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Oxide-based Materials and Devices V
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Volume Number: 8987
Date Published: 8 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8987
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electrical properties of ultrathin Ga-doped ZnO films on Si and ZnO
Author(s): D. C. Look; B. Wang; K. D. Leedy; D. B. Thomson
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TiO2 anode materials for lithium-ion batteries with different morphology and additives
Author(s): Xiang Liu; Yip Hang Ng; Yu Hang Leung; Fangzhou Liu; Aleksandra B. Djurišic; Mao Hai Xie; Wai Kin Chan
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Mid-infrared extraordinary transmission through Ga-doped ZnO films with 2D hole arrays
Author(s): Justin W. Cleary; Nima Nader Esfahani; Shiva Vangala; Junpeng Guo; Joshua R. Hendrickson; Kevin D. Leedy; David C. Look
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Numerical and experimental study of SnOx | Ag | SnOx multilayer as indium-free transparent electrode for organic solar cells
Author(s): Adrien Bou; Philippe Torchio; Damien Barakel; François Thierry; Pierre-Yves Thoulon; Marc Ricci
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Nanoscale optical and electrical characterizations of ZnO nanostructures by near-field microscopy
Author(s): Bogdan Bercu; Louis Giraudet; Michael Molinari
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Emission characteristics of electrically- and optically-pumped single ZnO micro-spherical crystal
Author(s): D. Nakamura; T. Shimogaki; N. Tetsuyama; K. Fusazaki; Y. Mizokami; M. Higashihata; H. Ikenoue; T. Okada
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Carrier dynamics in dilute II-VI oxide highly mismatched alloys
Author(s): Yan-Cheng Lin; Wu-Ching Chou; Jen-Inn Chyi; Tooru Tanaka
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Optical characterization of laterally and vertically structured oxides and semiconductors
Author(s): P. Petrik; N. Kumar; E. Agocs; B. Fodor; S. F. Pereira; T. Lohner; Mi. Fried; H. P. Urbach
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Optical properties of ZnO thin films dispersed with noble metal nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel method
Author(s): M. Wakaki; T. Noguchi; E. Yokoyama
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Control of optical and electrical properties of ZnO nanocrystals by nanosecond-laser annealing
Author(s): T. Shimogaki; T. Ofuji; N. Tetsuyama; H. Kawahara; M. Higashihata; H. Ikenoue; D. Nakamura; T. Okada
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Electroluminescence from ZnO nanowire-based heterojunction LED
Author(s): D. Nakamura; N. Tetsuyama; T. Shimogaki; M. Higashihata; H. Ikenoue; T. Okada
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Effect of lithium-ion implantation of varying fluence on the optical properties of ZnMgO
Author(s): S. Saha; S. Nagar; S. K. Gupta; S. Chakrabarti
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Optical properties and storage capabilities of AB2O4:Cr3+ (A=Zn, Mg, B=Ga, Al)
Author(s): S. K. Sharma; A. Bessiere; D. Gourier; G. Sraiki; B. Viana; P. J. Dereń; D. Rudnicka; A. Watras; N. Basavaraju; K. R. Priolkar; T. Maldiney; D. Scherman; C. Richard
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Polymorphism, band-structure, band-lineup, and alloy energetics of the group II oxides and sulfides MgO, ZnO, CdO, MgS, ZnS, CdS
Author(s): Stephan Lany
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Development of blue excitable persistent phosphor of Ce3+-doped garnet ceramics by bandgap engineering and metal-sensitization
Author(s): Jumpei Ueda; Keisuke Kuroishi; Setsuhisa Tanabe
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Doping of Ga2O3 bulk crystals and NWs by ion implantation
Author(s): K. Lorenz; M. Peres; M. Felizardo; J. G. Correia; L. C. Alves; E. Alves; I. López; E. Nogales; B. Méndez; J. Piqueras; M. B. Barbosa; J. P. Araújo; J. N. Gonçalves; J. Rodrigues; L. Rino; T. Monteiro; E. G. Villora; K. Shimamura
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Theoretical investigations of the electronic properties of functionalized zinc-oxide nanowires
Author(s): M. Lorke; A. Domínguez; A. L. da Rosa; T. Frauenheim
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Atomic collision effects during PLD processes: nonstoichiometry control in transparent superconductors
