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2013 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optical Sensors and Applications
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Volume Number: 9044
Date Published: 20 December 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 9044
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical fibers as a unique platform for RS/SERS molecular detection
Author(s): Xuan Yang; Tiziana C. Bond; Claire Gu
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Polarization converters based on elliptical micro/nano optical fibers
Author(s): Hai-Feng Xuan; Wa Jin; Jun Ma; Wei Jin
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High sensitivity cascaded preamplifier with an optical bridge structure in Brillouin distributed fiber sensing system
Author(s): Weihong Bi; Hang Lin; Xinghu Fu; Guangwei Fu
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Research on Raman-OTDR sensing based Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) temperature monitoring and the section temperature field
Author(s): Jie Tong; Delong Yang; Qiang Gao; Yuqing Lei; Xi Chen
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Optical measurement of Verdet constants of two electrooptic crystals and their applications to optical sensors
Author(s): Changsheng Li
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Radiation-induced transmission loss in low water peak single mode fibers
Author(s): Tingyun Wang; Zhongyin Xiao; Wenyun Luo; Jianxiang Wen; Jianchong Yin; Wenkai Wu; Renxiang Gong
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Highly sensitive optical thermometry based on the upconversion fluorescence from Yb3+/Er3+ codoped La2(WO4)3:Yb3+ ,Er3+ phosphor
Author(s): Yan-min Yang; Chao Mi
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Highly birefringence low loss index guiding photonic crystal fiber with differently sized air-holes in cladding
Author(s): Musideke Mayilamu; Ying Lu; Congjing Hao; Liangcheng Duan; Jianquan Yao
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Wavelength dependent optical switching based on side-mode injection-locked single-mode Fabry-Pérot laser diode
Author(s): Jian Wei Wu; Bikash Nakarmi; Xu Ping Zhang; Yong Hyub Won
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Investigation of temperature characteristic of MEMS-based optical fiber pressure sensor
Author(s): Jinde Yin; Tiegen Liu; Junfeng Jiang; Kun Liu; Shuang Wang; Bofu Zhao; Lei Xue; Yunqiao Mei; Yi Pu; Jishou Yin; Zunqi Qin; Shengliang Zou
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Real-time CO2 sensor for the optimal control of electronic EGR system
Author(s): Gwang-jung Kim; Byungchul Choi; Inchul Choi
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High-sensitivity fiber refractive index sensor formed by sandwiching a thinned taper between two abrupt tapers
Author(s): Jinping Chen; Jun Zhou; Lei Shu; Yanan Ma; Haopeng Zhang
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Field test of a DFB fiber laser geophone system
Author(s): Zhihui Sun; Faxiang Zhang; Shujuan Li; Chang Wang; Gangding Peng; Hongguo Li; Xuebing Wu
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Dielectrowetting-based manipulation of droplet and application in light valve
Author(s): Rui Zhao; Xiao-gang Hua; Zhong-cheng Liang; Jason Heikenfeld
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Power-referenced refractometer based on hybrid fiber grating
Author(s): Xinyong Dong; Jie Zheng; Perry Ping Shum
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Embedding technology of Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensor for cable tension monitor
Author(s): Yuejie Shu; Wei-min Chen; Peng Zhang; Jun Wu; Lihua Liu; Xia Zhao
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Current sensor based on alcohol-packaged fiber taper-type modal interferometer
Author(s): Xiaodong Xie; Jie Li; Xiang Shen; Li-Peng Sun; Bai-Ou Guan
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Application of optical fiber sensors in Smart Grid
Author(s): Ruirui Zhang
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Development of optical fiber sensing instrument for aviation and aerospace application
Author(s): Junfeng Jiang; Tiegen Liu; Kun Liu; Shuang Wang; Jinde Yin; Bofu Zhao; Jingchuang Zhang; Luyao Song; Peng Zhao; Fan Wu; Xuezhi Zhang
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High capacity fiber optic sensor networks using hybrid multiplexing techniques and their applications
Author(s): Qizhen Sun; Xiaolei Li; Manliang Zhang; Qi Liu; Hai Liu; Deming Liu
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Improving demodulation accuracy of low-coherence interferometer against spatial-frequency nonlinearity
Author(s): Shuang Wang; Tiegen Liu; Junfeng Jiang; Kun Liu; Jinde Yin; Fan Wu; Bofu Zhao; Lei Xue; Yunqiao Mei; Zhenhai Wu
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Ultraprecise measurement of low-coherence interferometry spectrum
Author(s): Xuezhi Zhang; Tiegen Liu; Junfeng Jiang; Kun Liu
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Research on attitude determination of micro-satellite with impact of remanence
Author(s): Zhen Zhang; Jin Jin; Jianping Xiong
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Eigenmodes in a negative-refractive-index planar waveguide for high-sensitivity evanescent sensing and spectroscopic applications
Author(s): De-Bo Hu; Zhi-Mei Qi
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Detection capability of infrared thermal imaging system analysis
Author(s): Chao Jing; Ping Zhou; Fang Han; Shao-Hua Zhang; A-Man Wei
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Design and application of star map simulation system for star sensors
Author(s): Feng Wu Sr.; Weimin Shen; Xifang Zhu; Yuheng Chen Sr.; Qinquan Xu
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Photonic crystal fiber modal interferometer for refractive index sensing of glycerine solution
Author(s): Jing Huang; Xueming Li; Jianchun Yang
