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Advances in Slow and Fast Light VII
Editor(s): Selim M. Shahriar; Frank A. Narducci
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Volume Number: 8998
Date Published: 14 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8998
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Slow-light transmission in the metal-dielectric structure based on plasmon-induced transparency
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Jin Li; Hanyang Li; Chengbao Yao; Ping Yuan
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Sensitivity analysis of linear CROW gyroscopes and comparison to a single-resonator gyroscope
Author(s): Kiarash Zamani-Aghaie; Michel J. F. Digonnet
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Multimode quantum state tomography of slow light in rubidium vapor
Author(s): Andrew M. C. Dawes; Noah T. Holte; Hunter A. Dassonville
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Quantum mutual information of an entangled state propagating through slow- and fast-light media
Author(s): Ryan T. Glasser; Jeremy B. Clark; Quentin Glorieux; Ulrich Vogl; Paul D. Lett
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Slow and fast light in a phase sensitive system
Author(s): Shuo Shen; Xiwei Xu; Yanhong Xiao
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Eye-like ring resonator for highly sensitive temperature sensing
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Xiaoqi Liu; Xuenan Zhang; Ping Yuan
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Detection of rotation using slow light with angular momentum
Author(s): Yuri V. Rostovtsev
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Fast-light enhancement by polarization mode coupling in a single optical cavity
Author(s): David D. Smith; H. Chang; Krishna Myneni; A. T. Rosenberger
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Interferometric measurements by using slow light in liquid crystal media
Author(s): U. Bortolozzo; J. P. Huignard; S. Residori
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Variable delay of Gbit/s data using coded Brillouin dynamic gratings
Author(s): Yair Antman; Lior Yaron; Tomy Langer; Moshe Tur; Avi Zadok
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Broadening-free SBS-based slow and fast light in optical fibers
Author(s): Thomas Schneider; Andrzej Wiatrek
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Effects of polarization mode coupling and superposition in a whispering-gallery microresonator
Author(s): A. T. Rosenberger
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Observation of EIT like spectrum in the nested fiber ring resonator
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Changqiu Yu; Kaiyang Wang; Ping Yuan
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Experimental observations of the transition from fast light to slow light in a side-coupled ring resonator
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Xuenan Zhang; Xiaoqi Liu; Kaiyang Wang; Ping Yuan
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Coupled microrings data buffer using fast light
Author(s): Jacob Scheuer; Selim Shahriar
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Progress towards atomic vapor photonic microcells: atomic polarization decoherence of Zeeman levels in rubidium filled HC-PCF
Author(s): E. Ilinova; T. D. Bradley; F. Benabid
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High-storage efficiency EIT-based optical memory
Author(s): Yi-Hsin Chen; Meng-Jung Lee; I-Chung Wang; Shengwang Du; Yong-Fan Chen; Ying-Cheng Chen; Ite A. Yu
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