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Organic Photonic Materials and Devices XVI
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Volume Number: 8983
Date Published: 26 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8983
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optimization of the electronic third-order nonlinearity of cyanine-like molecules for all optical switching
Author(s): Honghua Hu; Trenton R. Ensley; Matthew Reichert; Manuel R. Ferdinandus; Davorin Peceli; Olga V. Przhonska; Seth R. Marder; Alex K.- Y. Jen; Joel M. Hales; Joseph W. Perry; David J. Hagan; Eric W. Van Stryland
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Second-order nonlinear susceptibilities in nonelectrically poled DR1PMMA guest-host polymers
Author(s): A. Sugita; Y. Sato; K. Ito; Y. Kawata; S. Tasaka
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Surface-plasmon-enhanced third-order harmonic generation of organic materials
Author(s): Fanghui Ren; Xiangyu Wang; Zhong-An Li; Jingdong Luo; Sei-Hum Jang; Alex K.- Y. Jen; Alan X. Wang
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Second harmonic generation at liquid interface: molecular organization, supramolecular assemblies, and chirality
Author(s): Emmanuel Benichou; Pierre-Marie Gassin; Gaëlle Gassin-Martin; Aurélie Bruyère; Isabelle Russier-Antoine; Christian Jonin; Olivier Diat; Pierre-François Brevet
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Progress of OLED devices with high efficiency at high luminance
Author(s): Carmen Nguyen; Grayson Ingram; Zhenghong Lu
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Optical properties of sulfur copolymers for infrared applications
Author(s): Soha Namnabat; Jared J. Gabriel; Jeffrey Pyun; Robert A. Norwood
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Multidirectional waveguide arrays in a planar architecture
Author(s): Ian D. Hosein; Hao Lin; Matthew R. Ponte; Dinesh Baskar; Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu
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Longitudinal versus transversal excitation in doped graded-index polymer optical fibers
Author(s): M. A. Illarramendi; J. Arrue; I. Ayesta; F. Jiménez; J. Zubia; I. Bikandi; A. Tagaya; Y. Koike
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Proteins detection by polymer optical fibers sensitised with overlayers of block and random copolymers
Author(s): Alexandros El Sachat; Anastasia Meristoudi; Christos Markos; Stergios Pispas; Christos Riziotis
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Laser inscription of surface structures and induction of optical anisotropy in azo-benzene substituted photochromic polymers and other systems
Author(s): Andrzej Miniewicz; Lech Sznitko; Ewa N. Szlapa; Pawel Karpinski; Antoni C. Mitus; Grzegorz Pawlik; Ewa Schab-Balcerzak
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Epitaxial growth of a methoxy-functionalized organic semiconductor on dielectric surfaces
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Rong Sun; Horst-Günter Rubahn; Manuela Schiek; Arne Lützen
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Fully updatable holographic stereogram display device based on organic monolithic compound
Author(s): Naoto Tsutsumi; Kenji Kinashi; Kazuhiro Tada; Kodai Fukuzawa; Yutaka Kawabe
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Numerical studies on self-organized liquid crystal micro photonic systems
Author(s): Tatsunosuke Matsui; Masahiro Kitaguchi; Akiko Okajima
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Photorefractive device using self-assembled monolayer coated indium-tin-oxide electrodes
Author(s): Kenji Kinashi; Kento Masumura; Wataru Sakai; Naoto Tsutsumi
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Two-photon solvatochromism of 4-dimethylamino-4'-nitrostilbene (DANS)
Author(s): Geoffrey Wicks; Aleksander Rebane; Mikhail Drobizhev
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Random lasing in liquid and solid solutions oversaturated with organic laser dye
Author(s): Lech Sznitko; Konrad Cyprych; Adam Szukalski; Andrzej Miniewicz; Jaroslaw Mysliwiec
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Polymeric waveguide Fabry Perot resonators
Author(s): Mohammad Amin Tadayon; Martha- Elizabeth Baylor; Shai Ashkenazi
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Efficient small-molecule photovoltaic cells using nanostructured template
Author(s): Tetsuya Taima; Ying Zhou; Takayuki Kuwabara; Kohshin Takahashi
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All-Polymer modulator for high frequency low drive voltage applications
Author(s): David L. K. Eng; Stephen Kozacik; Shouyuan Shi; Benjamin C. Olbricht; Dennis W. Prather
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Dual slot modulator for millimeter wave photonics
Author(s): Matthew R. Konkol; Stephen T. Kozacik; David L. K. Eng; Brock Overmiller; Mathew J. Zablocki; Benjamin C. Olbricht; Janusz Murakowski; Shouyuan Shi; Ahmed Sharkawy; Dennis W. Prather
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Latest advances in biomaterials: from deoxyribonucleic acid to nucleobases
Author(s): Fahima Ouchen; Eliot Gomez; Donna Joyce; Adrienne Williams; Steve Kim; Emily Heckman; Lewis Johnson; Perry Yaney; Narayanan Venkat; Andrew Steckl; François Kajzar; Ileana Rau; Agnieszka Pawlicka; Paras Prasad; James Grote
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Bio-hybrid integrated system for wide-spectrum solar energy harvesting
Author(s): Kathleen Martin; Matthew Erdman; Hope Quintana; John Shelnutt; John Nogan; B. Swartzentruber; Julio Martinez; Olga Lavrova; Tito Busani
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Triphenylamine-based acrylate polymers for photorefractive composite
Author(s): Ha N. Giang; Kenji Kinashi; Wataru Sakai; Naoto Tsutsumi
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FDTD analysis of photonic nanojet from self-organized liquid crystal microsystems
Author(s): Akiko Okajima; Tatsunosuke Matsui
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Diffraction can mimic saturation in multiphoton absorbers
Author(s): M. Potasek; E. Parilov; M. Walker
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Surface charge measurements and (dis)charging dynamics of organic semiconductors in various media using optical tweezers
Author(s): Rebecca R. Grollman; Kyle Peters; Oksana Ostroverkhova
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Sustainable UV-curable low refractive index resins with novel polymers for polymer cladding materials
Author(s): Hiroki Tokoro; Takako Ishikawa; Nobuyuki Koike; Yohzoh Yamashina
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Synthesis and electro-optic properties of the chromophore-containing NLO polyarylate polymers
Author(s): Haohui Ren; Chengcheng Peng; Shuhui Bo; Guofang Fan; Guangming Xu; Hui Zhao; Zhen Zhen; Xinhou Liu
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Design of Mach-Zehnder interference modulators composed of enhanced electro-optic active polymers
Author(s): Guangming Xu; Jialei Liu; Haohui Ren; Guofang Fan; Zhen Zhen; Xinhou Liu
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