor
Author(s): Yubo Zhao; H. Felix Wu; J. Gregory McDaniel; Ming L. Wang
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Pavement macrotexture estimation using principal component analysis of tire/road noise
Author(s): Yiying Zhang; J. Gregory McDaniel; Ming L. Wang
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Air-coupled ultrasonic system for fusion of impact-echo tests and surface wave measurements (presentation video)
Author(s): Seong-Hoon Kee; Nenad Gucunski
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Nondestructive evaluation inspection of the Arlington Memorial Bridge using a robotic assisted bridge inspection tool (RABIT)
Author(s): Nenad Gucunski; Shane D. Boone; Rob Zobel; Hamid Ghasemi; Hooman Parvardeh; Seong-Hoon Kee
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Clogging evaluation of porous asphalt concrete cores in conjunction with medical x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Yu-Min Su; Chen-Yu Hsu; Jyh-Dong Lin
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Repair monitoring of cracked concrete floor using the impulse response method
Author(s): Nikolaos Zoidis; Efthymios Tatsis; Christos Vlachopoulos; Anastasios Gotzamanis; Jesper Stærke Clausen; Dimitrios Aggelis; Theodore E. Matikas
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Modelling ultrasound guided wave propagation for plate thickness measurement
Author(s): Rakesh Malladi; Anand Dabak; Nitish Krishna Murthy
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Vibrational characteristics of FRP-bonded concrete interfacial defects in a low frequency regime
Author(s): Tin Kei Cheng; Denvid Lau
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Feasibility study on 3 axis magnetic sensor for flux leakage method
Author(s): Akira Sasamoto
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Dynamic monitoring of stay cables by enhanced cable equations
Author(s): Chih-Peng Yu; Keng-Tsang Hsu; Chih-Hung Chiang; Chia-Chi Cheng
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Matrix crack detection in spatially random composite structures using fractal dimension
Author(s): K. Umesh; Ranjan Ganguli
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Automated analysis of long-term bridge behavior and health using a cyber-enabled wireless monitoring system
Author(s): Sean M. O'Connor; Yilan Zhang; Jerome Lynch; Mohammed Ettouney; Gwen van der Linden
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Real-time estimation of the structural response using limited measured data
Author(s): Hassan Sedarat; Iman Talebinejad; Abbas Emami-Naeini; David Falck; Gwendolyn van der Linden; Farid Nobari; Alex Krimotat; Jerome Lynch
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Implementation of damage detection algorithms for the Alfred Zampa Memorial Suspension Bridge
Author(s): I. Talebinejad; H. Sedarat; A. Emami-Naeini; A. Krimotat; Jerome Lynch
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Numerical analysis of PZT rebar active sensing system for structural health monitoring of RC structure
Author(s): F. Wu; J. Yi; W. J. Li
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Early-age concrete strength estimation based on piezoelectric sensor using artificial neural network
Author(s): Junkyeong Kim; Ju-Won Kim; Seunghee Park
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Advanced signal processing method for ground penetrating radar feature detection and enhancement
Author(s): Yu Zhang; Anbu Selvam Venkatachalam; Dryver Huston; Tian Xia
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Modeling the x-ray process and x-ray flaw size parameter for POD studies
Author(s): Ajay M. Koshti
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Distributed point source method for the modeling of a three-dimensional eddy current NDE problem
Author(s): T. Bore; P.-Y. Joubert; D. Placko
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ANDERS: merging of automated and minimally invasive technologies for concrete bridge deck evaluation and rehabilitation (presentation video)
Author(s): Nenad Gucunski
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Comparative testing of nondestructive examination techniques for concrete structures
Author(s): Dwight A. Clayton; Cyrus M. Smith
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A modular backend computing system for continuous civil structural health monitoring
Author(s): Ting-Chou Chien; Chengjia Huo; Pai H. Chou
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Wireless monitoring of the height of condensed water in steam pipes
Author(s): Hyeong Jae Lee; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Shyh-Shiuh Lih; Mircea Badescu; Arsham Dingizian; Nobuyuki Takano; Julian O. Blosiu
