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Medical Imaging 2014: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 9037
Date Published: 11 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9037
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Visual search from lab to clinic and back
Author(s): Jeremy M. Wolfe
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Effect of mammographic breast density on radiologists' visual search pattern
Author(s): Dana S. Al Mousa; Patrick C. Brennan; Elaine A. Ryan; Warwick B. Lee; Mariusz W. Pietrzyk; Warren M. Reed; Maram M. Alakhras; Yanpeng Li; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Laparoscopic surgical skills training: an investigation of the potential of using surgeons' visual search behaviour as a performance indicator
Author(s): Yan Chen; Leng Dong; Alastair G. Gale; Benjamin Rees; Charles Maxwell-Armstrong
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Adaptive controller for volumetric display of neuroimaging studies
Author(s): Ben Bleiberg; Justin Senseney; Jesus Caban
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Preference and performance regarding different image sizes when reading cranial CT
Author(s): Antje C. Venjakob; Tim Marnitz; Claudia R. Mello-Thoms
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Gaze as a biometric
Author(s): Hong-Jun Yoon; Tandy R. Carmichael; Georgia Tourassi
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Going on with false beliefs: What if satisfaction of search was really suppression of recognition?
Author(s): Claudia Mello-Thoms; Phuong Dung Trieu; Patrick C. Brennan
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eeDAP: an evaluation environment for digital and analog pathology
Author(s): Brandon D. Gallas; Wei-Chung Cheng; Marios A. Gavrielides; Adam Ivansky; Tyler Keay; Adam Wunderlich; Jason Hipp; Stephen M. Hewitt
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Visual quality assessment of H.264/AVC compressed laparoscopic video
Author(s): Asli E. Kumcu; Klaas Bombeke; Heng Chen; Ljubomir Jovanov; Ljiljana Platisa; Hiep Q. Luong; Jan Van Looy; Yves Van Nieuwenhove; Peter Schelkens; Wilfried Philips
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Investigating links between emotional intelligence and observer performance by radiologists in mammography
Author(s): Sarah J. Lewis; Patrick C. Brennan; Steven Cumming; Stuart J. MacKay; Mark F. McEntee; Kevin Keane; Claudia R. Mello-Thoms
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How does radiology report format impact reading time, comprehension and visual scanning?
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Bruce Reiner; Eliot Siegel
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Bone suppression technique for chest radiographs
Author(s): Zhimin Huo; Fan Xu; Jane Zhang; Hui Zhao; Susan K. Hobbs; John C. Wandtke; Anne-Marie Sykes; Narinder Paul; David Foos
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The patterns of false positive lesions for chest radiography observer performance: insights into errors and locations
Author(s): John W. Robinson; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia R. Mello-Thoms; Mariusz W. Pietrzyk; Sarah J. Lewis
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Nonparametric EROC analysis for observer performance evaluation on joint detection and estimation tasks
Author(s): Adam Wunderlich; Bart Goossens
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Non-Gaussian statistical properties of virtual breast phantoms
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Predrag R. Bakic; David D. Pokrajac; Andrew D. A. Maidment; Miguel P. Eckstein; John M. Boone
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Mammographic density descriptors of novel phantom images: effect of clustered lumpy backgrounds
Author(s): Yanpeng Li; Patrick C. Brennan; Elaine Ryan
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Using image simulation to test the effect of detector type on breast cancer detection
Author(s): Alistair Mackenzie; Lucy M. Warren; David R. Dance; Dev P. Chakraborty; Julie Cooke; Mark D. Halling-Brown; Padraig T. Looney; Matthew G. Wallis; Rosalind M. Given-Wilson; Gavin G. Alexander; Kenneth C. Young
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Task-based optimization of image reconstruction in breast CT
Author(s): Adrian A. Sanchez; Emil Y. Sidky; Xiaochuan Pan
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Evaluation of penalty design in penalized maximum-likelihood image reconstruction for lesion detection
Author(s): Li Yang; Andrea Ferrero; Rosalie J. Hagge; Ramsey D. Badawi; Jinyi Qi
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Observer assessment of multi-pinhole SPECT geometries for prostate cancer imaging: a simulation study
Author(s): Faraz Kalantari; Anando Sen; Howard C. Gifford
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Comparing observer models and feature selection methods for a task-based statistical assessment of digital breast tomsynthesis in reconstruction space
Author(s): Subok Park; George Z. Zhang; Rongping Zeng; Kyle J. Myers
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A Naive-Bayes model observer for detection and localization of perfusion defects in cardiac SPECT-MPI
