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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIX
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Volume Number: 9014
Date Published: 18 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9014
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Seven challenges for image quality research
Author(s): Damon M. Chandler; Md Mushfiqul Alam; Thien D. Phan
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Audiovisual focus of attention and its application to Ultra High Definition video compression
Author(s): Martin Rerabek; Hiromi Nemoto; Jong-Seok Lee; Touradj Ebrahimi
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Influence of audio triggered emotional attention on video perception
Author(s): Freddy Torres; Hari Kalva
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3D sound and 3D image interactions: a review of audio-visual depth perception
Author(s): Jonathan S. Berry; David A. T. Roberts; Nicolas S. Holliman
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Roughness vs. contrast in natural textures
Author(s): René van Egmond; Huib de Ridder; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; Pubudu M. Silva
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An investigation of visual selection priority of objects with texture and crossed and uncrossed disparities
Author(s): Dar'ya Khaustova; Jérôme Fournier; Emmanuel Wyckens; Olivier Le Meur
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Memory texture as a mechanism of improvement in preference by adding noise
Author(s): Yinzhu Zhao; Naokazu Aoki; Hiroyuki Kobayashi
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Computer vision enhances mobile eye-tracking to expose expert cognition in natural-scene visual-search tasks
Author(s): Tommy P. Keane; Nathan D. Cahill; John A. Tarduno; Robert A. Jacobs; Jeff B. Pelz
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An adaptive hierarchical sensing scheme for sparse signals
Author(s): Henry Schütze; Erhardt Barth; Thomas Martinetz
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Referenceless perceptual fog density prediction model
Author(s): Lark Kwon Choi; Jaehee You; Alan C. Bovik
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Dynamics of backlight luminance for using smartphone in dark environment
Author(s): Nooree Na; Jiho Jang; Hyeon-Jeong Suk
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Effects of image size and interactivity in lighting visualization
Author(s): Michael J. Murdoch; Mariska G. M. Stokkermans
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On the delights of being an ex-cataract patient: Visual experiences before and after cataract operations; what they indicate
Author(s): Floris L. van Nes
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X-Eye: A reference format for eye tracking data to facilitate analyses across databases
Author(s): Stefan Winkler; Florian M. Savoy; Ramanathan Subramanian
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Modeling the leakage of LCD displays with local backlight for quality assessment
Author(s): Claire Mantel; Jari Korhonen; Jesper Melgaard Pedersen; Søren Bech; Ehsan Nadernejad; Nino Burini; Søren Forchhammer
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On improving the pooling in HDR-VDP-2 towards better HDR perceptual quality assessment
Author(s): Manish Narwaria; Matthieu Perreira Da Silva; Patrick Le Callet; Romuald Pepion
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Theory and practice of perceptual video processing in broadcast encoders for cable, IPTV, satellite, and internet distribution
Author(s): S. McCarthy
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Temporal perceptual coding using a visual acuity model
Author(s): Velibor Adzic; Robert A. Cohen; Anthony Vetro
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Characterizing perceptual artifacts in compressed video streams
Author(s): Kai Zeng; Tiesong Zhao; Abdul Rehman; Zhou Wang
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Zero shot prediction of video quality using intrinsic video statistics
Author(s): Anish Mittal; Michele A. Saad; Alan C. Bovik
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Personalized visual aesthetics
Author(s): Edward A. Vessel; Jonathan Stahl; Natalia Maurer; Alexander Denker; G. Gabrielle Starr
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Identifying image preferences based on demographic attributes
Author(s): Elena A. Fedorovskaya; Daniel R. Lawrence
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Chamber QoE: a multi-instrumental approach to explore affective aspects in relation to quality of experience
Author(s): Katrien De Moor; Filippo Mazza; Isabelle Hupont; Miguel Ríos Quintero; Toni Mäki; Martín Varela
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Alone or together: measuring users' viewing experience in different social contexts
Author(s): Yi Zhu; Ingrid Heynderickx; Judith A. Redi
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Would you hire me? Selfie portrait images perception in a recruitment context
Author(s): F. Mazza; M. P. Da Silva; P. Le Callet
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Assessing the impact of image manipulation on users' perceptions of deception
Author(s): Valentina Conotter; Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen; Giulia Boato; María Menéndez; Martha Larson
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Spectral compression: Weighted principal component analysis versus weighted least squares
Author(s): Farnaz Agahian; Brian Funt; Seyed Hossein Amirshahi
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Creating experimental color harmony map
Author(s): Christel Chamaret; Fabrice Urban; Josselin Lepinel
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Exploring the use of memory colors for image enhancement
Author(s): Su Xue; Minghui Tan; Ann McNamara; Julie Dorsey; Holly Rushmeier
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Perceptual evaluation of colorized nighttime imagery
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Michael J. de Jong; Maarten A. Hogervorst; Ignace T. C. Hooge
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Reaching into Pictorial Spaces
Author(s): Robert Volcic; Dhanraj Vishwanath; Fulvio Domini
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A framework for the study of vision in active observers
Author(s): Carlo Nicolini; Carlo Fantoni; Giovanni Mancuso; Robert Volcic; Fulvio Domini
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Shading and shadowing on Canaletto's Piazza San Marco
Author(s): Maarten W. A. Wijntjes; Huib de Ridder
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3D space perception as embodied cognition in the history of art images
Author(s): Christopher W. Tyler
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Color visualization of cyclic magnitudes
Author(s): Alfredo Restrepo; Viviana Estupiñán
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Quality evaluation of stereo 3DTV systems with open profiling of quality
Author(s): Sara Kepplinger; Nikolaus Hottong
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MPEG-4 AVC saliency map computation
Author(s): M. Ammar; M. Mitrea; M. Hasnaoui
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Visual manifold sensing
Author(s): Irina Burciu; Adrian Ion-Mărgineanu; Thomas Martinetz; Erhardt Barth
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Visually lossless coding based on temporal masking in human vision
Author(s): Velibor Adzic; Howard S. Hock; Hari Kalva
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Face detection on distorted images using perceptual quality-aware features
Author(s): Suriya Gunasekar; Joydeep Ghosh; Alan C. Bovik
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Consciousness and stereoscopic environmental imaging
Author(s): Steve Mason
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Bivariate statistical modeling of color and range in natural scenes
Author(s): Che-Chun Su; Lawrence K. Cormack; Alan C. Bovik
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