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Visualization and Data Analysis 2014
Editor(s): Pak Chung Wong; David L. Kao; Ming C. Hao; Chaomei Chen
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Volume Number: 9017
Date Published: 2 February 2014

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9017
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
FilooT: a visualization tool for exploring genomic data
Author(s): Mahshid Zeinaly; Mina Soltangheis; Chris D. Shaw
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A framework for analysis of the upper airway from real-time MRI sequences
Author(s): Samuel Silva; António Teixeira
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VAFLE: visual analytics of firewall log events
Author(s): Mohammad Ghoniem; Georgiy Shurkhovetskyy; Ahmed Bahey; Benoît Otjacques
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Configurable IP-space maps for large-scale, multi-source network data visual analysis and correlation
Author(s): Scott Miserendino; Corey Maynard; William Freeman
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The CZSaw notes case study
Author(s): Eric Lee; Ankit Gupta; David Darvill; John Dill; Chris D. Shaw; Robert Woodbury
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Linked visual analysis of structured datasets and document collections
Author(s): Sebastin Kolman; Ekaterina Galkina; Andrew S. Dufilie; Yen Fu Luo; Vivek Gupta; Georges Grinstein
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A reference web architecture and patterns for real-time visual analytics on large streaming data
Author(s): Eser Kandogan; Danny Soroker; Steven Rohall; Peter Bak; Frank van Ham; Jie Lu; Harold-Jeffrey Ship; Chun-Fu Wang; Jennifer Lai
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Visualizing confusion matrices for multidimensional signal detection correlational methods
Author(s): Yue Zhou; Thomas Wischgoll; Leslie M. Blaha; Ross Smith; Rhonda J. Vickery
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User-driven sampling strategies in image exploitation
Author(s): Neal Harvey; Reid Porter
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Collaborative data analysis with smart tangible devices
Author(s): Johannes Fuchs; Roman Rädle; Dominik Sacha; Fabian Fischer; Andreas Stoffel
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Visualization of off-screen data on tablets using context-providing bar graphs and scatter plots
Author(s): Peter S. Games; Alark Joshi
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HyFinBall: a two-handed, hybrid 2D/3D desktop VR interface for multi-dimensional visualization
Author(s): Isaac Cho; Xiaoyu Wang; Zachary J. Wartell
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Visualizing trends and clusters in ranked time-series data
Author(s): Michael B. Gousie; John Grady; Melissa Branagan
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Relating interesting quantitative time series patterns with text events and text features
Author(s): Franz Wanner; Tobias Schreck; Wolfgang Jentner; Lyubka Sharalieva; Daniel A. Keim
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Visualization of multidimensional data with collocated paired coordinates and general line coordinates
Author(s): Boris Kovalerchuk
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Visual abstraction of complex motion patterns
Author(s): Halldór Janetzko; Dominik Jäckle; Oliver Deussen; Daniel A. Keim
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Abstract rendering: out-of-core rendering for information visualization
Author(s): Joseph A. Cottam; Andrew Lumsdaine; Peter Wang
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GlyphSea: Visualizing Vector Fields
Author(s): Emmett McQuinn; Amit Chourasia; Jürgen P. Schulze; Jean-Bernard Minster
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Simulation and visualization of velocity fields in simple electrokinetic devices
Author(s): Prasun Mahanti; Thomas Taylor; Douglas Cochran; Michael Keebaugh; Mark A. Hayes
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Streamline similarity analysis using bag-of-features
Author(s): Yifei Li; Chaoli Wang; Ching-Kuang Shene
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Evaluation in visualization: some issues and best practices
Author(s): Beatriz Sousa Santos; Paulo Dias
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Interactive word cloud for analyzing reviews
Author(s): HyunRyong Jung
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Stars advantages vs parallel coordinates: shape perception as visualization reserve
Author(s): Vladimir Grishin; Boris Kovalerchuk
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Possibility space for GIS suitability analysis
Author(s): Wutthigrai Boonsuk; Chris Harding
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Improving chemical mapping algorithm and visualization in full-field hard x-ray spectroscopic imaging
Author(s): Cheng Chang; Wei Xu; Yu-chen Karen Chen-Wiegart; Jun Wang; Dantong Yu
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Progressively consolidating historical visual explorations for new discoveries
Author(s): Kaiyu Zhao; Matthew O. Ward; Elke A. Rundensteiner; Huong N. Higgins
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Comparative case study between D3 and highcharts on lustre data visualization
Author(s): Omar ElTayeby; Dwayne John; Pragnesh Patel; Scott Simmerman
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Spatial partitioning algorithms for data visualization
Author(s): Raghuveer Devulapalli; Mikael Quist; John Gunnar Carlsson
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Visualization of probabilistic relationships in shape-maturity data for lunar craters
Author(s): Prasun Mahanti; Mark S. Robinson
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SocialMood: an information visualization tool to measure the mood of the people in social networks
Author(s): Guilherme Amorim; Roberto Franco; Rodolfo Moraes; Bruno Figueiredo; João Miranda; José Dobrões; Ricardo Afonso; Bianchi Meiguins
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Technique and cue selection for graphical presentation of generic hyperdimensional data
Author(s): Lee M. Howard; Robert P. Burton
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Evaluation of stream surfaces using error quantification metrics
Author(s): Ayan Biswas; Han-Wei Shen
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