Author(s): Felipe M. Parages; J. Michael O’Connor; P. Hendrik Pretorius; Jovan G. Brankov
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Design of a practical model-observer-based image quality assessment method for CT imaging systems
Author(s): Hsin-Wu Tseng; Jiahua Fan; Guangzhi Cao; Matthew A. Kupinski; Paavana Sainath
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Comparison of computational to human observer detection for evaluation of CT low dose iterative reconstruction
Author(s): Brendan Eck; Rachid Fahmi; Kevin M. Brown; Nilgoun Raihani; David L. Wilson
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Assessment of prostate cancer detection with a visual-search human model observer
Author(s): Anando Sen; Faraz Kalantari; Howard C. Gifford
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Does sensitivity measured from screening test-sets predict clinical performance?
Author(s): BaoLin P. Soh; Warwick B. Lee; Claudia R. Mello-Thoms; Kriscia A. Tapia; John Ryan; Wai Tak Hung; Graham J. Thompson; Rob Heard; Patrick C. Brennan
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Modeling resident error-making patterns in detection of mammographic masses using computer-extracted image features: preliminary experiments
Author(s): Maciej A. Mazurowski; Jing Zhang; Joseph Y. Lo; Cherie M. Kuzmiak; Sujata V. Ghate M.D.; Sora Yoon
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Mammographic density measurement: a comparison of automated volumetric density measurement to BIRADS
Author(s): Mark F. McEntee; Christine N. Damases
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Pursuing optimal thresholds to recommend breast biopsy by quantifying the value of tomosynthesis
Author(s): Yirong Wu; Oguzhan Alagoz; David J. Vanness; Amy Trentham-Dietz; Elizabeth S. Burnside
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Efficacy of digital breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer diagnosis
Author(s): M. Alakhras; C. Mello-Thoms; M. Rickard; R. Bourne; P. C. Brennan
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Retrieving high spatial frequency information in sonography for improved microcalcification detection
Author(s): Sara Bahramian; Michael F. Insana
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Development and evaluation of a 3D model observer with nonlinear spatiotemporal contrast sensitivity
Author(s): Ali R. N. Avanaki; Kathryn S. Espig; Andrew D. A. Maidment; Cedric Marchessoux; Predrag R. Bakic; Tom R. L. Kimpe
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Human template estimation using a Gaussian processes algorithm
Author(s): Francesc Massanes; Jovan G. Brankov
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A stereo matching model observer for stereoscopic viewing of 3D medical images
Author(s): Gezheng Wen; Mia K. Markey; Gautam S. Muralidlhar
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A model observer based on human perception to quantify the detectability
Author(s): Georges Acharian; Nathalie Guyader; Jean-Michel Vignolle; Christian Jutten
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Detectability and image quality metrics based on robust statistics: following non-linear, noise-reduction filters
Author(s): J. Eric Tkaczyk; Eri Haneda; Giovanni Palma; Razvan Iordache; Remy Klausz; Mathieu Garayt; Ann-Katherine Carton
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Discover common properties of human observers' visual search and mathematical observers' scanning PART I: theory and conjecture
Author(s): Xin He; Frank Samuelson; Rongping Zeng; Berkman Sahiner
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Discover common properties of human observers' visual search and mathematical observers' scanning PART II: emperical studies using human and model observers
Author(s): Xin He; Frank Samuelson; Berkman Sahiner
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A comparison of Australian and USA radiologists' performance in detection of breast cancer
Author(s): Wasfi I. Suleiman; Dianne Georgian-Smith M.D.; Michael G. Evanoff; Sarah Lewis; Mark F. McEntee
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Investigations of internal noise levels for different target sizes, contrasts, and noise structures
Author(s): Minah Han; Shinkook Choi; Jongduk Baek
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Investigating the visual inspection subjectivity on the contrast-detail evaluation in digital mammography images
Author(s): Maria A. Z. Sousa; Regina B. Medeiros; Homero Schiabel
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The quest for 'diagnostically lossless' medical image compression: a comparative study of objective quality metrics for compressed medical images
Author(s): Ilona Kowalik-Urbaniak; Dominique Brunet; Jiheng Wang; David Koff; Nadine Smolarski-Koff; Edward R. Vrscay; Bill Wallace; Zhou Wang
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A comparison of ROC inferred from FROC and conventional ROC
Author(s): Mark F. McEntee; Stephen Littlefair; Mariusz W. Pietrzyk
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Visual search behaviour during laparoscopic cadaveric procedures
Author(s): Leng Dong; Yan Chen; Alastair G. Gale; Benjamin Rees; Charles Maxwell-Armstrong M.D.
