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2013 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Devices and Optical Signal Processing
Editor(s): Yi Dong; Xiaoyi Bao; Chao Lu; Xiangjun Xin; Xuping Zhang
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Volume Number: 9043
Date Published: 2 January 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9043
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Periodically poled lithium niobate based ultra-wide bandwidth optical sampling oscilloscope
Author(s): Ai-ying Yang; Lin Zuo; Ji Zhou; Yaojun Qiao; Yu-nan Sun
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All-optical buffering for DPSK packets
Author(s): Guodong Liu; Chongqing Wu; Lanlan Liu; Fu Wang; Yaya Mao; Zhenchao Sun
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High-finesse F-P cavity external optical feedback narrow linewidth diode laser
Author(s): Yang Zhao; Shaokai Wang; Zhanjun Fang; Tianchu Li; Erjun Zang
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Optimized design of 1×4 optical splitter based on annealed proton exchanged waveguides in LiNbO3 crystal
Author(s): Zuoyun Yang; Dayong Wang; Dengcai Yang; Yunxin Wang; Lu Rong
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Modeling and design of terahertz filters based on the metallic mesh structures
Author(s): Guozhong Zhao; Chang Gu; Kuan Kou; Xiaoxia Bu
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High repetition rate passively mode-locked fiber laser with a composite cavity structure for repetition rate control
Author(s): Sha Tao; Lixin Xu; Guoliang Chen; Chun Gu; Xianming Zhang; Hongyan Song; Xiaoling Meng; Hai Ming
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Slow light of periodic rectangle signal in the erbium-doped fiber
Author(s): Fu Wang; Chongqing Wu; Zhi Wang; Guodong Liu; Yaya Mao; Zhenchao Sun
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A novel algorithm of arbitrary gain spectrum for low-NF hybrid amplifier assisted with an optical fiber Raman amplifier
Author(s): Kai Wang; Xiangjun Xin; Yongjun Wang; Qi Zhang; Mingjie Li; Bo Zhang
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High efficiency 60nJ all-fiber Yb-doped passive mode locked laser
Author(s): Hongyan Song; Lixin Xu; Chun Gu; Guoliang Chen; Xiaoling Meng; Sha Tao; Xianming Zhang; Hai Ming
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Wafer-level vacuum packaging for an optical readout bi-material cantilever infrared FPA
Author(s): Shuyu Li; Xiaoxiong Zhou; Xiaomei Yu
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A new signal restoration method based on deconvolution of the Point Spread Function (PSF) for the Flat-Field Holographic Concave Grating UV spectrometer system
Author(s): Honglin Dai; Yongdao Luo
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Impact of nonlinearity phenomenon FWM in DWDM optical link considering dispersive fiber
Author(s): William S. Puche; Ferney O. Amaya; Javier E. Sierra
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Performance comparison of a fiber optic communication system based on optical OFDM and an optical OFDM-MIMO with Alamouti code by using numerical simulations
Author(s): C. M. Serpa-Imbett; J. Marín-Alfonso; C. Gómez-Santamaría; L. Betancur-Agudelo; F. Amaya-Fernández
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Performance of long-haul transmission 100Gb/s coherent detection PDM-QPSK system with high-precision optical inline dispersion compensation
Author(s): Fei Xu; Yao Qiao; Yanfei Xu; Huiping Tian; Yuefeng Ji
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Study of S-G filter based real-time OFDM-PON system
Author(s): Conghui Deng; Qi Zhang; Yongjun Wang; Xiangjun Xin
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Trellis-coded pulse amplitude modulation for indoor visible light communication
Author(s): Yu Wang; Aiying Yang; Yongsheng Wu; Lihui Feng; Yu-nan Sun; Yankun Li
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Pulse signal de-noising based on wavelet transform and coherent averaging method
Author(s): Ruirui Zhao; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao; Ming Liu; Lei Yang; Ding Zhang; Jingsheng Zhao; Jinhui Xing
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Ternary optical multiplier based on SOA's nonlinear polarization rotation
Author(s): Zejia Huang; Chongqing Wu; Zhenyong Li; Zhi Wang
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A data processing method based on tracking light spot for the laser differential confocal component parameters measurement system
Author(s): Rongjun Shao; Lirong Qiu; Jiamiao Yang; Weiqian Zhao; Xin Zhang
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Analysis of total harmonic distortion in phase generated carrier demodulation algorithm by digital arctangent approach
Author(s): Huayong Zhang; Min Zhang
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Influence to 16-QAM of CATV using the third-order pumped distributed Raman amplifier
Author(s): Qin Wang; Ying Gao; Shaoling Huang; Jing Cao
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The intelligent fiber optic video surveillance system based on voice-leading
Author(s): Jingtao Zhang; Yunjun Wang; Qi Zhang; Xiangjun Xin
