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Complex Light and Optical Forces VIII
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Volume Number: 8999
Date Published: 28 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8999
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Single-beam trapping using laser beams focused by low and high numerical apertures: angular spectrum approach
Author(s): Martin Siler; Oto Brzobohaty; Petr Jakl; Vitezslav Karasek; Pavel Zemanek
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Near-field waveguide trapping and tracking of particles using fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Balpreet S. Ahluwalia; Petter Brox; Øystein Helle; Jean-Claude Tinguely; Olav G. Hellesø
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Optical trapping of non-spherical plasmonic nanoparticles
Author(s): Oto Brzobohatý; Martin Šiler; Lukáš Chvátal; Vítězslav Karásek; Pavel Zemánek
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Angular momentum radio
Author(s): B. Thidé; F. Tamburini; H. Then; C. G. Someda; E. Mari; G. Parisi; F. Spinello; F. Romanato
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Tuning vector vortex in spatially coherent supercontinuum multicolored optical beam using q-plate
Author(s): Yisa S. Rumala; Giovanni Milione; Thien An Nguyen; Sebastião Pratavieira; Zabir Hossain; Daniel Nolan; Sergei Slussarenko; Ebrahim Karimi; Lorenzo Marrucci; Robert R. Alfano
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Propagation and wavefront ambiguity of linear nondiffracting beams
Author(s): R. Grunwald; M. Bock
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From q-plates to the photonic gear: tailoring the rotational properties of light
Author(s): Lorenzo Marrucci; Fabio Sciarrino
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Mapping of all polarization-singularity C-point morphologies
Author(s): E. J. Galvez; B. L. Rojec; K. Beach
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Generating and measuring non-diffracting vector Bessel beams
Author(s): A. Dudley; Y. Li; T. Mhlanga; M. Escuti; A. Forbes
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Topological aspects of polarization structured beams
Author(s): Vijay Kumar; Nirmal K. Viswanathan
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Incoherent polarized white-light vecctor vortex from a q-plate
Author(s): Thien An Nguyen; Yisa Rumala; Giovanni Milione; Daniel A. Nolan; Ebrahim Karimi; Sergei Slussarenko; Lorenzo Marrucci; Robert R. Alfano
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Optical vortex mode generation by nanoarrays with a tailored geometry
Author(s): Mathew D. Williams; Matt M. Coles; David S. Bradshaw; David L. Andrews
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Vitality of optical vortices
Author(s): Filippus S. Roux
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Density of optical degrees of freedom: intensity, linear, and angular momentum
Author(s): Michael Mazilu
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Few-cycle vortex wavepackets with tunable topological charge
Author(s): R. Grunwald; M. Bock; J. Brunne; U. Wallrabe
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Ultrafast and ultra-broadband optical-vortex pulse generation and characterization
Author(s): Ryuji Morita; Keisaku Yamane; Zhili Yang; Yasunori Toda
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Optical vortices in six-wave mixing
Author(s): Matt M. Coles; Mathew D. Williams; David L. Andrews
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Bandwidth analysis of the principal states superimposed from vortex modes propagating in an optical fiber
Author(s): Daniel A. Nolan; Giovanni Milione; Robert R. Alfano
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Structured light interference due to multiple reflections in a spiral phase plate device and its propagation
Author(s): Yisa S. Rumala
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Shaping of electromagnetic fields for THz plasmonics
Author(s): A. Edelmann; S. Helfert; J. Jahns
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Combining focusing properties of a single diatom valve with optical eigenmodes in ultra-shrinking of light
Author(s): L. Lavanga; E. De Tommasi; A. C. De Luca; P. Dardano; M. De Stefano; L. De Stefano; I. Rendina; K. Dholakia; M. Mazilu
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Weak measurements with non-integer orbital angular momentum states
Author(s): Jörg B. Götte
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Recovery of quantum-entanglement after encountering an obstruction
Author(s): Melanie McLaren; Thandeka Mhlanga; Miles J. Padgett; Filippus S. Roux; Andrew Forbes
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The evolution of OAM-entanglement between two qutrits in turbulence
Author(s): Alpha Hamadou Ibrahim; Filippus S. Roux; Sandeep K. Goyal; Melanie G. McLaren; Thomas Konrad; Andrew Forbes
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The scalable implementation of quantum walks using classical light
Author(s): Sandeep K. Goyal; F. S. Roux; Andrew Forbes; Thomas Konrad
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Nanostructured fibre tip for trapping of nanoparticles
Author(s): Jean-Claude Tinguely; Ming Ding; Gilberto Brambilla; Andreas Hohenau; Joachim R. Krenn; Olav G. Hellesø
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Influence of multiple particles in optical tweezers on the trapping efficiency
Author(s): Thomas Weigel; Reza Ghadiri; Cemal Esen; Gustav Schweiger; Andreas Ostendorf
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Diffractive beam shaping, tracking and coupling for wave-guided optical waveguides (WOWs)
Author(s): Mark Villangca; Andrew Bañas; Thomas Aabo; Darwin Palima; Jesper Glückstad
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Encoding mutually unbiased bases in orbital angular momentum for quantum key distribution
Author(s): A. Dudley; M. Mafu; S. Goyal; D. Giovannini; M. McLaren; T. Konrad; M. J. Padgett; F. Petruccione; N. Lütkenhaus; A. Forbes
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Spatial superpositions of Gaussian beams
Author(s): Darryl Naidoo; Thomas Godin; Michael Fromager; Kamel Aϊt-Ameur; Andrew Forbes
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Application of geometric phase to wavefront sensing for astronomical adaptive optics
Author(s): E. E. Bloemhof
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