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Direction of an initial saccade depends on radiological expertise
Author(s): Mariusz W. Pietrzyk; Mark F. McEntee; Michael E. Evanoff; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia R. Mello-Thoms
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Preliminary experiments on quantification of skin condition
Author(s): Kenzo Kitajima; Hitoshi Iyatomi
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Validation and comparison of intensity based methods for change detection in serial brain images
Author(s): Žiga Lesjak; Žiga Špiclin; Boštjan Likar; Franjo Pernuš
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Validation of parameter estimation methods for determining optical properties of atherosclerotic tissues in intravascular OCT
Author(s): Ronny Shalev; Madhusudhana Gargesha; David Prabhu; Kentaro Tanaka; Andrew M. Rollins; Marco Costa; Hiram G. Bezerra; Guy Lamouche; David L. Wilson
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Analysis of temporal dynamics in imagery during acute limb ischemia and reperfusion
Author(s): John M. Irvine; John Regan; Tammy A. Spain; Joseph D. Caruso; Maricela Rodriquez; Rajiv Luthra; Jonathon Forsberg; Nicole J. Crane; Eric Elster
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Clinical compliance of viewing conditions in radiology reporting environments against current guidelines and standards
Author(s): S. Daly; L. Rainford; M. L. Butler
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Study of quality perception in medical images based on comparison of contrast enhancement techniques in mammographic images
Author(s): B. Matheus; L. B. Verçosa M.D.; B. Barufaldi; H. Schiabel
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MedXViewer: an extensible web-enabled software package for medical imaging
Author(s): P. T. Looney; K. C. Young; Alistair Mackenzie; Mark D. Halling-Brown
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Atlas-registration based image segmentation of MRI human thigh muscles in 3D space
Author(s): Ezak Ahmad; Moi Hoon Yap; Hans Degens; Jamie S. McPhee
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Automatic segmentation of abdominal vessels for improved pancreas localization
Author(s): Amal Farag; Jiamin Liu; Ronald M. Summers
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A new iterative method for liver segmentation from perfusion CT scans
Author(s): Ahmed Draoua; Adélaïde Albouy-Kissi; Antoine Vacavant; Vincent Sauvage
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Evaluation of correlation between CT image features and ERCC1 protein expression in assessing lung cancer prognosis
Author(s): Maxine Tan; Nastaran Emaminejad; Wei Qian; Shenshen Sun; Yan Kang; Yubao Guan; Fleming Lure; Bin Zheng
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Comparison of two indirect detection flat panel imagers
Author(s): Kent Ogden; Kimball Clark; Andrij Wojtowycz; Michele Lisi; Ernest M. Scalzetti
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Complementary cumulative precision distribution: a new graphical metric for medical image retrieval system
Author(s): Jatindra Kumar Dash; Sudipta Mukhopadhyay; Niranjan Khandelwal
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