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2013 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Measurement Technology and Systems
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Volume Number: 9046
Date Published: 20 December 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 9046
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Study of the instrument transfer function of a free-form optics metrology system: SCOTS
Author(s): Tianquan Su; Alejandro Maldonado; Peng Su; Ping Zhou; James H. Burge
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Research of Temporal Speckle Pattern Interferometry for in-plane measurement
Author(s): Guangyu Li; Zhan Gao; Yan Deng
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High precision double-interferometry displacement measurement by waveform transforming based on FFT
Author(s): Yunzhi Wang; Fang Xie; Sen Ma
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Numerical simulation and experimental verification of extended source interferometer
Author(s): Yinlong Hou; Lin Li; Shanshan Wang; Xiao Wang; Haijun Zang; Qiudong Zhu
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Four-step spatial phase-shifting lateral shearing interferometry by a crossed grating and a linear grating
Author(s): Zhen-yan Guo; Yang Song; Jia Wang; Zhenhua Li; An-zhi He
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Crosstalk reduction of a color fringe projection system based on multi-frequency heterodyne principle
Author(s): Zonghua Zhang; Yongjia Xu; Yue Liu
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Research on light scattering from randomly rough metal and dielectric surfaces with Monte Carlo method based on method of moment
Author(s): Keding Yan; Huasong Chen; Zhenhua Li
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A simple instrument for measuring the linear birefringence changes and the phase retardation in electro-optic crystals
Author(s): Yu-hong Zhang; Wan-min Li; Hang Liu
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Design and analysis on front-end electronics of InGaAs photoelectric detector
Author(s): Xiang Liu
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UGR (Unified Glare Rating) measuring system based on digital camera platform
Author(s): Weiwei Wang; Zhaofeng Cen; Yang Yang
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Optimized design and error analysis of optical system for heterodyne grating interferometry
Author(s): Cunbao Lin; Shuhua Yan; Chunhua Wei; Guochao Wang; Pengfei Zou
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Fluctuation elimination of fringe pattern by using empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Zonghua Zhang; E. Zhang
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Texture blending on 3D models using casual images
Author(s): Xingming Liu; Xiaoli Liu; Ameng Li; Junyao Liu; Huijing Wang
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A nonintrusive method for the measurement of infrared characteristics from engine exhaust plume
Author(s): Xizhong Xiao; Yueming Wang; Bin Miao; Junwei Lang; Shengwei Wang; Xiaoqiong Zhuang; Feng Zhou; Jianyu Wang
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The influence of atmospheric turbulence on 3D flash lidar range imagery
Author(s): Yan Zhao; Shaokun Han; Wen Zhao; Ping Wang; Wenze Xia
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The application of variable universe fuzzy PID controller in computer-aided alignment of lithography projector
Author(s): Mei Zhang; Meng Zheng; Yanqiu Li
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Design of DSP-based high-power digital solar array simulator
Author(s): Yang Zhang; Zhilong Liu; Weichao Tong; Jian Feng; Yibo Ji
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Prospects for a four-level super-radiant laser with ultra-narrow linewidth at 1469 nm based on cesium
Author(s): Yanfei Wang; Caihong Dai; Zhifeng Wu; Xiangzhao Li
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Progress report towards a digital mirror device based confocal microscopic system
Author(s): Dingrong Yi; Shunhua Lin; Simian Huang; Shaochuan Xie
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Measuring the shape of membrane mirror based on Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Ying Huang; Bin Yang; Minxue Tang; Xinhua Chen
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Volume phase holographic grating used for beams combination of RGB primary colors
Author(s): Hui Liu; Xizhao Zhang; Minxue Tang
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Design and analysis of multi-electrodes distribution for shaping of electrostatic stretched membrane mirror
Author(s): Long-jun Jiang; Xiao-ru Wei; Bin Yang; Min-xue Tang
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Observation of transmission enhancement phenomena in a laser resonant cavity
Author(s): P. Zhang; S. L. Zhang; N. Liu; Z. L. Zeng; L. Xu; Y. D. Tan
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The design and implementation of high accuracy digital control semiconductor laser constant current source
Author(s): Tonggang Zhao; Chuanlong Huang
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Online measurement system for the surface inclination of metal workpieces
Author(s): Peng Yin; Changku Sun; Peng Wang; Qian Yang
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Application of the blind signal separation method for phase-shifting interferometry with random phase shifts
Author(s): Fa Zeng; Huarong Gu; Qiaofeng Tan