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Effect of duty cycle on the electrical and optical properties of VOx film deposited by pulsed reactive magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Xiang Dong; Zhiming Wu; Xiangdong Xu; Xiongbang Wei; Yadong Jiang
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Photoresponse in tilted Bi2Sr2Co2Oy thin films with nano-structured silver layer as the light absorber
Author(s): Guoying Yan; Zilong Bai; Shifan Yang; Shufang Wang; Wei Yu; Jianglong Wang; Guangsheng Fu
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Tunable optical delay line based on four-wave mixing wavelength conversion and dispersion in optical fibers
Author(s): Jingwen Yang; Dongfang Jia; Tonghui Liu; Chunfeng Ge; Weiwei Jia; Zhaoying Wang; Tianxin Yang
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Design of diffractive optical elements for beam shaping in near Fresnel diffraction domain
Author(s): Weidong Qu; Huarong Gu; Qiaofeng Tan
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Analysis of bit error rate for modified T-APPM under weak atmospheric turbulence channel
Author(s): Zhe Liu; Qi Zhang; Yong-jun Wang; Bo Liu; Li-jia Zhang; Kai-min Wang; Fei Xiao; Chao-gong Deng
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Design on a photonic crystal fiber with high nonlinearity and flattened dispersion for Raman soliton self-frequency shift
Author(s): Xiao-Ming Hu; Jin-Hui Yuan; Chong-Xiu Yu; Shuai Wei; Kui-Ru Wang; Xin-Zhu Sang; Bin-Bin Yan
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The frequency selectivity of double H-shaped metallic structures
Author(s): Xiaoxia Bu; Guozhong Zhao
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The coupling efficiency for different shape curve of specialty optical taper
Author(s): Qiang Liu; Xinghu Fu; Guangwei Fu; Weihong Bi
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Thermal effect of diode-pumped solid state lasers based on composite crystals
Author(s): Ming-ming Hao; Guo-guang Lu; Hong-bo Zhu; Yun Huang; Yun-fei En
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Analysis and modeling on noise factor of microchannel plate
Author(s): Yanhong Li; Xiaomei Chen; Guoqiang Ni
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Application of MIMO technology in ultraviolet communication
Author(s): Gang Huang; Yi Tang; Guoqiang Ni; Heqing Huang; Xuan Zhang
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Asymmetric wide-coupled waveguide 980nm laser diode with high power and low vertical divergence angle
Author(s): Cong Xiong; Qiong Qi; Suping Liu; Xiaoyu Ma
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Principle study and numerical simulation of a new super-resolution optical structure
Author(s): Xiaohu Guo; Yuejin Zhao; Bing Li; Yijian Wu; Wei Jia
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BER performance analysis and simulation for NRZ/RZ shaped APPM gamma-gamma turbulent free-space optical communication systems
Author(s): Kaimin Wang; Qi Zhang; Yongjun Wang; Lijia Zhang; Bo Liu; Zhe Liu; Chaogong Deng; Junliang Chu; Xiangjun Xin
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An automatic mode-locked system for passively mode-locked fiber laser
Author(s): Sha Li; Jun Xu; Guoliang Chen; Li Mei; Bo Yi
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Investigation on the channel model of mode multiplexing based on the dispersion compensating in few-mode fiber
Author(s): Lu Cai; Xiangjun Xin; Yongjun Wang; Qi Zhang; Xiaoli Yin; Haiyuan Zhao
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The influence of fiber dispersion and crosstalk on multi-service transmission for C-RAN
Author(s): Jun Shi; Qi Zhang; Bowen Li; Chaopeng Deng; Lijia Zhang; Bo Liu; Xiangjun Xin
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Chatter identification using HHT for boring process
Author(s): Wei Peng; Zhongju Hu; Li Yuan; Pingyu Zhu
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Ultra-broadband multi-sized PbS quantum dots fiber amplifier based on a symmetric fiber coupler
Author(s): Xiaolan Sun; Juanjuan Chen; Rong Dai; Tingyun Wang; Wei Zhou; Zesheng An
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An improved phase retrieval algorithm for optical anti-counterfeiting mask
Author(s): Xu Wu; Xueyan Li; Wenting Jiang
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Characteristics in the calibration of the fiber spectroradiometer
Author(s): Zhifeng Wu; Caihong Dai; Yanfei Wang; Binhua Chen; Xiangzhao Li
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Passively mode-locked fiber laser based on single-walled carbon nanotube and graphene as co-saturable absorbers
Author(s): Xiaolong Wang; Mei Sang; Pan Zhu; Yangbo Bai; Ke Liu; Tianxin Yang
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Photonic time-stretch analog-to-digital converter employing phase-modulation and envelope removing
Author(s): Xinggang Xie; Xiaoli Yin; Jingjing Han; Li Li; Xiangjun Xin; Chongxiu Yu
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Research on illuminance distribution of LED spherical arrays for indoor visible light communication
Author(s): Yankun Li; Aiying Yang; Yu-nan Sun; Yongsheng Wu; Yu Wang; Yifei Hou
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