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Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials and Composites 2014
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Volume Number: 9058
Date Published: 29 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9058
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Stable crack growth during actuation in shape memory alloys
Author(s): Sameer Jape; Theocharis Baxevanis; Dimitris C. Lagoudas
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Modeling size effect in the SMA response: a gradient theory
Author(s): Majid Tabesh; James G. Boyd; Dimitris C. Lagoudas
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Iterative calibration of a shape memory alloy constitutive model from 1D and 2D data using optimization methods
Author(s): Daniel Whitten; Darren Hartl
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Three-dimensional constitutive model considering transformation-induced damage and resulting fatigue failure in shape memory alloys
Author(s): Darren J. Hartl; Yves Chemisky; Fodil Meraghni
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Interfacial stresses in shape memory alloy-reinforced composites
Author(s): S. R. Hiremath; Maulik Prajapati; S. Rakesh; D. Roy Mahapatra
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Hierarchical multifunctional nanocomposites
Author(s): Mehrdad N. Ghasemi-Nejhad
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Multifunctional composites for energy storage
Author(s): Mohammad Arif Ishtiaque Shuvo; Hasanul Karim; Md Rajib; Diego Delfin; Yirong Lin
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Design of a multifunctional composite material with enhanced structural and power storage capability
Author(s): S. Doyle-Lawrence; K. Carroll; R. Guiel; C. Browder; C. Ciocanel
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3D jet printer of edible gels for food creation
Author(s): Ryo Serizawa; Mariko Shitara; Jin Gong; Masato Makino; M. Hasnat Kabir; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Fabrication and characterization of a foamed polylactic acid (PLA)/ thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shape memory polymer (SMP) blend for biomedical and clinical applications
Author(s): Janice J. Song; Ijya Srivastava; Jennifer Kowalski; Hani E. Naguib
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Frictional properties of gel engineering materials with laser surface texturing
Author(s): Naoya Yamada; Jin Gong; M. Hasnat Kabir; Masato Makino; Keisuke Maekawa; Masato Wada; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Frictional properties of high functional gel materials
Author(s): Masato Wada; Kohei Yamada; Naoya Yamada; Masato Makino; Jin Gong; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Facile fabrication of uniaxial nanopatterns on shape memory polymer substrates using a complete bottom-up approach
Author(s): Zhongbi Chen; Sridhar Krishnaswamy
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Designing light responsive bistable arches for rapid, remotely triggered actuation
Author(s): Matthew L. Smith; M. Ravi Shankar; Ryan Backman; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Kyung Min Lee; Michael E. McConney; David H. Wang; Loon-Seng Tan; Timothy J. White
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Development of a standard method to observe the surface friction of high-strength gels
Author(s): Kouhei Yamada; Yosuke Watanabe; Naoya Yamada; Masato Wada; Jin Gong; Masato Makino; M. Hasnat Kabir; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Modeling of ferroelectric-ferromagnetic composites to improve magnetoelectric coupling and durability
Author(s): Andreas Ricoeur; Artjom Avakian; Zhibin Wang
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Mechanosensitive droplet interface bilayer networks
Author(s): Eric C. Freeman; Michael K. Philen; Donald J. Leo
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Characterization of optically actuated MRI-compatible active needles for medical interventions
Author(s): Richard J. Black; Seokchang Ryu; Behzad Moslehi; Joannes M. Costa
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Dynamic electromechanical behavior of barium titanate cantilevers under AC electric fields
Author(s): Fumio Narita; Yasuhide Shindo
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Suppression method of overshoot on non/less-energy shape-retainment control utilizing hysteretic behavior of piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): T. Ikeda; T. Uchida; A. Senba; K. Ishimura
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Test validation of environmental barrier coating (EBC) durability and damage tolerance modeling approach
Author(s): Ali Abdul-Aziz; Ali Najafi; Frank Abdi; Ramakrishna T. Bhatt; Joseph E. Grady
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Programmable variable stiffness 2D surface design
Author(s): Sarah Trabia; Taeseon Hwang; Woosoon Yim
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Thermodynamics and nonlinear mechanics of materials with photoresponsive microstructure
Author(s): William S. Oates; Jonghoon Bin
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Photoactive and self-sensing P3HT-based thin films for strain and corrosion monitoring
Author(s): Donghyeon Ryu; Kenneth J. Loh
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Thermal response of novel shape memory polymer-shape memory alloy hybrids
Author(s): Jonathan Rossiter; Kazuto Takashima; Toshiharu Mukai
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Load bearing and stiffness tailored NiTi implants produced by additive manufacturing: a simulation study
Author(s): Rasool Rahmanian; Narges Shayesteh Moghaddam; Christoph Haberland; David Dean; Michael Miller; Mohammad Elahinia
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Numerical predictions versus experimental findings on the power-harvesting output of a NiMnGa alloy
Author(s): Isaac Nelson; Jason Dikes; Heidi Feigenbaum; Constantin Ciocanel
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A stress-induced phase transition model for semi-crystallize shape memory polymer
Author(s): Xiaogang Guo; Bo Zhou; Liwu Liu; Yanju Liu; Jinsong Leng
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One-step fabrication of multifunctional silica microbelt with the novel stacked structure by electrospinning technique
Author(s): Yongtao Yao; Haibao Lu; Jinsong Leng; Jianjun Li
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Preparation and properties of polyurethane/silicone materials for biomimetic gecko setae
Author(s): Min Yu; Zhendong Dai; Shengrong Yang
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High cycles fatigue damage of CFRP plates clamped by bolts for axial coupling joint with off-set angle during rotation
Author(s): Kazuaki Ooka; Kazuya Okubo; Toru Fujii; Shinichi Umeda; Masayuki Fujii; Tetsuya Sugiyama
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Multifunctional devices combining shape-memory alloy and piezoelectric materials
Author(s): Hiroshi Sato
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A multiscale-based approach for composite materials with embedded PZT filaments for energy harvesting
Author(s): Ahmed E. El-Etriby; Mohamed E. Abdel-Meguid; Tarek M. Hatem; Yehia A. Bahei-El-Din
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