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The beam delivery modeling and error sources analysis of beam stabilization system for lithography
Author(s): Jun Wang; Lihua Huang; Liying Hou; Guojun He; Bingqiang Ren; Aijun Zeng; Huijie Huang
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High dynamic range image acquisition method for 3D solder paste measurement
Author(s): Xiaohui Li; Changku Sun; Peng Wang; Yixin Xu
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Study on optical 3D angular deformations measurement
Author(s): Yang Gao; Xingshu Wang; Zongsheng Huang; Jinliang Yang
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The design of color spectrophotometer based on diffuse illumination and compatible SCE/SCI geometric condition
Author(s): Kun Yuan; Hui-min Yan; Shang-zhong Jin
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Research on the measurement technology and evaluation method of photobiological safety
Author(s): Cai-hong Dai; Zhi-feng Wu; Bin-hua Chen; Yan-fei Wang; Xiang-zhao Li; Lei Fu
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An innovative method of calculating target angle based on laser echo in laser imaging system
Author(s): He Sun; Qiang Luo; Yunyi Yang; Jie Cao; Qun Hao
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Straightness measurement system based on phase sensitive detection technique
Author(s): Pei Huang; Yan Li; Haoyun Wei
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A laser frequency and power control system in an atomic Talbot-Lau interferometer
Author(s): Ting Yang; Zhaohui Hu; Lu Qi
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Research on modern test system for resolution of white-light sighting telescope
Author(s): Ru-guang Liu; Zuo-jiang Xiao; Zhi-yong An; Pei-pei Wen; Xin-ting Zhang
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The research and development of the non-contact detection of the tubing internal thread with a line structured light
Author(s): Yuanyuan Hu; Yingying Xu; Qun Hao; Yao Hu
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Optimized phase encoding for optical compressive sensing imaging
Author(s): Jianchao Sun; Feng Xu
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Curve fitting for standard lamp of spectral irradiance based on RBFNN
Author(s): Binhua Chen; Caihong Dai; Zhifeng Wu; Lei Fu
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The current status and development of OD measurement technique
Author(s): Min Zhang; Rongfu Zhang; Wei Dai; Xujun Yuan
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The measurement system of birefringence and Verdet constant of optical fiber
Author(s): Yi Huang; Li Chen; Qiang Guo; Fufei Pang; Jianxiang Wen; Yana Shang; Tingyun Wang
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Design of stabilization system for medium wave infrared laser power
Author(s): Zhong-kui Ding; Lin Wang; Xue-shun Shi; Jun Xu
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Evaluating the damage process of dynamic target by high-energy laser in ocean environment
Author(s): Jing Wang; Demao Ye
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Method of measurement laser beam wavefront and characterization on focal plane
Author(s): Minshi Liu; Xiaoman Wang; Bin Wang; Yupeng Jiang
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Off-line inspection method of microlens array for illumination homogenization in DUV lithography machine
Author(s): Fang Zhang; Jing Zhu; Baoxi Yang; Lihua Huang; Xiaobang Hu; Yanfen Xiao; Huijie Huang
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The initial point of collimator CCD imagine calibration by pyramid prism
Author(s): Zongping Wang; Shangzhong Jin; Weicheng Wang; Xiaoping Zhu
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The studying of solar cell process by using optoelectronic measurement system
Author(s): Hongfang Wang; Fang Lang; Jinchao Shi; Gaofei Li; Zhiyan Hu; Jingfeng Xiong
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Spot image based multi-field wavefront retrieval
Author(s): Xinhua Chen; Weimin Shen
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Accuracy study of time delay estimation techniques in laser pulse ranger
Author(s): Jinliang Yang; Xingshu Wang; Yang Gao
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A CCD based approach to size and complex refractive index determination of absorbing droplet using rainbow scattering
Author(s): Qi Pan
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Optimized laser beam widths meter calibration system: precisely positioning of detector measurement plane
Author(s): Yanping Wang; Qianqian Wang; Chong Ma
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Design of a high-accuracy bi-grating imaging instrument for non-dispersive imaging
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Lei Liu; Shouqiang Sun; Xianjin Zeng; Quan Lu
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An optical fibre laser characteristics measuring system
Author(s): Jiasheng Ni; Chang Wang; Lei Zhang; Jian Guo; Haifeng Qi; Zhihui Sun; Meng Wang; G. D. Peng
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Step-height measurement with a low coherence interferometer using continuous wavelet transform
Author(s): Zhang Jian; Takamasa Suzuki; Samuel Choi; Osami Sasaki
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Measurement system for large size laser beam intensity distribution based on CCD diffuse transmission imaging
Author(s): Miao Pang; Jian Rong; Xuewen Yuan; Xueyan Gao; Shan Zhou
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