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Smart Sensor Phenomena, Technology, Networks, and Systems Integration 2014
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Volume Number: 9062
Date Published: 22 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9062
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
OTDR and OFDR for distributed multi-parameter sensing
Author(s): Xiaoyi Bao; Wenhai Li; Zengguang Qin; Liang Chen
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Improved distributed fiber optic sensing system based on single-ended double-pulse input Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Tianying Chang; Ruijuan Yang; Yongliang Wang; David Y. Li; Lei Jia; Hong-Liang Cui
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Fiber optic temperature profiling for thermal protection heat shields
Author(s): Richard J. Black; Joannes M. Costa; Behzad Moslehi; Livia Zarnescu; Drew Hackney; Kara Peters
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Vibration pattern recognition and classification in OTDR based distributed optical-fiber vibration sensing system
Author(s): Hui Zhu; Chao Pan; Xiaohan Sun
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Localized measurements of composite dynamic response for health monitoring
Author(s): Sean Webb; Kyle Oman; Kara Peters; Nikola Stan; Spencer Chadderdon; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz
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Piezo-optical measurements for guided wave and acoustic emission structural health monitoring
Author(s): Erik Frankforter; Bin Lin; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Development of a wireless, self-sustaining damage detection sensor system based on chemiluminescence for structural health monitoring
Author(s): K. S. C. Kuang
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Novel optical fiber ultrasonic sensor based on fiber laser
Author(s): Qi Wu; Yoji Okabe; Junqiang Sun
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Fluorescence monitoring with steering wheel photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Alpha Mansaray; Rosalind Wynne
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Image-based spectroscopy for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Eduard Bachmakov; Carolyn Molina; Rosalind Wynne
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A novel microbending hetero-core fiber optic sensor for force and location sensing with applications to home security
Author(s): Sumeyra Likoglu; Kubra Alemdar; Kemal Fidanboylu; Onur Toker
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A novel periodic macrobending hetero-core fiber optic sensor embedded in textile for respiratory movements' analysis
Author(s): Kubra Alemdar; Sumeyra Likoglu; Kemal Fidanboylu; Onur Toker
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Millimeter-wave interferometry: an attractive technique for fast and accurate sensing of civil and mechanical structures
Author(s): Seoktae Kim; Cam Nguyen
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Pulsed thermographic inspection of CFRP structures: experimental results and image analysis tools
Author(s): P. Theodorakeas; N. P. Avdelidis; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; M. Koui; X. Maldague
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Thermo-electrical lockin thermography for characterization of subsurface defects
Author(s): E. Z. Kordatos; D. A. Exarchos; K. G. Dassios; T. E. Matikas
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Non-intrusive electric field sensing
Author(s): S. M. Schultz; R. Selfridge; S. Chadderdon; D. Perry; N. Stan
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Ion trap electric field measurements using slab coupled optical sensors
Author(s): L. Shumway; S. Chadderdon; A. Powell; A. Li; D. Austin; A. Hawkins; R. Selfridge; S. Schultz
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Non-intrusive high voltage measurement using slab coupled optical sensors
Author(s): Nikola Stan; Spencer Chadderdon; Richard H. Selfridge; Stephen M. Schultz
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An ultrahigh sensitive self-powered current sensor utilizing a piezoelectric connected-in-series approach
Author(s): Po-Chen Yeh; Tien-Kan Chung; Cheng-Huang Lai
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Structural health monitoring on turbine engines using microwave blade tip clearance sensors
Author(s): Mark Woike; Ali Abdul-Aziz; Michelle Clem
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Turbine engine rotor health monitoring evaluation by means of finite element analyses and spin tests data
Author(s): Ali Abdul-Aziz; Mark R. Woike; Michelle Clem; George Y. Baaklini
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Progress of a cross-correlation based optical strain measurement technique for detecting radial growth on a rotating disk
Author(s): Michelle M. Clem; Mark R. Woike; Ali Abdul-Aziz
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In-process, non-destructive multimodal dynamic testing of high-speed composite rotors
Author(s): Robert Kuschmierz; Angelos Filippatos; Albert Langkamp; Werner Hufenbach; Jürgern W. Czarske; Andreas Fischer
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Acoustic emission signatures of damage modes in concrete
Author(s): D. G. Aggelis; A. C. Mpalaskas; T. E. Matikas; D. Van Hemelrijck
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A qualitative and quantitative investigation of the uncracked and cracked condition of concrete beams using impulse excitation, acoustic emission, and ultrasonic pulse velocity techniques
Author(s): S. Iliopoulos; A. Iliopoulos; L. Pyl; H. Sol; D. G. Aggelis
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Development of optical equipment for ultrasonic guided wave structural health monitoring
Author(s): Bin Lin; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Sensing light and sound velocities with phoxonic crystals
Author(s): Samira Amoudache; Rayisa Moiseyenko; Yan Pennec; Bahram Djafari Rouhani; Antoine Khater; Ralf Lucklum; Rachid Tigrine
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Measurement of elastic wave dispersion on human femur tissue
Author(s): M. Strantza; O. Louis; D. Polyzos; F. Boulpaep; D. Van Hemelrijck; D. G. Aggelis
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Ultrasonic guided wave sensing properties of PVDF thin film with inter digital electrodes
Author(s): Vivek T. Rathod; D. Roy Mahapatra
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3D mapping of reinforcement and tendon ducts on pre-stressed concrete bridges by means of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Author(s): E. Cheilakou; P. Theodorakeas; M. Koui; C. Zeris
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Strength and fatigue life evaluation of composite laminate with embedded sensors
Author(s): Vivek T. Rathod; S. R. Hiremath; D. Roy Mahapatra
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A new type of microphone using flexoelectric barium strontium titnate
Author(s): Seol ryung Kwon; Wenbin Huang; Shujun Zhang; Fuh-Gwo Yuan; Xiaoning Jiang
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A new molecular dynamic model of nanowire motor
Author(s): Lin Wang; Longqiu Li; Hongguang Xu; Guangyu Zhang; Qian Sun
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The damage assessment methodology in cooperation with smart sensors and inspection robots
Author(s): Yoshihiro Nitta; Masami Ishida; Toshio Onai; Morimasa Watakabe; Akira Nishitani; Chisa Matsui
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Thermal and electrical behavior of nano-modified cement mortar
Author(s): D. A. Exarchos; P. T. Dalla; I. K. Tragazikis; P. Alafogianni; N.-M. Barkoula; A. S. Paipetis; K. G. Dassios; T. E. Matikas
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Fiber-optically sensorized composite wing
Author(s): Joannes M. Costa; Richard J. Black; Behzad Moslehi; Levy Oblea; Rona Patel; Vahid Sotoudeh; Essam Abouzeida; Vladimir Quinones; Yasser Gowayed; Paul Soobramaney; George Flowers
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Lamb wave-based damage detection of composite shells using high-speed fiber-optic sensing
Author(s): Vahid Sotoudeh; Richard J. Black; Behzad Moslehi; Pizhong Qiao
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Fast fiber Bragg grating interrogation system with scalability to support monitoring of large structures in harsh environments
Author(s): Behzad Moslehi; Richard J. Black; Joannes M. Costa; Elizabeth H. Edwards; Fereydoun Faridian; Vahid Sotoudeh
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Thermal diffusivity estimation of templated nanocomposite using frequency modulated infrared imaging
Author(s): Lalat Indu Giri; Suneet Tuli
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