Author(s): Taro Hitosugi; D. Packwood; S. Shiraki
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Augmented methods for growth and development of novel multi-cation oxides
Author(s): Hideki Yamamoto; Yoshiharu Krockenberger; Michio Naito
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Synthesis of epitaxial rutile-type VO2 and VO2(B) polymorph films
Author(s): Franklin J. Wong; Shriram Ramanathan
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Photocarrier recombination and localization dynamics of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
Author(s): Y. Yamada; H. K. Sato; Y. Hikita; H. Y. Hwang; Y. Kanemitsu
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Analysis of Low Temperature Magnetoresistance of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interfaces
Author(s): Stefano Gariglio; Alexandre Fête; Daniela Stornaiuolo; Danfeng Li; Marc Gabay; Jean-Marc Triscone
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Growth of crystalline LaAlO3 by atomic layer deposition
Author(s): Thong Q. Ngo; Martin D. McDaniel; Agham Posadas; Alexander A. Demkov; John G. Ekerdt
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Photon-induced thermoelectric voltages in complex oxide superlattices
Author(s): Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier; Stefan Heinze
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Raman study of magnetic phase transitions of hexagonal manganites
Author(s): Ji-Yeon Nam; Nguyen Thi Minh Hien; Nguyen Thi Huyen; Kiok Han; Xiang-Bai Chen; S. W. Cheong; D. Lee; T. W. Noh; N. H. Sung; B. K. Cho; In-Sang Yang
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Crystal, magnetic and dielectric studies of the 2D antiferromagnet: β-NaMnO2
Author(s): Ionna Bakaimi; Artem Abakumov; Mark A. Green; Alexandros Lappas
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Lattice location of Hf and its interaction with other impurities in LiNbO3: an integrated review
Author(s): J. G. Marques; K. Lorenz
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Is ZnO as a universal semiconductor material an oxymoron?
Author(s): B. Hussain; B. Kucukgok; M. Y. A. Raja; Benjamin Klein; N. Lu; I. T. Ferguson
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Novel method for reclaim/reuse of bulk GaN substrates using sacrificial ZnO release layers
Author(s): A. Rajan; S. Sundaram; Y. El Gmili; P. L. Voss; K. Pantzas; T. Moudakir; A. Ougazzaden; D. J. Rogers; F. Hosseini Teherani; V. E. Sandana; P. Bove; K. Prior; R. McClintock; M. Razeghi
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Off-axis sputter deposition of ZnO films on c-sapphire substrates with buffer layers prepared via nitrogen-mediated crystallization
Author(s): N. Itagaki; K. Matsushima; D. Yamashita; H. Seo; K. Koga; M. Shiratani
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Role of grain boundaries in ZnO
Author(s): Yukio Sato; Yuichi Ikuhara
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Electrical and optical properties of ZnO bulk crystals with and without lithium grown by the hydrothermal technique
Author(s): Buguo Wang; Bruce Claflin; Michael Callahan; Z. -Q. Fang; David Look
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ZnO micro/nanocrystals grown by laser assisted flow deposition
Author(s): J. Rodrigues; A. J. S. Fernandes; D. Mata; Tiago Holz; R. G. Carvalho; R. Fath Allah; T. Ben; D. Gonzalez; R. F. Silva; A. F. da Cunha; M. R. Correia; L. C. Alves; K. Lorenz; A. J. Neves; F. M. Costa; T. Monteiro
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Metal-oxide semiconductor nanostructures for energy and sensing applications
Author(s): Jae Su Yu; Yeong Hwan Ko
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Effect of electric field and atmosphere on the processing of nanocrystalline ZnO
Author(s): Benjamin Dargatz; Jesus Gonzalez-Julian; Olivier Guillon
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Upconversion properties of Er3+-doped oxyfluoride glass-ceramics containing SrF2 nanocrystals
Author(s): C. R. Kesavulu; K. Kiran Kumar; C. K. Jayasankar
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Flexible binder free functionalized carbon nanotube electrodes for ultracapacitor
Author(s): Badekai Ramachandra Bhat; L. S. Aravinda; K. Udaya Bhat
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Flexible aluminum-doped zinc-oxide thin-film transistor fabricated on plastic substrates
Author(s): Dedong Han; Zhuofa Chen; Nannan Zhao; Wei Wang; Fuqing Huang; Shengdong Zhang; Xing Zhang; Yi Wang