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Remote monitoring and nondestructive evaluation of wind turbine towers
Author(s): Chih-Hung Chiang; Chih-Peng Yu; Keng-Tsang Hsu; Chia-Chi Cheng; Ying-Tzu Ke; Yi-Ru Shih
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Design, fabrication, and validation of passive wireless resonant sensors for NDT/SHM
Author(s): O. Iervolino; C. H. Jenks; Michele Meo
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Characterizing damage in ceramic matrix composites
Author(s): Andrew L. Gyekenyesi; Christopher Baker; Gregory Morscher
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Non-destructive evaluation of delamination growth in glass fiber composites using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Ping Liu; Roger M. Groves; Rinze Benedictus
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Guided wave propagation study on laminated composites by frequency-wavenumber technique
Author(s): Zhenhua Tian; Lingyu Yu; Cara A. C. Leckey
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Patch antenna based temperature sensor
Author(s): Hao Jiang; Jeremiah Sanders; Jun Yao; Haiying Huang
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Modeling stability of flap-enabled HAWT blades using spinning finite elements
Author(s): A. Velazquez; R. Andrew Swartz; Qingli Dai; Xiao Sun
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Use of nondestructive inspection and fiber optic sensing for damage characterization in carbon fiber fuselage structure
Author(s): Stephen Neidigk; Jacqui Le; Dennis Roach; Randy Duvall; Tom Rice
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Efficient model updating using Bayesian probabilistic framework based on measured vibratory response
Author(s): K. Zhou; G. Liang; J. Tang
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A comparison of two global optimization algorithms with sequential niche technique for structural model updating
Author(s): Faisal Shabbir; Piotr Omenzetter
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Substructure model updating through iterative minimization of modal dynamic residual
Author(s): Dapeng Zhu; Xinjun Dong; Yang Wang
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The evaluation of moisture damage for CFRC pipes in conjunction with acoustic emission
Author(s): Yu Chen; Yu-Min Su; Yanjun Liu; Mang Tia
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Evaluation of micro-damage accumulation in holed plain-woven CFRP composite under fatigue loading
Author(s): Jia Ying; Masaaki Nishikawa; Masaki Hojo
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Nondestructive inspection of composite plates using A[sub]0[/sub] mode of Lamb waves (withdrawal notice)
Author(s): Rahim Gorgin; Zhanjun Wu; Dongyue Gao; Yishou Wang
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Coupling mechanism of granular medium and slender beams
Author(s): Luyao Cai; Piervincenzo Rizzo; Kaiyuan Li; Leith Al-Nazer
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Utilizing a general purpose finite element approach for assessing the rotordynamic response of a flexible disk/shaft system
Author(s): Adam C. Wroblewski; Andrew L. Gyekenyesi
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A two-scale algorithm for detection of multiple flaws in structures modeled with XFEM
Author(s): Hao Sun; Haim Waisman; Raimondo Betti
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Acoustic metamaterial with negative parameter
Author(s): Hongwei Sun; Fei Yan; Hao Gu; Ying Li
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Disbond detection using guided wave PZT excitation in honeycomb composite sandwich structure (withdrawal notice)
Author(s): C. B. Pol; S. Banerjee
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Assessment of bond defects in adhesive joints before and after the treatment with laser generated shock waves
Author(s): Michael Kalms; Sandra Hellmers; Philipp Huke; Ralf B. Bergmann
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Evaluating cover depth of steel fiber reinforced concrete using impact-echo testing
Author(s): Yu-Feng Lin
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Development of phased array ultrasonic testing in lieu of radiography for testing complete joint penetration (CJP) welds
Author(s): P. Haldipur; Shane D. Boone
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Investigations of moisture ingressions in composites via NDI techniques
Author(s): Raghavendra Salagame; Vamsidhar R. Patlolla; Ramazan Asmatulu
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