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Positioning approach based on Mach-Zehnder fiber sensors and a DSP processor
Author(s): Xiong Wan; Tingting Du; Zhimin Zhang; Huaming Zhang; Peng Wang
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A rut measuring method based on laser triangulation with single camera
Author(s): Yue Ma; Wen-hao Zhang; Song Li; Hong Wang
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A subwavelength core microstructured optical fiber temperature sensor based on infiltration with chloroform
Author(s): Nannan Luan; Ran Wang; Congjing Hao; Baoqun Wu; Liangcheng Duan; Ying Lu; Jianquan Yao
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Experimental study of liquid refractive index sensing based on a U-shaped optical fiber
Author(s): Zhi Zhang; Haitao Yan; Liben Li; Ming Wang
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Design of EMBCCD high voltage multiplier clock driving circuit in low-light level imaging system
Author(s): Xiang Wang; Guangrong Liu; Jingchen Tang; Pan Liu
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Detection of latent fingerprints by ultraviolet spectral imaging
Author(s): Wei Huang; Xiaojing Xu; Guiqiang Wang
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Research on ultrasonic hydrophone based on polarization properties of FBG
Author(s): Yang Su; Baofu Zhang; Hua Zhou; Yong Zhu; Feng Wang
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Optical fiber sensor system for remote refractive index measurement based on Fresnel reflection using an OTDR
Author(s): Jianying Yuan; Chun-Liu Zhao; Manping Ye; Zaixuan Zhang; Shangzhong Jin
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Modal interferometer based on volatile organic compounds diffused in a simplified hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Luo Niu; Chun-Liu Zhao; Juan Kang; Man-Ping Ye
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Physical parameters collection based on wireless senor network
Author(s): Xin Chen; Hong Wu; Lei Ji
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Low cost multi-channels Gallium Arsenide absorption-based fiber optic temperature sensing system
Author(s): Yuming Dong; Guohua Jiao; Yuanfu Lu; Jiancheng Lv
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An all-fiber partial discharge monitoring system based on both intrinsic fiber optic interferometry sensor and fluorescent fiber
Author(s): Zelin Yin; Ruirui Zhang; Jie Tong; Xi Chen
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A new OTDR based on probe frequency multiplexing
Author(s): Lidong Lu; Yun Liang; Binglin Li; Jinghong Guo; Xuping Zhang
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Research on distributed strain separation technology of fiber Brillouin sensing system combining an electric power optical fiber cable
Author(s): Yuqing Lei; Xi Chen; Jihui Li; Jie Tong
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Cerium doped silica scintillating fiber sensor for γ radiation measurement
Author(s): Qiang Guo; Shiyang Lin; Yi Huang; Fufei Pang; Zhenyi Chen; Yana Shang; Tingyun Wang
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Demodulation method of orthogonal interferometer based on 1/8 wave plate
Author(s): Xiaoyan Cheng; Shenglai Zhen; Jian Chen; Hui Li; Feng Xu; Benli Yu
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Research on power measurement device of jamming bomb based on Infrared Radiation
Author(s): Shuai Chang; Shoufeng Tong; Yansong Song; Yan Dong
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A hybrid demodulation method of fiber-optic Fabry-Perot pressure sensor
Author(s): Le Yu; Jianjun Lang; Yong Pan; Di Wu; Min Zhang
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Safety monitoring of rail transit by fiber grating sensors
Author(s): Xiaomei Xu; Xuejin Li; Yuanlong Deng; Xiaoqing Liu; Yongqin Yu; Huasheng Zhou
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Distributed strain measurement system in one-dimensional by means of multipoint FBG sensing
Author(s): Hao Yin; Jun Zhu; Haiyu Tang; Hui Wang; Zhao Zhang; Tao Shui; Benli Yu
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Improvement of humidity stability for optoelectronic electric field sensor
Author(s): Chanxiao Li; Rong Zeng; Ben Niu; Gongyu Jin
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High-sensitivity Mach-Zehnder interferometer for temperature and strain measurements based on an embedded microcavity
Author(s): Zhao Zhang; Zhigang Cao; Tao Shui; Chenchen Yin; Hao Yin; Haiyu Tang; Benli Yu
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The application of return signal of satellite laser altimeter in coastline extraction
Author(s): Hong Wang; Song Li; Hui Zhou; Yue Ma; GuoXing Zhen
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Analysis on the detection performance of BOTDR in small-scale precision engineering
Author(s): Shuai Wang; Lijun Luan
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Research on strain and temperature measurement of OPGW based on BOTDR
Author(s): Anqiang Lv; Yongqian Li; Jing Li
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Experimental observation of parametric Brillouin gain in a single mode fiber
Author(s): Qi Sun; Hao Liang; Bai-Ou Guan
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Optical fiber laser salinity sensor based on multimode interference effect
Author(s): Qingqiang Meng; Xinyong Dong
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Research on fully distributed optical fiber sensing security system localization algorithm
Author(s): Xu Wu; Jiacheng Hou; Kun Liu; Tiegen Liu
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ANSYS simulation of the capacitance coupling of quartz tuning fork gyroscope
Author(s): Qing Zhang; Lihui Feng; Ke Zhao; Fang Cui; Yu-nan Sun
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Fiber inline Michelson interferometer fabricated by one-step femtosecond laser micromachining for sensing applications
Author(s): Lei Yuan; Hongbin Wu; Cong Wang; Yingyu Yu; Sumei Wang; Hai Xiao
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