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High response solar-blind MgZnO photodetectors grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Winston V. Schoenfeld; Ming Wei; R. Casey Boutwell; Huiyong Liu
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Contact properties and surface reaction kinetics of single ZnO nanowire devices fabricated by dielectrophoresis
Author(s): J. L. Pau; C. García Núñez; A. García Marín; C. Guerrero; P. Rodríguez; S. Borromeo; J. Piqueras
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Controlling the properties of electrodeposited ZnO nanowire arrays for light emitting diode, photodetector and gas sensor applications
Author(s): T. Pauporté; Oleg Lupan; Bruno Viana; Lee Chow; Maria Tchernycheva
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Multi-layer insulator for low voltage and breakdown voltage enhancement in electrowetting-on-dielectric
Author(s): Anggita Grisatya; Yong Hyub Won
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Blue-red electroluminescence from hybrid Eu:phosphors/ZnO-nanowires/p-GaN LED
Author(s): B. Viana; T. Pauporte; O. Lupan; L. Devis; T. Gacoin
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[beta]-Ga2O3 and single-crystal phosphors for high-brightness white LEDs and LDs, and [beta]-Ga2O3 potential for next generation of power devices
Author(s): Encarnación Garcia Víllora; Stelian Arjoca; Kiyoshi Shimamura; Daisuke Inomata; Kazuo Aoki
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Investigation of ZnO-based ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Ching-Ting Lee; Hao-Yu Chang
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Functional metal oxide nanostructures fabricated by 3D-nanotemplate PLD
Author(s): Azusa N. Hattori; Hidekazu Tanaka
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UV detectors and LEDs in different metal oxide nanostructures
Author(s): M. Willander; M. A. Abbasi; K. Khun; M. Hussain; Z. H. Ibupoto; O. Nur
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Plasma treatment of p-GaN/n-ZnO nanorod light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Yu Hang Leung; Alan M. C. Ng; Aleksandra B. Djurišic; Wai Kin Chan; Patrick W. K. Fong; Hsien Fai Lui; Charles Surya
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High-efficiency heterojunction solar cells on crystalline germanium substrates
Author(s): Bahman Hekmatshoar; Davood Shahrjerdi; Marinus Hopstaken
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Material properties of high-mobility TCOs and application to solar cells
Author(s): Florian Ruske; Steffi Schönau; Sven Ring; Sebastian Neubert; Bernd Stannowski; Volker Sittinger; Stefan Götzendörfer; Bernd Rech
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Light trapping considerations in self-assembled ZnO nanorod arrays for quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Author(s): ChunYan Luan; King Tai Cheung; Yishu Foo; Li Yu Yu; Qing Shen; Juan Antonio Zapien
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Oxides for sustainable photovoltaics with earth-abundant materials
Author(s): Alexander Wagner; Mathieu Stahl; Nikolai Ehrhardt; Andreas Fahl; Johannes Ledig; Andreas Waag; Andrey Bakin
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Tailor-made ZnO@SnO2 networks for high-efficiency photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Riccardo Milan; Gurpreet S. Selopal; Isabella Concina; Mauro Epifani; Alberto Vomiero; Giorgio Sberveglieri
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Design and synthesis of new low band gap organic semiconductors for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): M. G. Murali; Udaya Kumar Dalimba
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Chemical bonding and stability of multilayer graphene oxide layers
Author(s): Cheng Gong; Suenne Kim; Si Zhou; Yike Hu; Muge Acik; Walt de Heer; Claire Berger; Angelo Bongiorno; Eliso Riedo; Yves Chabal
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Engineering metal oxide structures for efficient photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Isabella Concina; Gurpreet S. Selopal; Riccardo Milan; Alberto Vomiero; Giorgio Sberveglieri
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Nickel oxide growth on Si (111), c-Al2O3 and FTO/glass by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): V. E. Sandana; D. J. Rogers; F. Hosseini Teherani; P. Bove; R. McClintock; M. Razeghi
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